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Zooma Capricorne 2003/06/27

Broadcasted 26 June 2003 on Fréquence Paris Plurielle (F.P.P.) FM 106.3
(90 min french/malagasy)
Speaker: Claudia Solofolandy, Fano engineering.
Some poems and texts told by Claudia on the occasion of the Independence Day of Madagascar: June 26th.

Talks with two members of the NJILA Group: Mamy and Hery RAKOTOARINIA. Mamy and Hery are brothers. They joined the group in 1983, while NJILA became more and more successful, just before the great concert in Antsonjombe (neighbours of Tana) in front of more than 50 000 people ! They explain the reasons of such a success and why did the group decide to go to France, just after that.

1/ Ny any aminay (Rossy)
2/ Madagasikarako (Erick Manana)
3/ Soratra masina (Justin Vali)
4/ Fihavanana (Njila)
5/ Hirahira sy mozika (Hery)
6/ Miserana (Njila)
7/ Matoa tonga aty (Gastafaray)
8/ Ny hirako (Edgar Ravahatra)
9/ Mbôty (Tianjama)