Fandaharana Baobab with Sheila (in Malagasy language)
Fety Diavolana (Nov, 27th 2002)

(1) Samonina (Orchestre Sacre Coeur de Tuléar)
(2) Dance Antandroy (Troupe T.V.R.V., Ambovombe)
(3) Remamy (Maevasoa Jeanne in Mahaboboka, Sakaraha)
(4) Toboky an-tseza i Maka (Saimety and Zairiny in Morafeno, Betioky)
(5) title unknown (young people in Ampasimena, Ambanja)
(6) Any Andasibe (people and choir in Andasibe)
(7) Lalao e (Bemiray)
(8) Madagasikara tany mamiko (Bemiray)
(9) Kasavy (Nohay, Ramehy, Sorily in Befanaova, Ihosy)
(10) Fingabe na lima (Sahanary and Tsitala in Andohasakoa, Morombe)
(11) Samonina (Mahatrotsy and Retave in Vorehe, Morombe)
(12) title unknown (musicians in Berenty, Fort-Dauphin)
(13) title unknown (people in Ambararata, Morondava)
(14) La fęte au village (Freddy de Majunga)


(1,2,3,4,5,9,10,11) unpublished recording by August Schmidhofer
(6) Abenteuer Regenwald. Edition Ample (Germany) 794.010
(7,8) Bemiray - Polyphonies des Hauts-Plateaux. Silex (France) Y225209
(12,13) Madagascar - Musique traditionnelle du sud-ouest. Pithys (France) 02.9103.2
(14) Freddy de Majunga: La fęte au village. Sonodisc (France) 51287 SD 8

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