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Zooma Capricorne 2011/11/25

N° 437 - Fri Nov 25th, 2011, Duration: 120min

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Archive of the 'Emissions du Capricorne' from 2002 until now!

Alice Ranorojaona Pelerin crossed Madagascar in search of her roots, to pay tribute to common history between La Réunion and Madagascar. (http://www.dia50.com).
The film which she introduces redraws this trip and a realization. In 2010 been created the Miara-Dia association for the edification of a stele. (http://www.unestelepourmadagascar.com)

1/ Fomban-drazana - Gas'pira
2/ Stock tampon - Damily
3/ Manonaka - Mamy Brunette
4/ Rila - Mamisolofo
5/ Hasin-drazana - Ranoro
6/ Milamina zaza - Ranoro
7/ Tenindrazako - Ranoro
8/ Maman'i Nety - Jean Kely
9/ Randrako ngita - Basth
10/ Hôpitaly be - Samoela
11/ Lomay - Joro & Fanaiky
12/ Kidaombaramita - Mala
13/ Bararata - Ny Voninavoko

Musics of the generics:
Salama 'nareo tompoko ô (Rakotozafy)
Lasa aiza ilay zoma (Erick Manana)

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