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Echos du Capricorne 2003/10/08

Broadcasted on 8 October 2003 at Fréquence Paris Plurielle (F.P.P.) FM 106.3
(1 hour in french/malagasy)

- Edito by Claudia: contents in malagasy and in french

- Interview: Lalatiana Rakotomamonjy and Mamy Ramodiharilafy of Talent Foo Association talk about the Night of the Malagasy Web Sites they organize next October 18th at Espace Congrès des Esselières, in Villejuif, nearby Paris. This will be the time when the best malagasy web sites will receive their trophy for the La Toile Malagasy contest. This manifestation will be animated by the group SENGE, MAVANA, a vocal group for women's quarters, and the Lalao Mahafinaritra, a spectacle of Malagasy children.

- News: - Patrick Rakotoasitera, a young malagasy painter, presents the exhibition of his work next Saturday in Montreuil.
- two first great strikes in Madagascar, after the political crisis : in the oil industry and the air transport.
- municipal elections : one expects another landslide for the presidential party, the T.I.M.
- as the President Ravalomanana did for his cabinet, the Minister of Finances renews all his staff.
- Transparency International last report places Madagascar at the 88th position for bribery.
- 100 hunting guns have been discovered in the custom sheds at the Ivato Airport.
- the Z.O.B. (Zebu Overseas Bank), a semi-joking and serious financial affair installs the first "Zebu Service Station" in the rural area, in Madagascar.
- Agenda of the concerts, shows and parties in Paris and surrounds.

1/ Belina (Arison Jaha)
2/ Sabou hainao (Toto Mwandjani)
3/ Dady rotsaka (Din)
4/ Aleoko mandeha (Madagroove)