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Zooma Capricorne 2003/01/31

Broadcasted 31. Jan 2003 on Fréquence Paris Plurielle (F.P.P.) FM 106.3
(90 min french/malagasy)
Speakers: Claudie and Railovy, Engineering: Fano

1. A witness from François Xavier Rakotoarisoa for prosecution by Lieutnant Colonel Kotiti, a man of the former president : interview recorded by Claudia in Madagascar.
2. An interview of Mr. Laurent Razafindrazaka, vice-president of FFKM (Council of malagasy christian churches) and director of the Catholic University of Madagascar : recorded on January 13rd by Fano.

1. Pour une rose (Surf, vol2)
2. Karabato nafafy (Eric Manana)
3. Mofo tantely (Bekoto)
4. Sarotra ny miaina (Rajery)
5. Samby lomay (D'Gary)
6. Malemilemy (Toto Mwandjani)
7. Zazaniangarana (Ralay from the soundtrack of the film Veloma)