Fandaharana Baobab with Sheila (in Malagasy language)
Lokanga (Jun, 12th 2002)

Lokanga is a term which includes string instruments of various kinds. They are found in the highlands and the south of Madagascar and derive from viols introduced by European sailors in the 16th and 17th centuries.


(1) "Veloma ry fahazazana" (Mahaleo)
(2) "Eo aminao" (Vao, etc.)
(3) "Mahery" (Remandahatse)
(4) "Hiragasy" (Troupe d'Andohatany)
(5) "Mbala" (Rekiliky)
(6) Chant Antandroy (Masimana)
(7) "Lahy raty" (Njava)
(8) "Ampela henja" (ASCO-Music)
(9) "Mitretre Belina" (Lakam-Bezo)
(10) "Iraka" (Raindimby)
(11) "Hafatra" (Rossy)


(1) Madagascar - Mahaleo. Playasound (France), PS 65157
(2) Madagascar - Pays Bara. Ocora (France) C 560089
(3) Madagaskar - Musique du Sud: L'Art du Lokanga. Ocora (France) 558630
(4) Madagascar - Pays Merina. Ocora (France) C 560159
(5) Field recording August Schmidhofer, 1991
(6) Field recording August Schmidhofer, 1993
(7) Njava: Vetse. Hemisphere (Great Britain) 7243 4 99265 2 3
(8) ASCO-Music: Amela henja. Mars (Madagascar)
(9) Lakam-Bezo: Dinebodebo. Realisation Jaquette (Madagascar)
(10) Raindimby. Mars (Madagascar) MA 90015K
(11) Rossy: Madagascar. Lager Production (France) 170262

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