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Echos du Capricorne 2005/02/23

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Wednesday february 23, 2005 - Bilingual emission French and Malagasy.

Interview of the Platform of Dialogue for Madagascar of associations Enina and Hetsika Diaspora, with Roland Jules Etienne, Jean-Claude Rabeherifara and Tafika Rakotomavo.

News from Madagascar:
- Madagascar has the confidence of the IMF by the actions of his government.
- Attack not asserted in Toliara.
- Norbert Lala Ratsirahonana and the position of the AVI.
- Important escape of brains in the field of the NTIC.
- Promotion of malagasy Vanilla.
- Valorization of the language malagasy with "Vina".
- "Rotaka" Strike on of the Pousse Pousse drawer of Antsirabe.

Diary of the malagasy rendez-vous (or for Madagascar) in Paris and Ile-de-France.

1/ Soa ihany (Tiana)
2/ Tsaho (Abel Andriarimalala)
3/ Ady madinika(Naly Rakotofiringa)
4/ Raiso (Ambondrona)
5/ Papango be (Din Rotsaka)

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