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Echos du Capricorne 2005/10/05

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Wednesday october 5th, 2005
With Rivo Tianah, Claudie Zandriny, Claudia Solofolandy.
Bilingual broadcast program: Malagasy/french

News are presented by Tianah.

Guest : Fandala Andriamanantena, he presented a double album produced by Fanja Andriamanatena: 'Isika no miaraka, mozika tsotra izao'

This broadcast program starts with a chronicle about relationship between Madagascar and la France: a program TV (Nous et la France - played thrusday 6th in FRANCE O, was one of the starting point of this chronicle.

This new CD contains 30 songs interpreted by the actual most popular singers and musicians in Antananarivo. All songs were written and composed by Fanja (except one).

Générique Salama 'nareo tompokoRakotozafy
Ataovy arrosage - Fandrama
Zakaranda - LSTN CJL1 16
Dihim-boro omaly-Chants de brousse
3 Songs extract from the double album:

1/ Ambila lemaitso - Solo/Rija/Njakatiana
2/ Ifonako - Nanie
3/ Famantaranandro diso - Kiady

Lalana (instrumental) - Justin Vali Trio


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