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Echos du Capricorne 2004/03/31

Wednesday 31th March 2004

Programming: Claudia Solofolandy.
Technique sound: Yann Kevin Andriamampianina.
Logistics: Jean-Louis Benoit.
Presentation: Claudie Benoit and Fano Rakotoarisoa.

Speech of Commemoration of 29 March 1947 pronounced by Fanantenandrainy Ratsimbazafy - President of TIM-France. Reading of poem writes by Jean Harson Rajarison, declamation made by his son Armand Rajarison. Interview of Henri Duclos, ex rallyeman, on the terrorism of Coutiti and its tape with Nosy Be.
- Commemoration of March 29, 1947: 57ème birthday of the insurrection.
- Warning of Ravalomanana at the place of its opponents.
- New representing of the World Bank: James Bond promises anything to change with the program of the BM in Madagascar.
- The Richard Andriamanjato's question asked to Marc Ravalomanana, relating to the satanism, would be on standby of answer...

- Diary in the concerts, demonstrations, evenings, meetings in Paris area

1/ Ramano be galona (Feo Gasy)
2/ Samby lomay (D'Gary)
3/ Hira fanevan'ny MDRM (AEOM)
4/ O! ry fody an'ala (Troupe Razafimahefa)
5/ Taratasy mena (Tiharea)
6/ E! Tsy hanao zao (Vaovy)

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