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Nomad Way - The music of free people - Kazakhstan 2

presented by Margarita Lyuts

Nomad way is a wondrous adventure into the sound of nomadic cultures of Central Asia and Far East. Margarita Lyuts will dive into the culture of different countries and modern world music representatives.

Kazakhstan the country of steppes and nomads, presents the bewitching rhythms and melodies of the Central Asian region. Margarita Lyuts guides you from old melodies to modern sound.

1. Turan Ethno-Folk Ensemble - Kara Zhorga
2. Turan Ethno-Folk Ensemble - Balbobek (Live)
3. Turan Ethno-Folk Ensemble - Er Turan
4. Aldaspan - Aldaspan
5. Aldaspan - Atilla
6. Aldaspan - Boztorgay
7. Ulytau - Jumyr-Kylysh (Two Warriors)
8. Ulytau - Ata Tolgauy
9. Ulytau - Yapur-ay
10. Ulytau - Saranjap
11. Ulytau - Adai