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Emap.FM was founded 2002 by Emil H. Lubej as an independent and non-profit project for ethno and world music.
July 2019, we changed from Real Audio System to Mpeg4 Aac Plus.
We use metafiles / playlists (.m3u) to connect to the sound files.

We have a new player!
The following text is outdated!
We will update as soon as possible!

Generally we recommend VLC as a media player!

How to play our 24/7 live stream:
  • The easiest way is the embedded player on the top/left side. It works on all platforms with html5 support. However, if you browse or leave the website, the sound will be cut off.
  • The "Listen Live" (AAC +) link uses an external player (eg VLC). On PC or Mac, the player may need to be connected as the default for .m3u files. You should find an .m3u file in your download directory. Click with the right mouse button, select VLC and confirm. For mobile devices, see "VLC on Android" below.
  • You may listen with OnlineRadioBox Emap.FM. This works also very well on all platforms and has a playlist one week back.

    How to listen from our ondemand archive:

  • For PC and Mac the same like "Listen Live" (AAC +)
  • For mobile devices see "VLC on Android".

    VLC on Android:
    1) Emap.FM: Press the link for 2 seconds and select "download link"
    2) open download directory and select M3U file
    1) Emap.FM: Press the link for 2 seconds and select "copy URL"
    2) VLC: go to the menu (top left, 3 bars) and select "stream"
    3) go to "enter network media address" and select the menu (3 points) and choose from the "clipboard"
    4) close "clipboad" and choose "open"
    5) After a few seconds VLC will be played
    We are working on a better solution!

    Download free VLC from vlc.de or
    Download free VLC videolan.org
    VLC from Google Play
    OnlineRadioBox Emap.FM

    Please support Emap.FM with your donation (see top/left).
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