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Zooma Capricorne 2004/05/21

Friday 21th May 2004 - bilingual emission French Malagasy

Programming: Claudia Solofolandy
Logistics : Jean-Louis B. & Claudie L.B.

- Last extract of the debate in Theatre International de la Langue Française, from Wednesday May 5, 2004, following one of the services of the Landy Vola Fotsy's troup to the Parc de la Villette.

- Interview by Fano Rakotoarisoa of the Père Pedro Opeka at the time of her round in France with the Productions Grand Large.

Diary of the concerts, demonstrations, evenings, meetings ... on the Ile de France area.

1/ Telo mianaka (Mbolatiana)
2/ Raha misy sorisory (Vandeirs)
3/ Tsy hidina (Edgard Ravahatra) - Sorry about technical problem
4/ Zazavavy fy (Van Kool)
5/ Tomany (Solo Razaf)
6/ Gasy gasy (Arsène Félix)
7/ Gasigasy (Sophie Robinson)

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