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Echos du Capricorne 2016/10/12

N° 811 - Wed Oct 12th, 2016, Duration: 90min

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Archive of the 'Emissions du Capricorne' from 2002 until now!

Radio Gasy with Manitra, Claudie, Nathalie and Kaladia.

On the N° 665 - Wednesday 6th March, 2013 (Echos du Capricorne 2013/03/06)
Boris Lelong describes the project's "Les paroles ont des ailes" - "Words have wings"
Métis album as an artistic cooperation between two worlds in total opposites with the inhabitants
of the town of Saint Denis, France, 93, with farmers musicians poets of the Isorana village,
a rural municipality of Betsileo in the Highlands region in Madagascar.

This time, he is back with Faravololona to present the musical album "Tanga"
and always in the continuity of his action to safeguard and valorisation of worldwide cultural,
(Tibet, Philippines, Mauritania, Lesotho...)
the screening of "Paysanne" conducted in Saint Denis,
a film which tells the confrontation of a traditional society with globalization,
they will bring it on Madagasikara tour from next month, on November till march.

Association ALTAMIRA

Buda Musique


1/ Prezida - Jaojoby
2/ Sintobe - Mroots
3/ Efa anao - Paris
4/ Tanisa - Samoela
5/ Isandra - Tanga
6/ Lasa izy - Tanga
7/ Tsara ny mandry - Tanga
8/ Kalony - Tanga

"Parfois le vide" - Raharimanana (extrait)

Musics of the generics:
Salama 'nareo tompoko ô - Rakotozafy
Tombo Daniel
Diora - Datita Rabeson

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