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Zooma Capricorne 2006/09/08

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Bilingual emission French-Malagasy realized by Claudie Zandriny and Claudia Solofolandy

Holidays advantageous even for us who did not leave far because those which returned did not forget not to bring back of their voyage, the fruits of their peregrinations. Example this recording of conference discusses carried out by Claudie Zandriny during the festival of insular film in the Island of Groix. Recorded on August 26, 2006.

1/ Hambo-po (Bessa)
2/ Zava-poana (Mireille)
3/ Paraky (Ralanto)
4/ Zana-pokonolo (Samoela)
5/ Solofon'akondro (Rakoto Frah)
6/ Alefa la mozika (Jerry Marcoss)
7/ Ramatoa de chez moi (Sora-po)
8/ Ndao (Raya)
9/ Lasa (Kiaka)
10/ Respect (Steve Andriamampandry)
11/ Fa inona (Milon Kazar)

Instrumental musics:
Salama 'nareo (Rakotozafy)
Lasa aiza ilay zoma (Erick Manana)

Echos du Capricorne
27 rue de la Gare - Porte 7501
94 230 Cachan
01 45 46 27 99


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