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Echos du Capricorne 2003/09/10

Broadcasted on 10 Sept 2003 at Fréquence Paris Plurielle (F.P.P.) FM 106.3
(1 hour in french/malagasy)

- Edito by Claudia : contents in malagasy and in french
- Radio Game to win free entrance to the concert of Dama, Lolo and Erick Manana at the Tana Orly, this next Saturday.
- News from Madagascar : - kidnapping of Goulam Houssein, the Anjary Hotel's owner. The kidnappers claim 200 000 000 ariary for ransom.
- the Prime Minister, Jacques Sylla visited the most sensible places such as the airport of Ivato, or the jail of Tsiafahy, asking the responsables to be watchful in front of all these crimes.
- Serge Radert, one of the most high graduate malagasy technocrat - he is issued from the Polytechnique High School in France - has been arrested for insulting the President Marc Ravalomanana.
- next elections : Thierry Raveloson and Pety Rakotoniaina will stand in the mayor or governor elections, in November.
- the new KMMR wants to join the presidential mouvance for the next elections.
- 4300 tons of sugar had been imported illegally via the port of Majunga. The minister suspects a laundering affair.
- Agenda of the concerts, shows and parties in Paris and surrounds.

1/ Z'y tiako (Tsivahiny)
2/ Ambanivolo (Tearano)
3/ Lamozika (Ndondolah & Tahiry)
4/ Nody izy (of Christian Ravahoaka sung by Olombelo Ricky)
5/ Kasikasy (Spesialista)