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Echos du Capricorne 2003/09/24

Broadcasted on 24 Sept 2003 at Fréquence Paris Plurielle (F.P.P.) FM 106.3
(1 hour in french/malagasy)

- Edito by Claudia : contents in malagasy and in french

- Interview : MAKSIM Lucien Godefroy, is editor-in-chief of the "Vintsy", the malagasy W.W.F. magazine.
- News from Madagascar
- Agenda of the concerts, shows and parties in Paris and surrounds.

1/ Kilalao fahiny (Spesialista)
2/ Le marija (Gamana)
3/ Antso an-tariby (Luke)
4/ Kilalao-n'afo (Luke)
5/ Razazavavy (Luke/Bekoto Mahaleo)
6/ Tanisa (Naly Rakotofiringa)