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Echos du Capricorne 2006/09/06

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Production and realization by Claudie Zandriny and Claudia Solofolandy.

Guest: Angelo (Lolo), author, composer and founder leader of the well known group Lolo sy ny Tariny, created in the 80's.
Lolo is in concert in Paris on Saturday evening (9th September 2006) with professional musicians for a live TV show.

First broadcast program of the 2006-2007 season after summer holidays. First song dedicated to Jaojoby, the master of salegy, who was injured in a major accident in July, and now is filling better: he has performed a concert in La Reunion island in August, during the Sakifo Festival.

Extract of a debate about Madagascar on August the 26th, during the "Festival International du Film Insulaire" which took place on Groix, an island in Brittany.
Special Guest for the 6th edition of this festival: Madagascar.
A large program was proposed during 5 days: 15 films about Malagasy topics, 11 first short-movies and 2 debates about Madagascar. (www.filminsulaire.com), and there were also evening concerts with malagasy band (Rossy, Seheno and Regis Gizavo).

Velono - Jaojoby
Ela - Tarika
Hifaliako - Bismack
Raha mankany - Lolo sy ny Tariny
Radio live of Lolo - Marie Katsoa
Hono Ho'a - Lolo sy ny Tariny (extract)


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