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Zooma Capricorne

N° 437 - Fri Nov 25th, 2011, Duration: 120min speaker Listen (Zooma Capricorne 2011/11/25)
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Alice Ranorojaona Pelerin crossed Madagascar in search of her roots, to pay tribute to common history between La Réunion and Madagascar. (http://www.dia50.com).
The film which she introduces redraws this trip and a realization. In 2010 been created the Miara-Dia association for the edification of a stele. (http://www.unestelepourmadagascar.com)

1/ Fomban-drazana - Gas'pira
2/ Stock tampon - Damily
3/ Manonaka - Mamy Brunette
4/ Rila - Mamisolofo
5/ Hasin-drazana - Ranoro
6/ Milamina zaza - Ranoro
7/ Tenindrazako - Ranoro
8/ Maman'i Nety - Jean Kely
9/ Randrako ngita - Basth
10/ Hôpitaly be - Samoela
11/ Lomay - Joro & Fanaiky
12/ Kidaombaramita - Mala
13/ Bararata - Ny Voninavoko

Musics of the generics:
Salama 'nareo tompoko ô (Rakotozafy)
Lasa aiza ilay zoma (Erick Manana)

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