Fandaharana Baobab with Sheila (in Malagasy language)
The 6 Provinces: Mahajanga (Apr, 10th 2002)

Madagascar has six provinces, each with their own musical traditions, characteristic instruments and distinct rhythms. The variety of musical forms is especially great in the province of Mahajanga in the north-west of the island because of both the ethnic diversity of its people (including imigrants from the highlands and the southern regions), the connections with the nearby Comoro Islands and strong influences from Africa. Some of Madagascar's most popular dance rythms are associated with the Mahajanga province: the malesa, bawejy, kaoitry, antosy and watcha.


(1) "Akory naninareo" (Lego)
(2) "Sanga Sirana" (Tianjama)
(3) "Akory kabaro" (Mily Clément)
(4) "Juste passe temps" (Liva)
(5) "Police masiaka" (Boeni Orchestra)
(6) "Malesa levaly" (Stuman de Mandritsara)
(7) "Globe mivadiky" (Rira & Clo Mahajanga)
(8) "Namako ianao" (Rija Oelijaona)
(9) "Dady Ropilany" (Tianjama)
(10) "Fialonana" (Clo Mahajanga)
(11) "La fęte au village" (Freddy de Majunga)
(12) "Djarina Banou" (Ejema)


(1) Lego: Johyhely. Mars/Mango Musique (Madagascar/France) 3M17
(2) Tianjama: Grand maître. Mars (Madagascar) MA 0209 K
(3) Mily Clément: Baja Malalaka. Playa Sound (France) PS 65137
(4) Liva: Goűt nakahy. Dosol (Madagascar) 015 DSL
(5) Boeni-Orchestra: Police masiaka. Standard Music (Madagascar)
(6) Stumam de Mandritsara: Lehilahy tsara. Stumam Production (Madagascar)
(7) Clo Mahajanga & Rira: Signature spéciale. Mars (Madagascar)
(8) Rija Oelijaona. Discomad (Madagascar) 467 288
(9) Musiques de Madagascar/Music from Madagascar. Buda Records (France) 92537-2
(10) Clo Mahajanga: Signature No 1. Mars (Madagascar) MA90 008 K
(11) Freddy de Majunga: La fęte au village. Sonodisc (France) 51 287 SD 08
(12) Ejema: No problčmes! Mars (Madagascar) MA90 001 K

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