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Zooma Capricorne 2004/08/13

Friday August 13, 2004 - Bilingual emission French and Malagasy.
Product by Jean-Louis Benoit - Claudia Solofolandy - Claudie L. Benoit - Fano Rakotoarisoa.
163è - 115 mn

From August 26 to September 4, 2004 the town of Belo is the capital of Menabe for the fitampoha. Great traditional appointment, already old 600 years. Belo, city built on right bank of the Tsiribihina river is located at 100km in the North of Morondava. The fitampoha is the ceremony of the bath of the relics of the kings, Ampagnito, founders of the dynasty of the Sakalava kingdom of Menabe of XVIIè in XVIIIè century. In addition to the religious character of Fitampoha: prayers in Dady, Razana, in order to intercede near Creative God Zagnahary to have health, happiness and prosperity in the world of alive, Fitampoha is also an occasion for all the Madagascans to forgive the faults passed mutually, to forget the quarrels, to regulate the litigations and to join again with Fihavanana and to reinforce it. The Sakalava worship recognizes the existence of single God, Creative God. Prince Harea George Kamamy initiates us to this ceremony of Fitampoha!

1/ Mainte(Rajery)
2/ Ledama (Ninie Doniah)
3/ Fatedra (Senge)
4/ Baban'i Angaia (Erick Manana)
5/ Fandrosoana (Belahy)
6/ Madirovalo (Mahaleo)
7/ Ny Andriamanitra inoako (Bessa)

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