Fandaharana Baobab with Sheila (in Malagasy language)
Hommage a Sylvestre Randafison (Jul, 23th 2003)

(1) Hafatra (Sylvestre Randafison)
(2) Mahagaga (Sylvestre Randafison)
(3) Ny lanitra mangamanga (Sylvestre Randafison)
(4) Manimanina (Trio Ny Antsaly)
(5) Masoko manganohano (Ny Mpitory)
(6) Izahay sy i malala (Sylvestre Randafison)
(7) Ekeko (Ramaroson Wilson)
(8) Diavolana fenomanana (Sylvestre Randafison)
(9) Any an-danitra any (Eric Manana)
(10) Maneritery loha (Sylvestre Randafison)
(11) Kila raha (Vaovy)
(12) Mokatejy (Sylvestre Randafison)
(13) Raha maty aho (Feogasy)
(14) Lehilahy mody (Sylvestre Randafison)

FANDAHARANA BAOBAB - Emap.FM's weekly program with Malagasy music, presented by Thiera Bruno and Sheila. Our goals are to present the diversity and creativity of Malagasy music making, to give consideration to all regions, to great stars as well as more localised musicians, contemporary and oldies, innovative and traditional. Every Wednesday at 16:00 UTC - Universal Time (France: 17:00 Summertime, 18:00 Wintertime; Madagascar: 19:00). Replay Friday at 0:00 (UTC) and Sunday at 8:00 (UTC)

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