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Zooma Capricorne 2003/09/12

Broadcasted on 12 Sept 2003 at Fréquence Paris Plurielle (F.P.P.) FM 106.3
(90 min french/malagasy)

Speaker: Claudia Solofolandy, Fano engineering.

1/ "Hazavana" - who's actual name is Lucile Randriamavo - is one of the painters who participate at the Montargis Trade Fair, in July 2003. Hazavana explains her artistic advance and tells why the painters sometimes don't want to sell their paintings.

2/ Talks with Raharinaivo Andrianatoandro, co-president of the T.I.M., the malagasy presidential political party, about the troubles that occur during the manifestations organized by the opponents, in Antananarivo, a few weeks ago.

1/ Ny tiako rehetra (Poopy)
2/ Avelao hanantena (Bodo)
3/ E tiako (Jaojoby)
4/ Ravoravo (Njakatiana)
5/ Taratra hazavana (Ricky)
6/ Aza manadino anay (Dama)
7/ Asa ihany (Belahy)