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Echos du Capricorne 2023/06/28

N° 1117 - Wed Jun 28th, 2023, Duration: 120min

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=> Archive of the 'Emissions du Capricorne' from 2002 until now!

Radio Gasy with:
Damien Benoit
Jean-Claude Rabeherifara
Elisabeth Logié
Fara Andriamanantena
Claudia Solofolandy

Guest: Robin Campillo: Editor, Screenwriter, Director
In National screening *since May 31, 2023:
"L'Ile Rouge" Fiction film about the French in the neo-colony
Vision of a child at the Ivato Tananarive military base in the 1970s
Family novel and Malagasy epic "May 72"

THE RED ISLAND a film by Robin Campillo
with Nadia Tereszkiewicz, Quim Gutierrez, Charlie Vauselle,
Amely Rakotoarimalala, Hugues Delamarliere, Sophie Guillemin, David Serero

Early 1970s, on a French army base in Madagascar,
the soldiers and their families live the last illusions of colonialism.

Playing list
1/Omeo Rano- Salala
2/Avelao amin'izany - Malm matiora feat Dyas
3/L'Ile Rouge - Bande annonce du Film
4/Bibibe kinoly - Groupe Sarebal
5/Veloma ry Fahazazana - Mahaleo
6/Anao Inona - The Dizzy Brains

Musics of the generics:
Salama 'nareo Tompoko ô - Rakotozafy
Tombo Daniel
Diora - Datita Rabeson

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