Fandaharana Baobab with Sheila (in Malagasy language)
The 6 Provinces: Toamasina (Apr, 3rd 2002)

Madagascar has six provinces, each with their own musical traditions, characteristic instruments and distinct rhythms. Toamasina, in the east of the island, encompasses a great diversity of musical styles. Western influence was strong as early as in the 19th century. Acculturated styles include musics to the accordion, an instrument which is popular even in remote areas. More indigenious in origin and style are musical genres with the valiha case-zither. The undisputed master of this instrument was Rakotozafy, who died some 15 years ago.


(1) "Samy faly" (Rakotozafy)
(2) "Poraka" (Zeze & Nono Mahanoro)
(3) "Hody" (Jean Fredy)
(4) "Accordéon Betsimisaraka" (Letody Papa)
(5) "Tamby Tambazo vady" (Rabody Thierry)
(6) "Ravoranga" (Tombo Daniel & family)
(7) "Zamany e" (Solo Razah & family)
(8) "Mankatia" (Pascaal Japhet)
(9) "Bernadety" (Nono Mahanoro)
(10) "Tsy anjara" (Les Frčres Tsi-Tsiou)
(11) "Pitikilanga siramany" (Beranger)
(12) "Feom-baliha" (Tombo Daniel & Marceline Vaviroa)
(13) "Very maina" (Jean Fredy & Les Soeurs Zaharia)
(14) "Vatomandry" (Rabelaza Ernest)


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