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Zooma Capricorne 2014/01/10

N° 531 - Fri Jan 10th, 2014, Duration: 120min

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=> Archive of the 'Emissions du Capricorne' from 2002 until now!

Solo Raharinjanahary teacher researcher at the Faculty of letters and sciences of Humanities, at the Malagasy departement wrote the book untitled "Ny fampiasana ny teny vahiny ao anatin'ny teny malagasy" Vohitsera edition. He explain the use of foreign languages ??in the Malagasy speaking.

1/ Basile - Xhy et Maa
2/ Ho any an-danitra daholo isika - Xhy et Maa
3/ Revy - Xhy et Maa
4/ Mainty kely - Ralanto Kangasy
5/ Tovovavy rasta - Ralanto Kangasy
6/ Eny rehetra eny - Etsetra
7/ Mofo sy dibera - Etsetra
8/ Si le temps s'arrêtait - Kelly Rajerison
9/ Manota fady - Tselonina
10/ Very mesa - Jean Emilien
11/ Koike - Jean Emilien
12/ Malahelo - Doc Holiday

Musics of the generics:
Salama 'nareo tompoko ô - Rakotozafy
Danse du sud - Michel Randria

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