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Zooma Capricorne 2003/01/03

A mostly musical Zooma for this first 2003's program:
An editorial told by Claudie about the Malagasy artists in the international scene, and two extracts of concerts in Paris:

1. 25 minutes of the two hours concert Lolo sy ny tariny gave December 21st at "The New Morning", one of the most famous Jazz and World Music place in Paris. It was two hours of happiness and almost hysteria for the more than 500 persons who were there. After nearly 10 years of "silence", the magic relationship between Lolo and his public is quite intact.

2. COUTUM is a new group headed by Francis Randriamanana here in Paris. It's a group composed by young musicians coming from different Malagasy geographical and musical horizons. COUTUM means "Civilisation d'Oeuvres Universelles Traditionnelles Unies par la Musique", a very great Target ! They participated in a competition named "Tremplin" (spring board) in the 4th Colombes Music Festival, among more than 50 groups, organized by the Town Committee of Colombes (Paris neighbours). They went till the final stage with 5 other groups. This record was made at the "Avant Seine" theatre, in Colombes December 19th.

1. Trano gasy (Mahaleo)
2. Ho anareo (Régis Gizavo)
3. Nifanye dje (Mikidache)
4. Leo (Samoela)
5. Anatra (Rajery)
6. Zimbo (Lolo sy ny tariny)
7. Bao mijijy (Lolo sy ny tariny)
8. Dimbaka avy any Nazareta (Lolo sy ny tariny)
9. Fato-maty (Lolo sy ny tariny)
10. Taratasy (Miary Lepiera)
11. Malaso (Coutum)
12. Karakarao (Coutum)
13. Maro-maso (Coutum)
14. Toe-draharaha (Hanta, live in Echos du Capricorne September 18th)
15. Migiliso (Gérard Tsapalôko)
16. A mes frangins (Edgard Ravahatra)
17. Aza miady (Senge with french children in "Les temps chauds" Festival of Chatillon sur Chalaronne - France)
18. Bonne année (Tarika)

(90 min french/malagasy)
This program was broadcasted on Fréquence Paris Plurielle (F.P.P.) FM 106.3