Emap.FM - Help

Emap.FM was founded 2002 by Emil H. Lubej as an independent and non-profit project for ethno and world music.

Emap.FM has been using a secure connection (SSL) since 2019 with https and changed from RealAudio format to Mpeg4 AAC plus.
Emap.FM is tested for barrier-free on PC with NVDA Reader, iPhone and iPad with VoiceOver and Android with Voice Assistent.

For the on demand archiv we use now a Wowza based media server and player (see picture).
The player should start immediately. With slow internet connections it can take a while.
Not all browsers or devices have autoplay by default. You can find more information about the Wowza Player at: https://www.wowza.com/docs/use-autoplay-with-wowza-player.
If the player does not start, this may also be due to the firewall setting.
In this case, you can get the player url from your browser without [] using your default player.
Example: https://emap.fm/[pl/playlist.php?pl=]demand/Concerts/20200222_arnotto.m3u
Click this for test: https://emap.fm/demand/Concerts/20200222_arnotto.m3u

Our 24/7 live stream uses Icecast2 for radio community compatibility and it's based on html5 internal player.
Not all devices and browsers supports player functions like mute button and volume slider.
With 'Playing now' information on the current and the last 9 titles are displayed in real time.

Using on demand 'Full text search':
Logical operators are: '+' (implicit) and '-' as well as wildcards: '*' and '_'.
Word1 [+]Word2 [-]Word3 [+]Wordpart4[*] ... (A word must have more then 3 characters)
Example: 'Queen [+]Esma -2002' or 'que* esm* -200*'
Special characters: 'Redžepova' brings the same result as 'Redzepova' as well as 'Ninić' and 'Ninic'.
Wildcard '_' for one special character in only a single word or words in correct order:
Example: 'Pet_ovic' can be 'Petrovic' or 'Petkovic' or 'Petrović' or 'Petković'

Everything should be very simple and intuitive.

If you have any questions, please contact help(at)emap.fm.

Please support Emap.FM with your donation.