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Zooma Capricorne 2006/12/29

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French bilingual emission and Malagasy realized and produced By Claudie Zandriny and Claudia Solofolandy thanks to the assistance of The Friends of the Echoes of the Capricorn.

- songs and musics by artists, performer from Madagascar or malagasy in France. . ,

- Interviews of:
Tony Rakotobe, who came from the island of La Réunion, where he works for the association called "Ptits marmailles pour Mada"

Francine Ranaivo, president of the association AIFM "Alliance Internationale des Femmes de Madagascar" about her Madagascars feelings of sorrow and her actions.

- The main rendez-vous for the manifestations in Ile de France at this end of the Year is with Din ROtsaka, Babaique, Rivera and Hazolahy at Rungis and the crossing to discovering the Totems.

1/ Havana e mamy - Anziza Salema
2/ Tafita - Belahy
3/ Dihin-dahy - Faffah & Mbolatiana
4/ Kalakely - Samoela
5/ I'm a child - Razia
6/ Tsy Kivikivy mamelon-tena - Din
7/ Ramaloya - Erick Manana
8/ Laisse pas moin là - Tiana
9/ Ingisa ingoa - Mavana
10/ Papango be - Din Rotsaka
11/ Antitra izy - Voahangy
12/ Ny havako - Voahangy
13/ Izaho irery sisa - Lalao Rabeson
14/ Jereo ange - Lalao Rabeson
15/ Oui mon Dieu - Lalao Rabeson
16/ Havagna anao - Babaïque

Instrumental musics:
Salama 'nareo (Rakotozafy)
Lasa aiza ilay zoma (Erick Manana)
Diora (Datita Rabeson)

Echos du Capricorne
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