Fandaharana Baobab with Sheila (in Malagasy language)
Kabosy (Jun, 5th 2002)

The kabosy is a guitar-like instrument with four strings (in most cases, but can have from 1 to 7 strings). It is often home-made by the musician himself. The kabosy is the most widespread instrument in Madagascar.


(1) "Voasary" (Mahaleo)
(2) "Roseline" (Babata)
(3) "Maitsomalala" (Jean Emilien)
(4) "Ilemana" (Ifanihy)
(5) "Akory atao" (Fenoamby)
(6) "Ombilahy masiaka" (Gastafaray)
(7) "Samonina" (trad.)
(8) "Toliara tsimiroro" (Dauphin/Tsitera)
(9) "Revire") (Tarika Sammy)
(10) "Tsy ranon'Ikopa" (Zakaria)
(11) "Sezirina" (Dady)
(12) "Ovy Groovy" (Rossy)
(13) "Dihy" (Dama)
(14) "Marovoay" (Mahaleo)
(15) "Madirovalo" (Mahaleo)


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(4) Ifanihy: Chants des Hauts-Plateaux. Playa Sound (France) PS 65096
(5) Fenoamby: Ravo. Melodie (France) 09276-2
(6) Gastafaray: Kely Kely. ARB (France) AT 187802
(7) Field recording A. Schmidhofer
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