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Echos du Capricorne 2006/03/01

356th broadcast program performed by Claudia and Claudie

The thema of today is the transmission of the malagasy culture to the young generation born here in France.
This thema is one of our preoccupation which induced us to organise during the event Hommage to the poetry RABEMANANJARA (5th of the march) some animations especially intend to children (whole program available in our site www.echoscapricorne.org).

Guest: Abel Andriarimalala, professor of malagasy-french, poetry, has proposed chronicle about malagasy culture in Echos du Capricorne.

Fomba-nahy tsy hialako - Fenoamby
Maromaro - Coutum
Hafa kely - Volanoro
Mbola ao-Hanta

Extract of the teater 'Odyssé' of Homère
for which the polyvalent musician Tao Ravao has created
the sound and the music.

The Poetry Spring starts with: Manantena - Rado

Station-tune for the broadcast program: salam' nareo tompoko - Rakotozafy
Station-tune for the news: Tombo Daniel
Station-tune for malagasy rendez-vous in Paris and surrounded: Datita Rabeson


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