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Echos du Capricorne 2006/12/27

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Production and realization by Claudie Zandriny and the Friends of Capricorne: Gaby, Jean-Luc, Muriel, Philippe, Claude.

Like all other Program of this live performance: Music and Politics once again.

- Interview with Jeanne Joseph Lemoine who produce the new year events at Rungis, which is promoting Babaique, Din, Rivera, Hazolava. Hery Buisson choir and manager of Din Rotsaka group.
- Agenda of malagasy end of years festivity in Paris, only whose that Echos du Capricorne received in time.

Beligna- Arison Jaha
Vetsovetsoko - Kiaka
Rombo tagnana - Din
Portable - Din

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