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Zooma Capricorne 2003/03/28

Broadcasted 28 March 2003 on Fréquence Paris Plurielle (F.P.P.) FM 106.3
(90 min french/malagasy)
Speaker: Claudia Solofolandy, Fano engineering.

1/ Talks Claudia had with Mboara Andrianarimanana, journalist, lawyer and manager of the monthly malagasy magazine Jureco. Mboara Andrianarimanana gives his feelings about the current political situation in Madagascar, mainly the troubles which occur in Toliary and Fianarantsoa, a few weeks ago.
2/ Rasoa, a young woman who lives in Antananarivo, and who would like to come to France tells to Claudia the annoyance she met at the french embassy to obtain a visa to France.
3/ Momo, Claudia's grand-mother (84 years old !), gives her best wishes to all of us (the listeners) and urges us to go back home!

1/ Aiza ilay malala (Lalao Rabeson)
2/ Satriko (Rainibary's group)
3/ Aia rehe aba (Vaovy)
4/ Tongava mamangy (Théo Door's)
5/ Zeny iniany tsy diniko e ! (Bilo)