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Echos du Capricorne 2013/12/18

N° 700 - Wed Dec 18th, 2013, Duration: 89min

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=> Archive of the 'Emissions du Capricorne' from 2002 until now!

Radio Gasy with Aurélie, Claudie, Manitra, Henri, Dzao and Claudia.
Supervised by Bertrand.

Chronicles, news and agenda.

PhD Lala Raharinjanahary (Raharimalala Anatolie),
- President of the Association MADAGASCAR DEVELOPMENT (M-Dev)
- Corresponding Member of the Malagasy Academy
- Expert of UNESCO for the training of trainers for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage
- Anthropologist Member of ALEM Association "Atlas Linguistique et ethnographique de Madagascar"
- Professeure Titulaire Honoraire d'Université of Social Anthropology at the Ecole Normale Supérieure of the University of Antananarivo - Madagascar

Fanja Andriamanantena,
Jazz artist, author, composer, songwriter, poet,
Celebrate 50 years of music
Private party on Saturday 21th in "Tonga Soa" space at 20:00
3, rue du Fond des Prčs - ZI
91 160 Marcoussis - tel: 06 50 06 70 93

Enzo Daversa - piano
Bee Randriamasimanana - guitare
Parany Ramaromisa - basse
Rado Rakotorahalahy - batterie
Rolly Rabesata - chśur

1- Ah mamany - Fandrama
2- Tsara joro - Joro & Fanaiky
3- Cap d'Ambre - Rola Gamana
4- Paintsala out – Teta
5- Taratasy ho anao - Fanja Andriamanantena

Musics of the generics:
Salama 'nareo tompoko ô – Rakotozafy
Tombo Daniel
Diora - Datita Rabeson

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