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Echos du Capricorne 2007/03/14

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Production and realization by Claudie Zandriny, Claudia Solofolandy,
and Philippe Randrianarimanana, Gabrielle Fould, Jean-Luc Andriamifidy, Claude Justin. .

Report of FAR Rakoto - EMISSION OF the 14/03/07
INFORMATION presented by Philippe:
- Ravalomanana in Mauritius: The press conference held some pearls for us about the political philosophy of the listening president. , "Country like a company"; as for the democracy that counts...is the reussite "... emergency helper of five hundred tons of rice on behalf of the small island in the big island.
- Tourism Porte de Versailles in Paris: from 15 the Mars at 18 the Mars, The French remain the most tourists on Madagascar. A revaluation campaign under consideration for "the Island destination".
- Humans right: following the signature of the Civil and Political International Pact, The United Nations congratulates Madagascar.
- Resettlement level of 4MI: It is planned to train children and to open an adult reception center. The authorities receive ONG support and family planning for one month for the reinsurers "4MI" (without permanent residence). In the capital they are estimated at eight hundred and eighty.
- FOOTBALL: After two defeats, the Scorpions face the Elephants of Ivory Dimension. The meeting is announced as difficult against the finalists of the CAN and Mundialistes 2006.

Claudie interview with Jarisoa Rakotoarivelo, cultural activist, promoter of the fifth soratonon2007" (edition malagasy). Jarisoa points out to us the history of this adventure initiated in 2003, with the INALCO and Madagascan representation to UNESCO.

-Agenda of the malagasy events in Paris is presented by Gaby.
-Spectacle de danse de la compagnie LAMAKO au Salon du tourisme, Hall 7, à 14h30 et 16h30, Porte de Versailles le 15, , , Mars
-Soratonon au FIAP, rue Cabanis, le 17 Mars, à 19H
-Lalao Mahafinaritra, le 17 Mars, à 20h30
-Rencontre littéraire, le 29 Mars 2007 - 1947
-Commémoration de 47, mifamelona", le 29 Mars
-Régis Gizavo, le 23 Mars, au New Morning
-Samoela et Ramahafadrahona, le 23 Mars
-Andamioly, le 24 Mars, à 21 H

Din Rotsaka "amboa raha"
Régis Gizavo "zivoshamisa"
Jean Emilien "mitodika"
Samoela "anilanao"
Ricky "odiaina"

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