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Zooma Capricorne 2002/12/27

Two interviews in this last Zooma of the year:

1. Talks, Claudia made with Jeanne Rasoanarimalala (alias Rasoabakobako) (in malagasy) Jeanne Rasoanarimalala was one of the speakers on the Malagasy National Radio at the beginning, early sixties. Her program called "Aody Rasoabakobako" (Are you there Rasoabakobako ?) was well known by most of the malagasy housekeeping mothers in this time. Jeanne Rasoanarimalala is now about 80 years old. In these talks, Jeanne Rasoanarimalala explains how did malagasy people celebrate the New Year and other great dates before christianism.

2. Claudie talks with Nanie, one of the youngest female voices in the malagasy "Showbiz" Nanie is just more than 20. She began to sing at 7, and performed with her own group at 15. Now, she is one of the more sure values of the malagasy variety and jazz singers. She works with great malagasy names such as Fanja Andriamanantena, Bessa, Silo, Tôty, and so on…She has just produced for this end of the year, her second album "Hir'Aina" (playing on the words "Song" and "Life"), which is also the name of her little pretty 14 months daughter.

1. Aya rano endre e! (Ricky and the "Porteurs d'eau" of the Talipot's Theatre - La Réunion)
2. Sulawezi (Tarika)
3. Miasa (Granmoun Lélé -La Réunion: Granmoun Lélé always says he is an antandroy and that his grand-father was one of the malagasy people brought to La Réunion as slaves)
4. Tsy afa-bela aminao (Erick Manana and Poopy)
5. Malagasy (Cynthia)
6. Tiharea (Tiharea)
7. Mozika (Nanie)
8. Hir'Aina (Nanie)
9. Niova ianao (Nanie)
10. Hidontsika (Silo)
11. Somainao zaho (Francisiko and Bobo)

(90 min french/malagasy)
This program was broadcasted on Fréquence Paris Plurielle (F.P.P.) FM 106.3