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Echos du Capricorne 2006/02/01

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Bilingual French-Malagasy radio program realised by Claudie Zandriny and Claudia Solofolandy.
News are prepared and presented by Claudia Solofolandy

Guest: Annick Herimalala, singer, author-composer, guitarist. She created her own group 'Bismak', here in Paris, few years after her famous rock band 'Dillie', composed in Madagascar by 4 girls in the 90's.
The first album of Bismak, 'Ny Finoanao", will be released in march and the first concert in Paris takes place at 'Cabaret Sauvage' in friday 3th.
In this program, we continue to discover the new album of Bismak that contains 6 titles in malagasy, and 4 in french.
Indeed, we propose a mix with the malagasy and french versions of 2 songs of this album.

Fadio ny mitsara - Tahiana
Torabato miverina - Voahangy
Mix of 4 songs from the new album of Bismak : Ny fioananao/Tsindrimandry/Parle moi tout haut
Extract of Kalesy - Dillie
Hifaliako - Bismak


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