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Musik aus der orientalischen Welt von und mit Adrian Vonwiller (in german)
A program for all Balkan People, Balkan Lovers and everybody else. Join us for our musical Journey through the fascinating cultural heritage of Balkan
Dies ist der Name des allerersten österreichischen Blues-Radio im Internet auf Emap.FM. Jeden Dienstag lenkt unser Moderator Peter "Smörre" Klein den BluesTrain durch das Netz. Und jedes Mal haben wir zumindest einen Gast dabei, welchen wir euch auf SEINE persönliche Art und Weise näher bringen.
Korvas New Media presents Austrian musicians, bands, events and new productions. 1 hour in german every first Tuesday @ 16:00 UTC.
This list is no longer supported, please use SEARCH from the home page and select 'Concerts'
Fine Tunes selected by Klaus. (1 hour in german)
2 malagasy programs broadcasted on Fréquence Paris Plurielle (F.P.P.) FM 106.3 (french/malgasy)
Eine Sendung des Institutes für Volksmusikforschung / MDW
presented by Peter Duffy. Exploring the music of the Hermit Kingdom, from traditional to contemporary compositions. Diverse instruments and music forms, folk songs, religious works, court music, and shaman rituals all express the soul of a nation whose history is filled with colorful and fascinating tales. Traditional Korean music represents a world of captivating rhythms and melodies whose sounds draw listeners in like a breath.
Radio show in French language every Monday, 10-12 p.m. on ORANGE 94.0, the free radio in Vienna; FM 94.0; cable 92.7 www.o94.at. Presentation and hosting: alternating Patrick Ugo/Monika Heller/Corinne Walters. Music from France, Belgium, Québec, Africa... Announcing events in French language and related events. Ticket raffles for concerts, cinema, and theater. Live guests on the programme.
MUSICAL JOURNEY...to the world's most beautiful musical places... A colorful ramble through countries, languages, rhythms, melodies - including background information, live guests on the programme, new releases, event notes, ticket raffles... When? On the 2nd Monday of each month, from 2 to 3 p.m. Where? on ORANGE 94.0, the free radio in Vienna; FM 94.0, cable 92,7, www.o94.at. Your tour guide: Monika Heller, co-host of the radio show "Les Sardines francophones"
presented by Filip 'Filami' Lamasisi (1953-2009). The programme series, "Music of Oceania", Emap.FM Internet Radio´s weekly programme with music from the Pacific Islands was presented by Filip `Filami´ Lamasisi, sets its goal at bringing the necessary awareness to the rest of the world of the diverse music cultures and the multitude of music types, both traditional and contemporaries of the region.
Eine Sendung von Romano Centro in Romanes und Deutsch auf Radio 1476. Konzept, Inhalte und Gestaltung: Romano Centro, Verein für Roma, Wien.
presented by Gerhard Woratschek
Here we store 300 radio broadcasts, which are presented by Zappa from August 1998 to August 2004 on Radio Hit FM (Radio Waldviertel). (2 hours in german).

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