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Zooma Capricorne 2003/01/17

Broadcasted 17. Jan 2003 on Fréquence Paris Plurielle (F.P.P.) FM 106.3
(90 min french/malagasy)
The speaker is Railovy, a new recruit of Echos du Capricorne (replacing Claudia who is in Madagascar till March and Claudie who is on professional training).

1) A chronicle by Abel Andriarimalala about the "Marina", which doesn't mean only the "Truth" in the malagasy philosophy. Abel Andriarimalala is one of the those persons deeply involved in the malagasy culture: he's a malagasy language and philosophy teacher, a singer, a writer and a theatre character. All these implications certainly due to his father Ener Lalandy, a well known malagasy poet and writer. He works regularly with Zooma Capricorne and Echos du Capricorne.

2) Two interviews made by Claudia, the 18th December 2002 in Antananarivo at the Colbert Hotel while the Europeans Observers gave their first conclusion about the representatives elections of December 15th.

First is Mrs Ramaholimiaso Madeleine, President of the CNOE (National Elections Observing Committee).
Second is Lucien Ranaivoson, chief redactor and program manager of Feon'Imerina (radio and newspaper), two medias which are accused to be tribalist (pro-merina) and sometimes quite racist.

1/ Alima (Jaojoby)
2/ Akata meso (D'Gary)
3/ Miara-mitempo (Jaky)
4/ Docker (Ti-Fock, group from La Réunion)
5/ Rafahafahana (Mahaleo)
6/ Malagasy mifarimbona (Ny Sakelidàlana)
7/ Malaso (Régis Gizavo)
8/ Tokantrano tsisy foko (Ninie Doniah)
9/ Tsara ny hiran'ny taniko (Erick Manana)
10/ Tsy mety milaza (Ricky)
11/ Jaozara (Jaozara)
12/ Mada (Maki)