Fandaharana Baobab with Sheila (in Malagasy language)
Gitara (Jul, 3rd 2002)

Madagascar has many outstanding guitar players; some of them are well known in the world music scene of the Western world. Their style is, however, generally deeply rooted in local traditions.

(1) Mianatra misintaka (Mahaleo)
(2) Bonjour Madame la Guitare (Erick Manana)
(3) Tiako ianao (D'Gary)
(4) Mbo hahita avao (D'Gary)
(5) Biby aomby (D'Gary)
(6) Akata meso (D'Gary)
(7) Plaisir-nao mbatro (D'Gary)
(8) Vary amin'anana (Bouboul)
(9) Zamagila (Solomiral)
(10) Manina (Johnny)
(11) Claire's Song (Solo Razaf)
(12) Tsy haiko (Colbert)


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(10,11,12) The Moon and the Banana Tree: New Guitar Music from Madagascar. Shanachie (USA) 64074

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