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Echos du Capricorne 2004/07/28

Wednesday 28th July 2004
Last emission on line of the school year 2004
with Fano Rakotoarisoa - Hery Ramanisamanana - Claudia Solofolandy

Interview of Bearisoa Rakotoniaina (alias "Prince"), young person raises of the political world malagasy. Active members of party MFM (Mpitolona ho an' ny Fampandrosoana an' i Madagasikara).

Information (very) short:
- Passage of Jacques Chirac in Madagascar... in Anosibe.
- His various diplomatic meetings.

1/ Vorombe (Hanta)
2/ Saro-pady (Groupe Rainibary)
3/ Ento aho (Fanilo)
4/ Vololona (Edgard Ravahatra)
5/ Voizo (Mavana)

Background musics - generic:
- Tombo Daniel
- Salama 'nareo (Rakotozafy)

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