Fandaharana Baobab with Sheila (in Malagasy language)
Vazo Miteny 2 (Aug, 21th 2002)

(1) Etsy babeko (Thiera Bruno)
(2) Tonga vahiny (Tarika Sammy)
(3) Arabe lalana (vazo manonja sy valiha: Thiera Bruno)
(4) Transport (Tarika Sammy)
(5) Mamy kely, tsaoda (vazo manonja sy valiha: Thiera Bruno)
(6) Ity hirako ity (Thiera Bruno)
(7) Mpanolo-tsaina (vazo manonja sy valiha: Thiera Bruno)
(8) Famadihana (Tarika Sammy)
(9) Tso-drano (vazo manonja: Thiera Bruno, mozika: Tarika Sammy)
(10) Maitsomalama (Jean Emilien)
(11) Hifonako (Vola sy Noro)
(12) Gasikara (Telofangady)
(13) Tempo fitiavako (Tempo Gaigy)
(14) Toliara tsy miroro (Riake)


(1,6) unpublished recording (coming out soon)
(2,4,8,9) Tarika Sammy: Fanafody. Green Linnet (Great Britain) GLCD 4003
(3,5,7,9) unpublished
(10) Jean Emilien: Hey Madagascar. MĂ©lodie (France) 79532-2
(11) Vola sy Noro. Discomad (Madagascar) 466015
(12) Telofangady: Gasikara. Telofangady (Madagascar)
(13) Tempo Gaigy: Bouli-Bouli. Groupe Entertainment Prod' (Madagascar)
(14) Riake: Riorio Lava. Mars (Madagascar)

FANDAHARANA BAOBAB - Emap.FM's weekly program with Malagasy music, presented by Thiera Bruno and Sheila. Our goals are to present the diversity and creativity of Malagasy music making, to give consideration to all regions, to great stars as well as more localised musicians, contemporary and oldies, innovative and traditional. Every Wednesday at 16:00 UTC - Universal Time (France: 17:00 Summertime, 18:00 Wintertime; Madagascar: 19:00). Replay Friday at 0:00 (UTC) and Sunday at 8:00 (UTC)

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