Fandaharana Baobab with Sheila (in Malagasy language)
Maresaka (Mar, 24th 2004)

(1) Bal kabosy (Rossy)
(2) Voalavo (Din)
(3) Ali Mohamed (Juvence)
(4) Rany (Tsivery)
(5) Mamane (Zambey)
(6) Tomany aty ala (Jaojoby Junior)
(7) Tiako tsy tianao (Tsy M'Poera)
(8) Toriny (Hazolahy)
(9) Napapa (Dadah de Fort-Dauphin)
(10) Fonina (Juliot)
(11) 40 (Jean Fredy Junior)
(12) Decide zao (Clo Mahajanga)
(13) Adidja (Toto Mwandjani)


(1) Rossy: Bal kabosy. Pro 004K (Madagascar)
(2) Din: Dady Rotsaka. Dosol 020 DSL (Madagascar)
(3) Juvence: Andeha baly. Tolimana TOL 10032 (Madagascar)
(4) Tsivery. Mars (Madagascar)
(5,6,8,9,10,11,13) Madagascar - Génération 2003. Mars (Madagascar)
(7) Tsy M'Poera. Dosol 037 DSL (Madagascar)
(12) Clo Mahajanga: Signature No 1. Mars MA 90 008 K (Madagascar)

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