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Echos du Capricorne 2006/03/15

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We were talking about french law project about immigration also known as Sarkozy's law presented in november 2005. Our guests have signed petition against this project

Guest: 3 Members of AEOM, Association des Etudiants d'Origine Malgache: Emma Ravololonirina, President, Philippe Randrianarimanana, and Hugues Rajoharison AEOM is among the eldest malagasy association abroad.

Vibe Zagnaharimbato - Sa-Yah
Fitia nindramina -Kiaka
Namana Wa-zimba

Songs related to the thema :
Aza misy miteniteny-AEOM
Ditriky e Mikeky AEOM CJL102 2

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