Fandaharana Baobab with Sheila (in Malagasy language)
Accordion (Jul, 10th 2002)

The accordion (gorodao), introduced in Madagascar since the first half of the 19th century, was once popular even in remote areas of the whole country. It is now rarely seen because it is difficult to get replacement parts in Madagascar and so the instruments wear out. The accordion is especially associated with tromba and bilo trance rituals. In this context it can facilitate communication with ancestors and spirits and induce people to dance.

(1) Mahavatse (Régis Gizavo)
(2) Akory aro (Lego)
(3) Sintaka nahoana 'anao? (Rabody Thiery)
(4) Hararavo bilo (Remaniny)
(5) Antananarivo Ambohimanga (Martin Rakotoarimanana)
(6) Tsy mahafaty olona masary (Laozy Velonkazy)
(7) Sakalava tromba (Tsarajoro)
(8) Trafony amin'ny atiny (Justin René)
(9) Gasikara (Groupe Telofangady)
(10) Etsy babeko (Thiera Bruno)
(11) Vazimba (Ricky)
(12) Ravoromanidina (Thiera Bruno)


(1) Régis Gizavo: Mikea. Indigo (France) LBLC 2529
(2) Lego: Dadilahy. Mars (Madagascar) O.I 0003
(3,5,7) Accordéons et esprits ancestraux. VDE-GALLO (Switzerland) VDE CD-1065
(4) Pays Masikoro: L'accordéon. Ocora (France) C 560149
(6) Madagaskar: Musik des Nordens. Feuer & Eis (Germany) FUEC 720
(8) Awakening the Spirits. Multicultural Media (U.S.A.) MCM 3011
(9) Groupe Telofangady: Gasikara. Telofangady (Madagascar)
(10,12) Unpublished recording by Thiera Bruno
(11) Revue Noire Tana. Revue Noire (France)

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