Fandaharana Baobab with Sheila (in Malagasy language)
The 6 Provinces: Antananarivo (Apr, 17th 2002)

Madagascar has six provinces, each with their own musical traditions, characteristic instruments and distinct rhythms. The music of the people of the central highlands was the most strongly influenced by European models. None the less, these were to a great extend absorbed into local culture, which led to the development of several hybrid forms. Contrary to the flourishing dance-music of the inhabitants of coastal districts, the music of the highlands is more vocally orientated.


(1) "Ny marina" (Justin Vali)
(2) "Miredareda" (Rebika)
(3) "Ny antony" (Bessa & Lola)
(4) "Eritreritra" (Nary Arthur)
(5) "Aza mba manary toky" (Sammy)
(6) "Tomany hanaraka anao"(Ny sakelidalana)
(7) "Resabe" (Poopy)
(8) "Raha mankany" (Lolo sy ny tariny)
(9) "Lahy e" (Lila)
(10) "Fa tsarotsaroako" (Feo Gasy)
(11) "Lalao ę! (Bemiray)
(12) "Mila namana" (Thiera Bruno)
(13) "Sombinaiko" (Bodo)
(14) "Ombin-tsarety" (Patsy)


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