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Zooma Capricorne 2003/07/04

Broadcasted 4 July 2003 on Fréquence Paris Plurielle (F.P.P.) FM 106.3
(90 min french/malagasy)
Speaker: Claudia Solofolandy, Fano engineering.

1/ Talks with three young singers members of the "Iraky ny lanitra" (The heaven's messengers) choir.
Princy, Malala and Sandra are young malagasy people living in France. They decided to join this choir to maintain the links with their "mother language" and the culture of their parents, and to improve their faith. Most of the members of this choir were born in France and don't speak malagasy !

2/ Interview of Razafiarison Francis, well known as "Francis Turbo", the famous humorist , who is passing through France on this summer.
Francis Turbo tells how he made people laugh early in his childhood, and explains the place of humor and humorists in the Malagasy way of life. There are less than ten humorists in Madagascar!

1/ Mangala jery (Jaojoby junior)
2/ Ianao irery (Iraky ny lanitra)
3/ Ampianaro izahay (Iraky ny lanitra)
4/ Ampaherezo (Iraky ny lanitra)
5/ Voninahitra (Iraky ny lanitra)
6/ Vision 2050 (sketch, Francis Turbo)
7/ Mamilafila (Francis Turbo)
8/ Pédé (Francis Turbo)
9/ Samy jeune (Tearano)