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   OnDemand - Echos du Capricorne & Zooma Capricorne   
FRI 15.11.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 15.11.19 Andry Ratovo, entrepreneur, comments on the situation of Madagasikara.more

WED 13.11.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 13.11.19 Political, social, cultural, sports, sciences and rendez-vous chronicles ...more

FRI 08.11.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 08.11.19 Birthday greetings of the Malagasy program "Echos du Capricorne" in Paris 2019-1998 = 21.more

WED 06.11.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.11.19 Political, social, cultural, sports, tribute and birthday event, and rendez-vous chronicles ...more

FRI 01.11.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 01.11.19 Heri Andriamihaja - View of the Malagasy community outside of Madagascar, cites misleading remarks about us who are far from home.more

WED 30.10.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 30.10.19 Political chronicles, social, cultural, sports, events ...more

WED 23.10.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 23.10.19 Tribute to FAFA - Rajaonarison Famantanantsoa Chronic political, social, cultural, sports ...more

FRI 18.10.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 18.10.19 Meeting with 3 representatives of MADIA Association which works in Fianarantsoa Madagasikara, to the integration of poor people.more

WED 16.10.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 16.10.19 Chronic health, political, social, cultural, sports ...more

FRI 11.10.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 11.10.19 Tahiry Ny Rina Randriamasinoro, Candidate Tiako Iarivo - Tiako I Madagasikara (TIM) in elections for the post of Mayor of Antananarivo, to succeed Lalao Ravalomanana, in Conference-Debate organized by TIM France.more

WED 09.10.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 09.10.19 We take the antenna again after the summer holidays. News Chronicles on the program.more

FRI 16.08.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 16.08.19 Hina Razanamasy - Referer pole culture of Madagascar Will Rise Association.more

FRI 09.08.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 09.08.19 Rasamoeliarisoa Rabearisoa Pascaline. First woman Speaker in Madagasikara, on 1963. Lawyer Consultant.more

FRI 02.08.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 02.08.19 Payton Hansen, "Vazaha Miteny Gasy" Lovers of Madagasikara. American, Student, Carpenter.more

WED 31.07.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 31.07.19 Interview with Philippe Suveraie, writer. Author of the novel "Eva vit et meurt d'amour" which was just published by Harmattan, in the collection "Rue des écoles".more

FRI 26.07.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 26.07.19 Clara Othon Andriamboavonjy : "Inona avy no maha-malagasy antsika?" What and How are we Malagasy? Malagasy identity.more

WED 24.07.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 24.07.19 Interviews with Rojo Razanatefy, conference Officer for the external TGV & Hasina Andriamahay, Head of International Relations and relations with the diaspora of the Tanora Malagasy Vonona (external TGV).more

FRI 19.07.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 19.07.19 Worker of the MadagasyArt Collective Nirina Muriel Simone Ratsimahalo has exhibited the 8th "Tsara Bango" focused on hairstyles, makeups and traditional tattoos malagasy, in paintings, photographs, sculptures, illustrations ...more

WED 17.07.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 17.07.19 Interview of Sylvianne Ralaiarinosy, who makes us report of his brief and not too far stay in Madagasikara.more

FRI 12.07.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 12.07.19 TangalaMamy - RAZAFINDRAKOTO Mamy Nirina, Agricultural Agronomist - Photographer. Reforestation and forest restoration project manager, on the Zafimaniry territory where he realizes a hundred hectares of reforestation per year.more

WED 10.07.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 10.07.19 Interview with Nirina Muriel Simone Ratsimahalo, Manager, founding member of the MadagasyArt Collective, the major arts festival of Madagasikara.more

FRI 05.07.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 05.07.19 Perline Rakotovololomahefa, member of "SOS Madagascar" for 5 years, tells us about his commitments within the association, which celebrates 25 years of existence.more

WED 03.07.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 03.07.19  Meeting with Méris Couraud who plans to be more involved in different projects aimed at highlighting the Malagasy culture and to meet Malagasy people or not who today decided in their own way to help with the difficulties facing Madagascar (education, health, deforestation ...)more

FRI 28.06.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 28.06.19 Brief talks during the opening of the exhibition "Tsara Bango" @madagasyart. At the microphone: David Hardy (Suisse Marocain), Eric Soumondronga, Miako, Pierrot Men, Vincent Bardi, Ihangotiana, Guy.more

WED 26.06.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 26.06.19 TangalaMamy - RAZAFINDRAKOTO Mamy Nirina, Forest Agronomist Engineer - Photographer, Works on the territory of Zafimaniry, an ethnic group in east-central Madagascar whose manual know-how is declared intangible heritage of humanity by Unesco As Reforestation Project Manager and Forest Restoration, he carries out a hundred hectares of reforestation per year.more

FRI 21.06.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 21.06.19 Vincent Dictor, Elisabeth Baron, Aline, Perline Rakotovololomahefa, interview of SOS Madagascar members at one of their monthly meetings in Roissy-en-Brie, on June 8th 2019.more

WED 19.06.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 19.06.19 Radio Gasy with Manitra Ratovohery Ratobison, Razaiarimalala Anatolie Joséphine, Jean-Claude Rabeherifara & Claudia Solofolandy Under the observation of Hery Josémore

FRI 14.06.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 14.06.19 During his visit to France, President of the Republic of Madagascar, Andry Nirina Rajoelina, met Malagasy nationals at UNESCO in Paris on Saturday, 1 June.more

WED 12.06.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 12.06.19 Rites and ceremonial organization, festivals of traditional commensalities, cements of social cohesion between members of a family or a village community.more

FRI 07.06.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 07.06.19 Rakotomalala Lanto, Mpikabary, Urgent Surgeon & Gasigasin'andafy.more

WED 05.06.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 05.06.19 Interview with Eric Rosa Edmond Community Development Consultant.more

FRI 31.05.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 31.05.19 Fruit of Jean-Claude Rabeherifara's trip in Madagasikara.more

WED 29.05.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 29.05.19 Lalaina Razanamandimby (LALAH) Havàtsa UPEM (Union of Malagasy Poets and Writers) General Secretary. Interview on the Day on Malagasy Literature, Inalco, Saturday, June 8, 2019 room 4.07 which will also be a tribute to Abel Andriarimalala.more

WED 22.05.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 22.05.19 Sylvain Savoia, L'île des Sables, an island lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean ... "Les esclaves oubliés de Tromelin", historical documentary.more

WED 15.05.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 15.05.19 Interview with the leaders of the political commission of the association "Tous Ensemble pour Madagascar": Ramambazafy Andrianasolo and Sileny Grégory (Communication Commission also).more

FRI 10.05.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 10.05.19 Reading of communications from Civil Society Organizations.more

FRI 03.05.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 03.05.19 Reading of communiqués from civil society organizations: Collectif TANY, ROHY & ILONTSERA.more

WED 01.05.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 01.05.19 Rakotomalala Lanto, mpikabary, doctor, teacher-researcher. Explanation of the malagasy value "Ny Jaka".more

WED 24.04.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 24.04.19 FMG Association - "Fiaraha-Mientan'ny Mpiavy Gasy" with Olden Rasamoelson / Association MIANDRA with Claire Razafimandimby & Christian Rabefaniraka.more

FRI 19.04.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 19.04.19 Rakotondrainibe Mamy president of the TANY Collective for the defense of Malagasy lands. more

WED 17.04.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 17.04.19 Political, cultural and sports news.more

FRI 12.04.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 12.04.19 "Ny vola" second part.more

WED 10.04.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 10.04.19 Interview with Ravomanana Jossie & Hammen Stéphanie Onjatiana of the Association Miora France.more

WED 10.04.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 10.04.19 Reading of communications from Civil Society Organizations.more

FRI 05.04.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 05.04.19 Text and poems.more

WED 03.04.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 03.04.19 Political, economic, cultural and sports news, Chronic rendez-vous, Event report at Fontenay Sous-Bois and Nantes.more

FRI 29.03.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 29.03.19 "Iary" Rajaofera Lanto alias Faravololona Ratsimba . Metal artist Biographymore

WED 27.03.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 27.03.19 Political and Sports News, Chronic rendez-vous, theater report ...more

FRI 22.03.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 22.03.19 Razaiarimalala Josephine Anatolie: Testimony, digression, ephemeris diary, reflections of life, divagation, lyrics, thoughts, tales and literary vagabond.more

WED 20.03.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 20.03.19 Collective TANY, whistleblower actions, with Mamy Rakotondrainibe, President, summary of communications, pleadings and communique.more

FRI 15.03.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 15.03.19 Razaiarimalala Anatolie Joséphine: Testimony, digression, lyrics, ephemeris diary and reflections of life.more

WED 13.03.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 13.03.19 Chronicles, news, rendez-vous, ...more

FRI 08.03.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 08.03.19 Rakotomalala Lanto, Mpikabary Teacher-Researcher, Gastroenterologist, Specialist doctor emergency hospital.more

WED 06.03.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.03.19 Chronicles, news, rendez-vous, ...more

FRI 01.03.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 01.03.19 Fully musical program.more

WED 27.02.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 27.02.19 Chronicles, news, rendez-vous, ...more

FRI 22.02.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 22.02.19 Master Olivier SICARD, Métis, World Champion in Martial Arts, 6th Dan Chung Do Kwan and 6th Dan Kukkiwon.more

WED 20.02.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 20.02.19 Volavie (aka Mazava Volafeno) and Dominique Charmelle, crowned Miss Maman Diaspora 2018, come to defend their image.more

FRI 15.02.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 15.02.19 Presentation speech of André Delpuech: Director of the Musée de l'Homme - General Commissioner of the season.more

WED 13.02.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 13.02.19 Chronicles, news, rendez-vous, ...more

FRI 08.02.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 08.02.19 Razafimandimby Claire and Rabefaniraka Christian present the social work of the Association MIANDRA.more

WED 06.02.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.02.19 Andrianantoandro Vonjy, president of the Hetsika Association, tells us about the activities of Hetsika in Madagascar.more

FRI 01.02.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 01.02.19 "Gasigasin'andafy" by Rakotomalala Lanto, mpikabary teacher-researcher, gastroenterologist, hospital emergency physician.more

WED 30.01.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 30.01.19 Toutain Ramerijaona Bakolinirina (Cristale Vera), president of "Comité Miss Maman Malagasy" organizes with "Tous Humains et Solidaires" the "GALA Miss Maman Madagascar".more

FRI 25.01.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 25.01.19 Razaiarimalala Anatolie Joséphine : Gifts / Let's find Ando.more

WED 23.01.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 23.01.19 Marie-Clémence Andriamonta-Paes, director, for the national release of her film "FAHAVALO" Madagascar 1947.more

FRI 18.01.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 18.01.19 Rakotomalala Lanto: Mpikabary: The gifts and presents for malagasy people on new Year / Razaiarimalala Anatolie Joséphine: wishes.more

WED 16.01.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 16.01.19 Rabefaniraka Christian and Razafimandimby Claire are responsible for the Miandra association.more

FRI 11.01.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 11.01.19 Communiqué published at the end of the first round of the presidential elections / Press review of Jan 9th following the proclamation of the results of the presidential elections from Madagasikara / Agenda of festive events in Paris.more

WED 09.01.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 09.01.19 Hugues Rajoharison in conversation, about the Tsimoka Association and its activities.more

FRI 04.01.19 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 04.01.19 Rajaobelison Nirisoa (President) and Rajoharison Hugues (Project Manager) of the Tsimoka association, Review and Prospects.more

WED 02.01.19 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 02.01.19 more

FRI 28.12.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 28.12.18 Rabako Ralambonirina Jean-Jacques, Director of Training and Research at FIMPIMA-Madagascar / Nataly Andria, Artist, Event agency "Be Live Productions" - Creator of experiments musician graduated in project management.more

WED 26.12.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 26.12.18 informations, chronicles, topics ...more

FRI 21.12.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 21.12.18 Rakotomalala Lanto: Mpikabary, teacher researcher, Gastroenterologist, emergency physician / Rahaririaka Martial Reflections on political problems and elections in Madagascar Before the second round between Rajoelina and Ravalomanana, about presidential elections on wednesday, December 19, 2018.more

WED 19.12.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 19.12.18 Edouard Joubeaud, Producer of film, show, concert, professor at sciences-po, editor of the Malagasy encyclopedic dictionary; "Rakibolana ho an'ny ankizy" is the director-scriptwriter of the feature film "Haingosoa", which is both documentary and fiction.more

FRI 14.12.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 14.12.18 "Gasigasin'andafy" of Rakotomalala Lanto / Olivier Vallée, economist, political scientist.more

WED 12.12.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 12.12.18 The KATRO team project is a creation in digital platform of valorization of the word-of-ear.more

FRI 07.12.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 07.12.18 Rabefitseheno Hanitra & Andrianatoandro Vonjy of the Hetsika Nantes association at the Quai Branly Museum / Vincent Dictor, Webmaster of the SOS Madagascar Association website, which has just celebrated its 27th anniversary.more

WED 05.12.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 05.12.18 Lova Ravelonanosy - IT engineer. "Mamifa = My family" . Gather forces to support future improvement projects, by the social enterprise turned towards education. more

FRI 30.11.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 30.11.18 Rakotomalala Lanto, mpikabary Teacher-Researcher. gastroenterologist, hospital emergency physician / Mpilalalao Hira Gasy - Théâtre musical des Hautes-Terres de Madagascar par la kaompania Rasoalalao Kavia à Paris.more

WED 28.11.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 28.11.18 Ilotsaina Razanamasy, from the communicating team of the group FB "Jubilee 50 years of painting Jean Andrianaivo Ravelona".more

FRI 23.11.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 23.11.18 Interview of Aurélien Gaborit, head of the Africa Collections and the Pavillon des Sessions (Musée du Louvre). Curator of the Madagascar Exhibition at the Quai Branly Museum and interview of Voninahitsy Jean Eugene, President of "RPSD Vaovao", Malagasy political party in Madagasikara, on the 2018 presidential elections.more

WED 21.11.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 21.11.18 Camille Coll, President and Laura Lalièvre, Vice President of IDEES Madagascar, engineering students from ESME Sudria, was on a mission with 6 of their teammates, in Alakamisy Ambohimaha commune this 2018's summer.more

FRI 16.11.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 16.11.18 Interview with Rasamoeliarisoa Rabearisoa Pascaline, first woman Speaker in Madagasikara.more

WED 14.11.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 14.11.18 Interview of Elliot Randriamandrato, Junior Consultant, Management of risks and crises in business or community / Administrator of the FB group "Za koa hifidy", Platform for Presidential Elections symbolic of the diaspora of Madagasikara.more

FRI 09.11.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 09.11.18 Interview with: Marie Brisson, Consultant at TNP Consultants.more

WED 07.11.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 07.11.18 Interview with Joel Broquet, for his return from the Normandy Tripartite Mission / Eurafrican Partnership / University of Rouen in Toamasina on the 24th, 25th and 26th of October 2018.more

FRI 02.11.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 02.11.18 Interview with Razaka Oliva, Certified Expert in Journalism and Communication.more

WED 31.10.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 31.10.18 Statements concerning the presidential elections 2018 by Voninahitsy Jean Eugène on 29th October 2018 / Bilal Tarabey «Madagascar Dahalo» No comment, Editions.more

FRI 26.10.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 26.10.18 Interview with Razafindranaivo Olivier, Andriamasy Alfred, Randrianandrasana Mendrika, Friday organizers "AFTERWORK VALIMBABENA", supporters of the candidate N°4 Rasolofodraosolo Zafimahaleo 2018 Madagasikara president election.more

WED 24.10.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 24.10.18 Interview with Randrianasolo Brice Elisa, Co-Founding President of the Association «TANTARAKO». more

FRI 19.10.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 19.10.18 Interview with Nosy Rabejaona, archaeologist, historian, and Mamelomaso Association president, about safeguarding, preservation and heritage knowledge.more

WED 17.10.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 17.10.18 Interview with Rakotomalala Andriamanivohasina (filmmaker-Ethnologist) and Razafintsalama Anja Tovo (computer scientist).more

FRI 12.10.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 12.10.18 Interview with Hary Razafindrazaka which supports to the elections of the presidential candidate 2018 Jean Max Rakotomamonjy N°31.more

WED 10.10.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 10.10.18 Interview of JPM - Junior Pour Madagascar members with: Princy Ducheman, Antsa Razanakolona, Mino Randriamanivo, Hanitsoa Rajaonary. more

FRI 05.10.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 05.10.18 Interview with Joel Ravoahangy Andrianavalona / Support of candidate N°6 in the 2018 Malagasy presidential elections.more

WED 03.10.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 03.10.18 Back from vacation for the animators and new recruits of the Radio Gasy.more

FRI 27.07.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 27.07.18 Tsilavina Andriamanantsara, Director, Customer Relations at Humania BPO subsidiary of Utopia Image Group.more

WED 25.07.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 25.07.18 Chronicles.more

FRI 20.07.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 20.07.18 Rachelle Rasolofo Czerwinski, living in Canada, disembarking from the Red Island, passing through Paris, talks about her actions in Madagasikara with the Vonjy 3F Association.more

WED 18.07.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 18.07.18 "Why not us?" Fampitaha - Soa fianatra Radio Conference of Clara Othon Andriamboavonjy, on the incomprehensible situation of Madagasikara, compared to the evolution of other countries, such as Rwanda, Seychelles, Ivory Coast, Senegal, who are doing their best despite courses and a history almost identical.more

FRI 13.07.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 13.07.18 Faly Rasamimanana of Faly Export Group, explains the implementation and the HOREB repository approach.more

WED 11.07.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 11.07.18 Exchanges with Faouzi Elayouni, new volunteer trainee at the technique for Les Echos du Capricorne.more

FRI 06.07.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 06.07.18 Born in Madagascar, Olivier Vallée, economist and political scientist, worked for 38 years in Africa / Olivier Vallée interview with Jean-Claude Rabeherifara.more

WED 04.07.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 04.07.18 Interview with Rado Andrianarijaona who present Zama Paris 2018.more

FRI 29.06.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 29.06.18 Sidewalk at the reception at the residence of the Embassy of Madagasikara, on the occasion of the national holiday of Tuesday, June 26, 2018. more

WED 27.06.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 27.06.18 Interview with Joseph Paris and Lise Chatellier, for the IDEES Madagascar association.more

FRI 22.06.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 22.06.18 Hery Rabejaona Textile Engineer, contractor building MIKALY Trano in Madagascar. "Back home, how to prepare for malagasy diaspora? What do we need to know before returning? Are the fears justified?"more

WED 20.06.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 20.06.18 Chronicles, news and current events on Madagasikara news, by the volunteer animators of the Malagasy Paris radio program.more

FRI 15.06.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 15.06.18 Interviews of
- Justin Vali: Madagascan musician, Justin Rakotondrasoa master of the valiha (bamboo harp).
- Georgette Chenot: President of "SOATATA" association Sceaux aux couleurs de Madagascar more

WED 13.06.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 13.06.18 Interview with Laurinda Hofmeyr and Jean Christian Randrianampizafy / Tribute to Regis Gizavomore

FRI 08.06.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 08.06.18 Diffusion de Communiqués:
- Rohy 5 June 2018 Communiqué of the Civil Society Movement ROHY
- Rohy 28 May 2018 Communiqué of the Civil Society Movement ROHY, following Decision No. 18-HCC / D3 of 25 May 2018
- Lapabe tia Maro 4 June 2018 Ilay fanonganam-panjakana andrandraina ...

WED 06.06.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.06.18 Like every wednesday, sport, politico-social and cultural news. Thanks to the interventions of the Chronicler volunteers.more

FRI 01.06.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 01.06.18 I - Lova Zakariasy Raharimihaja Rognitsara, Doctor of Mathematics, General Director of the Diégo Suarez Antsiranana Institut Supérieur de Technologie (IST-D) Professor-Researcher, ...more

WED 30.05.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 30.05.18 Radio Gasy with Henri, Manitra, Jean-Claude and Claudie Z. Visitor: Dominiquemore

FRI 25.05.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 25.05.18 "Ny teny malagasy sy ny fampiasana azy anaty kabary" with Herisoa Andrianaina Rakotojaona, Consultant, Translator, Teacher, Trainer, Journalist, Honorary President FIMPIMA Association of Madagasikara Speakers.more

WED 23.05.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 23.05.18 StartUp Sam'Salama: entrepreneurship and investment project for Madagascar from health microinsurance at a lower cost, easy, convenient and accessible to all Malagasy through mobile money.more

FRI 18.05.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 18.05.18 Interview conducted on Thursday, April 26, 2018, of Rabako Ralambonirina Jean-Jacques, Telecommunication Engineer, Professor of Mathematics, FIMPIMA Trainer Association of Madagasikara Speakers.more

WED 16.05.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 16.05.18 Guest: Vanina Christophe Raliterason, author "Madagascar Notre Alliée 1914-1918"more

WED 09.05.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 09.05.18 Radio Gasy with Henri, Manitra, Jean Claude, Abel, Claudie and Claudia. Brief visit of Hélène.more

FRI 04.05.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 04.05.18 Miminy, Caleb Andrianasitera, Henri Walawala, Jean-André Tsakaison and Adèle still moved, following the soldiers's crime in Belo-sur-Tsiribihina, but also because of the general situation of Madagasikara.more

WED 02.05.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 02.05.18 Martial Rahaririaka, Mining Engineer of the MADAGASCAR Ecole Polytechnique, was a member of the MONIMA Party at the time of MONJA JAONA, General Director of the Malagasy Institute of Innovation, elected to the Chamber of Commerce of Industry and Commerce of Lyon ...more

FRI 27.04.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 27.04.18 Patrick Auguste Rakotomalala - "What Development for Madagascar?" "Vita malagasy" (made in Madagascar).more

WED 25.04.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 25.04.18 Rabako Ralambonirina Jean-Jacques, Director of Training and Research at FIMPIMA-Madagascar - Fikambanan'ny Mpikabary Malagasy - Association of Malagasy Speakers.more

FRI 20.04.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 20.04.18 Martial Rahaririaka, mining engineer, Expert-Consultant (on business & politics).more

WED 18.04.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 18.04.18 Seheno Andriamahatana at "La Scène du Canal"more

FRI 13.04.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 13.04.18 Texts, poems, release.more

WED 11.04.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 11.04.18 Shortcuts and rediscoveries "Education and Malagasy literature".more

FRI 06.04.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 06.04.18 Marie-Clémence Andriamonta Paes, author-director of documentary film "Madagascar 1947 FAHAVALO".more

WED 04.04.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 04.04.18 "The practice of the Malagasy language within Malagasy, living outside the country".more

FRI 30.03.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 30.03.18 Interview with Luc Rabemila, citizen of three countries: Madagasikara, France (Guyana), Denmark. Danish nationality.more

WED 28.03.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 28.03.18 Discussions with Master Olivier Sicard.more

FRI 23.03.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 23.03.18 Jean-Luc Raharimanana, writer, director, poet, ...more

WED 21.03.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 21.03.18 Interviews with : 1- Marie-Clémence Andriamonta Paes, Author-director about crowdfunding for "Madagascar 1947, Fahavalo" & 2- "Henri Walawala" group, with artists Henri, Fafa and Richard.more

FRI 16.03.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 16.03.18 José Michel Andrianoelison, politician. Reflection, idea, thought on the situation of Malagasy and Madagasikara.more

WED 14.03.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 14.03.18 Discussion with Teta Jean Claude and Chrysantho Zama. Release of the CD "Volo hazo" of the Malagasy Guitar Masters.more

FRI 09.03.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 09.03.18 Interview with Arison Jaha, Wellbeing Coach. "Milay le life".more

WED 07.03.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 07.03.18 Interview with members of the bureau and the committee leaders of the new association "Tous Ensemble pour Madagascar".more

FRI 02.03.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 02.03.18 Interview with José Michel Andrianoelison, preparing for the elections of November 2018 as Candidate for the Presidency of the Republic of Madagasikara.more

WED 28.02.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 28.02.18 Radio Gasy with Manitra, Henri, Jean-Claude, Claudia and Vola.more

WED 21.02.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 21.02.18 Interview with Jean-Jacques Ratsietison, presents a candidate to the Malagasy presidential elections of November 2018.more

FRI 16.02.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 16.02.18 Interview with Jaona Ravaloson, from "Arborescence Capital", Training Center for Financial Analysis in Paris.more

WED 14.02.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 14.02.18 Interview with José Michel Andrianoelison, Politician. Preparation for 2018 elections for the Presidency of the Madagasikara Republic.more

FRI 09.02.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 09.02.18 Micro-sidewalk made during the preview screening of the documentary film, "Madatrek" / Mahery, child of expatriates of Madagascar, Responsible of travel agency, Responsible of the association Zazakely Sambatra, Faly Robinson, Raphael, Rasolojaona Irina & Herilala, Vonimanitra.more

WED 07.02.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 07.02.18 Interview with Erick Rakotozaka, President of Ambohimalaza France Association.more

FRI 02.02.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 02.02.18 Reading selected texts: Research "Bainga" "amboara" "hevitra tera-bary" (following). Works of Hippocrate, Jung and Heymans "Toetoetry ny olona" - Edition Ambozontany Fianarantsoa 1994more

WED 31.01.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 31.01.18 Radio Gasy with Nathalie, Hery José, Manitra, Henri, Claudie, Claudia.more

FRI 26.01.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 26.01.18 Reading selected texts: Research, radio theater, poem. "Toetoetry ny olona" - Edition Ambozontany Fianarantsoa.more

WED 24.01.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 24.01.18 Radio Gasy with Abel, Nathalie, Hery José, Manitra, Claudie, Claudia. under the eyes of Brigittamore

FRI 19.01.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 19.01.18 Reading selected texts: Poems, philosophy, stories.more

WED 17.01.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 17.01.18 Interview with Waka and Paulo, Baham Arts Association, who organizes the Music Festival intersection to the "La Parole Errante".more

FRI 12.01.18 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 12.01.18 Lise Chatelier, Vice President and Thomas Juilla Treasurer, of the IDEES Madagascar association which works for 24 years in Madagascar.more

WED 10.01.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 10.01.18 more

WED 03.01.18 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 03.01.18 more

FRI 29.12.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 29.12.17 Return of the country for JAT: Jean-André Tsakaison.more

FRI 22.12.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 22.12.17 Clovis Razafimalala of the Advocacy Coalition against networks of corrupt officials, powerful mafia traffickers and illegal logging of rosewood in Madagasikara.more

WED 20.12.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 20.12.17 Raccourcis et redécouvertes by Abel Andriarimalala & Sports by Manitra Ratovohery Ratobison.more

FRI 15.12.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 15.12.17 Baholy shows his troubles with the mafieu network transport, freight forwarders, customs, stores, insurance, Malagasy administration of the charter service in Madagasikara.more

WED 13.12.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 13.12.17 Nirisoa Rajaobelison & Hugues Rajoharison inform, mobilize to vote and comment favorably on facebook for the TSIMOKA project.more

WED 06.12.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.12.17 Chronicles, informations, diary, report ...more

FRI 01.12.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 01.12.17 Madagascar All Stars on "Valibabena Tour" - Concert-Tribute to Régis Gizavo.more

WED 29.11.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 29.11.17 Interview of Tao Ravao artiste chanteur- compositeur Poly-instrumentist on valiha, kabosy, litungu, krar, mandoline malgache, dobro, lapsteel ... with Jocelyn Maillé.more

FRI 24.11.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 24.11.17 Interview of the students entrepreneur-founding of "Fakotech" Junior Pour Madagascar - Startup Weekend Project: Narindra Ranaivomiarana & Matthew Razafimandranto.more

WED 22.11.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 22.11.17 Interview of Jaojoby, Madagascar all Stars.more

FRI 17.11.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 17.11.17 Interview with Francine Ranaivo, President of AIFM, Association Internationale des Femmes de Madagascar - International Women's Association of Madagascar.more

WED 15.11.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 15.11.17 Interview of Joseph Paris and Lise Chapellier, President and Vice-President, IDEES Madagascar Association, from the Ecole des Ingénieurs Sudria Paris.more

FRI 10.11.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 10.11.17 Interview of Dama alias Rasolofondraosolo Zafimahaleo, Founding member of the Mahaleo group.more

WED 08.11.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 08.11.17 Celebration of the 19 years of "Echos du Capricorne" / Interview with Solo Razafindrakoto.more

FRI 03.11.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 03.11.17 Interview of Erick Rajaonary alias "Batman" Winner of the Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship Trophy in 2013.more

WED 01.11.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 01.11.17 Micheline Ravololonarisoa, resident of London interviewed in Rome Italia at ZAMA Miara-dia meetings / Zanak'Ampielezan'i Madagasikara Miara-dia. Madagasikara children scattered around the world together.more

FRI 27.10.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 27.10.17 Interview with "Zokibe" Alain Valency RaKotondrandria, living in Johannesburg, South Africa.more

WED 25.10.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 25.10.17 Abel Andriarimalala, "Shortcuts and Rediscoveries" Chronicles about Malagasy - Man, Society, Language and Philosophy / Baovola Michelle, "L'Ile Rouge - Au pays de ma mère".more

FRI 20.10.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 20.10.17 During the Comex and advice Zama Miara-Dia meeting in Rome at YWCA UCDG guest of the Association Tetezana onlus on 1, 2 and 3rd september, 2017more

WED 18.10.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 18.10.17 Abel Andriarimalala, Professor, artists, songwriter Chroniques: "Raccourcis et Redécouvertes" / Zina Raveloson, Faly ROBISON ; Mialinjava Randriamanivo (Mino) Juniors Pour Madagascar, in view of the Startup weekend 3rd editionmore

FRI 13.10.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 13.10.17 Andry Rakotomavo Rungi, active member of YWCA Italy, hosted the meeting of ZAMA - Zanak'i Madagasikara am-pielezana miara-dia on 1, 2 and 3 September 2017 in Rome.more

WED 11.10.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 11.10.17 "Être métis en Imerina (Madagascar) aux XIXe-XXe siècles" - Edition Karthala.more

FRI 06.10.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 06.10.17 End of the holidays, return to volunteer work for EDC with today, for our first, as illustrious guest, a genius from the Malagasy diaspora: Désiré Dauphin Rasolomampionona Andriamialivololondrainibe.more

WED 04.10.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 04.10.17 Interview with Nini, Deba, Mponina, Rojo, Ken, Jacquot of the Malagasy Rock Star: Kiaka, Green, Apost, Mage 4more

FRI 28.07.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 28.07.17 Tribute to Régis Gizavo.more

WED 26.07.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 26.07.17 Abel Andriarimalala, professeur de malagasy: "Ny soatoavina malagasy sy ny teny frantsay".more

FRI 21.07.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 21.07.17 Ralainirina Yves Sobinson, owner and manager of Gasy Food, Transfer of money, transit import export, sales of products of Madagascar.more

WED 19.07.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 19.07.17 Discussion "Tora-po" with Vorimana Maneke, Composer, lyricist and Ando Jaboady, Socio-Educational Animator, anthropologist.
- death of Régis Gizavo on Sunday 16 July 2017 in Corsica
- Madagasikara and Malagasy disastrous situation.more

FRI 14.07.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 14.07.17 Texts by Toetra Raja, poet, author of the work: "Tiako - tiako foana!" / Critics of the Embassy Feast of June 26, 2017.more

WED 12.07.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 12.07.17 Marie Clémence Andriamonta Paes, Laterit Production, talks about the musical documentary film "Songs for Madagascar" directed by César Paes.more

FRI 07.07.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 07.07.17 Rado Andrianarijaona presents "Zanak'i Madagascar Ampielezana, Rally of the Madagascar Children disperized from all over the world".more

WED 05.07.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 05.07.17 Performance of the artist "Syna".more

FRI 30.06.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 30.06.17 Clara Othon Andriamboavonjy, retired teacher, presentations for the Research and investigation about the teaching and educational, in Madagasikara / Haingo Rakotosamimanana Madazikart - Photographer recounts his interest having been interviewed.more

WED 28.06.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 28.06.17 The performance of the artist "Adri", our guest today on the Echos du Capricorne.more

FRI 23.06.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 23.06.17 Exhibition of contemporary art TEMANDROTA «Coups de fil - Lia Akata».more

WED 21.06.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 21.06.17 Radio Gasy with Henri, Manitra, Jean-Claude and Claudia.more

FRI 16.06.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 16.06.17 French version interview with Jean-Jacques Ratsietison, Economist - President founder association FMI-Malagasy.more

WED 14.06.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 14.06.17 David Hardy and Vincent Bardi present the 6th edition of Madagasyart.more

FRI 09.06.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 09.06.17 The FMI-Malagasy association will support or present for the 2018 presidential elections.more

WED 07.06.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 07.06.17 ZAMA Lille 2017 - Zanaka Madagasikara Ampielezana. Presented by Pascale Jeannot, Patrick Rakotomalala and Rado Andrianarijaona.more

FRI 02.06.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 02.06.17 Andrianarijaona Jacky: Portrait of one Malagasy from the diaspora in France.more

WED 31.05.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 31.05.17 Ujjaya Ethno ambient - Hery Randriambololona presents his closest news.more

FRI 26.05.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 26.05.17 Daniel & Feno Razanajatovo present their radio web broadcast.more

WED 24.05.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 24.05.17 Jean-Jacques Ratsietison, FMI Malagasy "Fahefa-mividy izao no ilain'ny Malagasy" / Andry Rasolo & Thierry Rakoto present The rock concert of the two groups "Ankoay" and "Vaika".more

FRI 19.05.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 19.05.17 Clara Othon Andriamboavonjy retired / State of Poverty in Madagasikara.more

WED 17.05.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 17.05.17 Present events.more

FRI 12.05.17 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 12.05.17 Interview with Lanto Gilles Andriamamonjy, Anthropologist and Professor at the Catholic University of Morondava.more

WED 10.05.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 10.05.17 Two anniversaries: 20th year of the creation of the Jacaranda agency of Madagascar and 40 years of Erick Manana's scene.more

WED 03.05.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 03.05.17 Radio Gasy with Manitra, Jean-Claude and Claudia.more

WED 26.04.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 26.04.17 Simone Clara Othon Andriamboavonjy discussion on efforts to contribute to the economic and social development of Madagasikara.more

WED 19.04.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 19.04.17 Radio Gasy with Manitra and Claudia.more

WED 12.04.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 12.04.17 Nosy Rabejaona, Historian archeologist, President of the Mamelomaso association working for the Safeguarding and Restoration of Heritage.more

WED 05.04.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 05.04.17 1/ Maxence Habran, Student historian Master 1 of Paris 7 Diderot University, discuss with Xavier about the meeting organized by "Mémoires de Madagascar" at INALCO on March 29 in which he participated. 2/ Lucien Raharison, Doctor of History of the Paris 7 University, Teacher at Majunga and Antananarivo University, exchange with Dzao, about the Colloquium at Sorbone on March 31 in which he intervened and also talk about his "Gazetiko" newspaper In which he is Editorial Director.more

WED 29.03.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 29.03.17 Joel Ravoahangy Andrianavalona, Son of Joseph Ravoahangy Andrianavalona the deputy under colonization, founder of MDRM - Democratic Movement for the Renovation of Madagascar - explains what exactly and truly corresponds to the date of March 29, 1947.more

WED 22.03.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 22.03.17 Mam'Rakoto present the concert and new album "live au Tamanoir" on saturday event, 25th march.more

WED 15.03.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 15.03.17 Radio Gasy with Jean-Claude, Manitra, Henri, Nathalie, Claudia.more

WED 08.03.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 08.03.17 Radio Gasy with Jean-Claude, Manitra, Henri, Aurélie, Claudia.more

WED 01.03.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 01.03.17 Radio Gasy with Manitra, Henri, Dzao, Aurélie, Kaladia.more

WED 22.02.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 22.02.17 Radio Gasy with Manitra, Henri, Dzao, Hery José, Aurélie, Kaladia.more

WED 15.02.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 15.02.17 Radio Gasy with Nicole, Manitra, Henri, Dzao, Hery José, Sarah, Kaladia.more

WED 08.02.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 08.02.17 Radio Gasy with Nicole, Manitra, Henri, Dzao, Kaladia.more

WED 01.02.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 01.02.17 Guest: José ANDRIANOELISON 'José kely' was Minister for Agricultural Production and Agrarian Reform in MADAGASCAR in the early nineties...more

WED 25.01.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 25.01.17 more

WED 18.01.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 18.01.17 Interview Of Arlette Bruel-Groléas, President & Founder of ASMADA.more

WED 11.01.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 11.01.17 Interview and live of Mimil, Michel Randrianarisoa with his Oud.more

WED 04.01.17 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 04.01.17 Happy new year 2017.more

WED 28.12.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 28.12.16 Presentation of the last issue of AFASPA (Association Française d'Amitié et de Solidarité avec les peuples d'Afrique) 'Aujourd'hui l'Afrique" Quarterly Revue.more

FRI 23.12.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 23.12.16 Interviews with the group of peasant representatives and experts of Madagasikara, by Jean-Claude Rabeherifara.more

WED 21.12.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 21.12.16 Surprise visit of Nomena Razafijaonimanana, faithful auditor.more

WED 14.12.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 14.12.16 Josielle Randriamandranto, Lova Ramanisamanana, celebrates his 20 years of existence as a travel agency with Erick Manana concert / Sahondra lives in Nancy, and often passes in Paris.more

FRI 09.12.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 09.12.16 Olivier Sicard, 5th Dan WTF- World TaeKwondo Federation, 6th Dan Chung Do Kwan and World Instructor Kukkiwon Métis.more

WED 07.12.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 07.12.16 Samuel Legendre, Project Manager, Network Animation and Associative Life, FORIM representative / Graziella Rakotomanana, Tatiana Razafindrazaka, Hary Robertson, Representatives of the COCOLIGO project team.more

FRI 02.12.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 02.12.16 The artist, CK Zana-Rotsy -Jean Charles Razanakoto- master of Open Gasy songs, métisse rock-folk, Jazz, also by Guitar open tuning, standard, fusion of different styles of music, Tropical, international, Malagasy musics towards bossa, salsa, jazz, blues, funk ... influences.more

WED 30.11.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 30.11.16 Marcellin Razafindrabe alias Rabo, presents the Concert of Ingahibe Tselonina, in trio Guitars and songs.more

FRI 25.11.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 25.11.16 "Caylah", Katia-Landy, from Mahamasina, Antananarivo, 22 years old malagasy slamers, of «Spoken word».more

WED 23.11.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 23.11.16 Brigitte Rasoloniaina "Les mots du grand marché : malgache standard et parler Vakinakaratra / Volavie - Ursulla Razafimihanta Concert.more

FRI 18.11.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 18.11.16 Mbosa Rabenasolo representative of the group "R'Imbosa - Ataum Maintimolaly Sehatra Ba Gasy".more

WED 16.11.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 16.11.16 Linah Ravonjiarisoa - 3rd year of doctoral thesis / Presentation of the book "C.K. Zanarotsy"more

FRI 11.11.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 11.11.16 Hanta & Toto Rakotonirina SCENE Spéciale BA GASYmore

WED 09.11.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 09.11.16 Zo Rasoanaivo & Princy Ducheman, leaders of the association "Junior Pour Madagascar" organize "Startup weekend edition Madagascar" event for the promotion of entrepreneurship.more

FRI 04.11.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 04.11.16 Jean-Jacques Ratsietison, President of FMI Malagasy, Economist new wave singer of the independence of the Malagasy currency and Ariary money. more

FRI 28.10.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 28.10.16 Broadcast the recording of "Tiakobe.fr" and "Echos du Capricorne" with Ludovic Blanc and Claudie Lay Zandriny on the ZAMA Aix-en-Provence meeting of Malagasy Diaspora, 8th July 2016 / Interview of Didier Ramiandrasoa, Gwen Rakotovao & Yvan Fabius and Lando Tiaray.more

WED 26.10.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 26.10.16 Chloé Chassaigne speaks of his humanitarian trip 5 months in Madagascar - to Hélène Bauer Facebook : "Sur les terres malgaches" / Tao Ravao presents his new album "Au bout du petit matin"more

FRI 21.10.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 21.10.16 Broadcast the recording of "Tiakobe.fr" and "Echos du Capricorne" with Ludovic Blanc and Claudie Lay Zandriny on the ZAMA Aix-en-Provence meeting of Malagasy Diaspora, 9th July 2016.more

WED 19.10.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 19.10.16 Solofo Rafenombolatiana presents Nosy Be Jazz Festival first edition.more

FRI 14.10.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 14.10.16 Broadcast the recording of the meeting devoted to literary Madagasikara.more

WED 12.10.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 12.10.16 Boris Lelong present the musical album "Tanga" and his action to safeguard and valorisation of worldwide cultural (Tibet, Philippines, Mauritania, Lesotho ...)more

FRI 07.10.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 07.10.16 Laza, Cineart, Director, Founder of the Festival Rencontres du Film Court de Madagasikara.more

WED 05.10.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 05.10.16 Michèle Rakotoson, Jean-Luc Raharimanana, Franco Clerc have literary meeting devoted to Madagasikara in the Francophonie Festival Métissée / Samoela for his concertmore

FRI 30.09.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 30.09.16 Some extracts sounds on the Malagasy Diaspora meeting ZAMA 2016 in Aix-en-Provence.more

WED 28.09.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 28.09.16 Louis Heliot and Laza interview for the 25th fortnight of the Francophonie, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles Paris.more

FRI 23.09.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 23.09.16 We'll cover two activities concerning our countrymen and coutrywomen today.more

FRI 16.09.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 16.09.16 «Les nuits d'Antananarivo» Johary Ravaloson / «Vol à vif», Johary Ravaloson.more

WED 14.09.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 14.09.16 Info, Diary, Chroniclesmore

WED 07.09.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 07.09.16 Mamy Rakotondrainibe representant of the Collectif TANY explains the endanger of rare earth exploitation of Madagasikara / Diarah N'Daw-Spech festival FIFDA director, presentation of the sixth International Festival of the African Diaspora Films in Parismore

FRI 12.08.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 12.08.16 Recovery of one of the co-conducted by Ludovic Blanc et and Claudie Zandriny emissions as part of a partnership between http://www.tiakobe.fr and Echos du Capricorne.more
FRI 12.08.16 www.tiakobe.fr

FRI 29.07.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 29.07.16 Laiarinandrasana - Ari Chez Vous - Livraison de smile musical thrill delivery and smile or how to make your best evenings.more
FRI 29.07.16 https://www.facebook.com/ariofficiel

FRI 15.07.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 15.07.16 Interview with Eusébia Fatoma, Jocelyne and Lalain , a few hours before their concert on July 3rd at the closing of Galerie 59, rue de Rivoli in Paris on the Madagasy Art event 5th edition.more

WED 13.07.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 13.07.16 Nataly Andria, musician, composer, interpreted his own songs from his EP « Something New » out in 2013. more

FRI 08.07.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 08.07.16 Rakototiana Andriamaholisoa , Agronomist , Freelance Consultant specialized in Rural and Humanitarian Development, Food and Nutritional Security , Environment and irrigation. Works in Niamey - Niger, with the Deutsch Cooperation where They apply the drip system - « Système Goutte à goutte, GAG »more

WED 06.07.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.07.16 Interview of Hanitr'Ony , presentation of his bilingual book Malagasy / French, illustrated by TRACY M : poetry collection "Deux fois Une".more

WED 29.06.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 29.06.16 Interview of Andriamaholisoa Rakototiana / Report of Tournoi des Iles by Tinah Madonya: New Caledonian, The Kanak beat Malagasy.more

FRI 24.06.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 24.06.16 Former Madagasikara champion, footballers, rugby player, classic dancer, Miss Toliara & Miss Thailand ...
Eric, Chantal, Marimar, Veve and Tinah compose a beautiful panel of high levels athletes from the Big Island.more

WED 22.06.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 22.06.16 Sexy Expedition Yéyé - Myriam Merch / David Hardy le Suisse Marocain / Sophie Bazin-Ravaloson.more

FRI 17.06.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 17.06.16 Yves Sobinson Ralainirina , money Tranfer, investment opportunity, crowdfunding nationals or natives of Madagasikara, questioning, cogitation, rumination entrepreneur plan.more

WED 15.06.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 15.06.16 Ari Laiarinandrasana who abandons his profession of computer engineer for a career musician / Hélène Bauer, first chronicle at the antenna , about the dedicated day to the Malagasy press 150 years.more

FRI 10.06.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 10.06.16 Georgette Chenot, President Founder & Michel Chenot, assistant treasurer of the Association SOATATA Association for cultural and educational development of southern Madagascar.more

WED 08.06.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 08.06.16 Michèle Rakotoson presents « Madame à la campagne , Malagasy Chronicle» / Haga Rakotoson, financial expert, created the guarantee funds in Madagasikara.more

WED 01.06.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 01.06.16 Anais Chenot , Assistant Secretary of SOATATA in interview.more

WED 25.05.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 25.05.16 News, chronicle, reporting.more

FRI 20.05.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 20.05.16 Reading alarm, interpellation , information texts.more

WED 18.05.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 18.05.16 Warning message from the Collectif Tany about the law project related to registered private properties.more

FRI 13.05.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 13.05.16 Rahantamandimbiarisoa Voahangy Lalao, about the Behoririka Raja Yoga Information Center - Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Space.more

WED 11.05.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 11.05.16 Ours guests were Malala Razafintsalama, Irène and Idealy Andriamanjato, members of Kolo Association, organizers of the dictation contest SORATONONINA.more

FRI 06.05.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 06.05.16 Rakotoarison Corinne Lolla Ihantanirina, Spice and Aroma PDG, General Commissioner of the representation of Madagasikara at the Horticulture Exhibition of Antalya, in Turkey from June until October 2016 / Sister Ravaka second lesson : Positive thoughts , personal development, management and self-realization.more

WED 04.05.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 04.05.16 Echoing 'Nuit Debout', a special 'Mada debout' with Dr Jean-Claude Rabeherifara.more

FRI 29.04.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 29.04.16 Andriantseheno Lalaoarisoa Marcellin, Specialist on Neuropsychiatric diseases, Professor of Neurology and sociology.more

WED 27.04.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 27.04.16 We recevied two guests in this broadcast program. Virginie Bommartin who presented her testimony of moral and sexual harassement related in a published book last summer 2015: 'Justice pour un hopital malade'. Her husband presented among all the complicated admnistrative procedure... ANDRIAMBOAVONJY Hanitriniaina Ravaomalala, president of FI.MPI.MA (Fikambanan'ny Mpikabary eto Madagasikara), rhetoricians association, accompanied by Dera Ramandraivonona, president of France division of the association.more

FRI 22.04.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 22.04.16 Sister Ravaka, teacher, leader, educator of the Behoririka Brahma Kumaris Information Center, gives one leson for individual development, «How to manage angriest».more

WED 20.04.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 20.04.16 Solomalala Rajaobelison presents the universes ('Tontolo') of his father Samuel RAJAOBELISON (1915-1994), the poet ZAKARANDAHY.more

FRI 08.04.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 08.04.16 Compagnie Miangaly Théatre.more

WED 06.04.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.04.16 4 malagasy guests, representatives of the civil society during the World Forum on access to Land in Valencia Spain (March 31st-April 2nd).more

FRI 01.04.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 01.04.16 Rakotondrazafy Gerard, painter, Cartoonist, focused on the study of Civilization and Madagasikara History is interested also in East Africa , India, Asia, and is hardworking at common resource centers such as the National Library, Malagasy Academy, Museum of Art and Archaeology, or National Archive.more

WED 30.03.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 30.03.16 Guests: Randrianarivony Henri, president and Eric Rakotomalala vice-president, of association Trano Kolotoraly Malagasy - Andafy.more

FRI 25.03.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 25.03.16 Michèle Rakotoson: «Madame à la campagne»more

WED 23.03.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 23.03.16 Guest: Marie-Michèle Razafintsalama, CEO of Publishing house Editions Jeune Malgache, president of 'Association des éditeurs de Madagascar'more

FRI 18.03.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 18.03.16 Hery, Maitresse d'école en zone rurale & Ranaivosata, politicien.more

WED 16.03.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 16.03.16 Guest: Rajaonarimanana Narivelo, Professor, linguist, expert in malagasy grammar, and author of dictonnaries.more

FRI 11.03.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 11.03.16 Interview with Bonia, Farmer, Former official resigned of the Paositra Malagasy, retired without pension of teaching on private and public school,... more

WED 09.03.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 09.03.16 Our guests were Andy and Stéphane Hamouis from NGO 'Eau de Coco'more

FRI 04.03.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 04.03.16 Interview with Ralijaona Harrhysh (Amanah), marine, various reflection, idea, point of view, and philosophy of life.more

WED 02.03.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 02.03.16 Our guest is Andrée Ratovonony, sister of Michèle Ratovonony, author of the literary essay released posthumously by Karthala, last automn 2015.more

FRI 26.02.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 26.02.16 Ranaivosata, politician and « Asandratro ny fireneko » Association founder.more

WED 24.02.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 24.02.16 Our guests are Randriamampionona and Razafindrasoa, founders of an association related to their city called Anjanampara in Vakinankaratra region.more

FRI 19.02.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 19.02.16 Texts reading: Protest against Governement, State, Parliaments New Lands Laws.more

WED 17.02.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 17.02.16 Our guest is Dominique Ranaivoson, specialist in literature, author of a biography of Jacques Rabemananjara (1913-2005), poet and politician.more

FRI 12.02.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 12.02.16 Ratefiarison Rakotondramasy Lydie, Rabenasolo Mbosa, Tojoniaina Njatoarimanga, Ambassadors of Ba gasy, share their mission with the Sehatra Ba gasy and the Kalon'Imerina on the two-years celebration of 15 years of existence of the group R'Imbosa.more

WED 10.02.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 10.02.16 Our guest is Mamy RAKOTOMAVO, musician & founder of the band SORA-PO.more

FRI 05.02.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 05.02.16 Second passage to Mr. Ranaivosata, politician, whose aim is the return of Madagascan's dignity.more

WED 03.02.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 03.02.16 Our guest is NAWAL, franco-comorian artist, currently in art-residence until the end of March at Bouffon Théâtre (Paris 19th).more
WED 03.02.16 www.nawali.com/bio-eng

FRI 29.01.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 29.01.16 Christian Ranaivoson research on the Austronesian world at he conference of the Academia Malagasy.more

WED 27.01.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 27.01.16 Our guests are Patrick Rakotomalala, Guy Andriamihamina and Vahinala Raharinirina, member of the organisation Commitee of ZAMA 2016.more

FRI 22.01.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 22.01.16 James Ratsima, professor, politician, "Front Patriotique Malagasy" association founder.more

WED 20.01.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 20.01.16 Our guests were Françoise Descos and Arlette Bruel, founders of the ASMADA (Association d'aide au développement de communes rurales à Madagascar)more

FRI 15.01.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 15.01.16 Raharimalala Sylviane Interview, Masseuse healthcare in Antananarivo.more

WED 13.01.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 13.01.16 guest is Olivier Andriamasilalao of the comitee executive for the organisation of the RNS (rencontre nationale sportive) 2016 editionmore

FRI 08.01.16 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 08.01.16 Unrestrained thought (Tsetsatsetra tsy aritra) / Uninvited microphone on the table / Reading text extracted of Rainijaonary's bookmore

WED 06.01.16 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.01.16 Welcome and happy new year in French language by Claudie
Music chronicle focused on rock: The Dizzy Brainsmore

FRI 25.12.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 25.12.15 Ranaivosata (Association "Asandratro ny Fireneko") about new version of Madagascans History and migration of Malagasy people.more

WED 23.12.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 23.12.15 Our guests Princy Sehenonirina Ducheman and Ernest Dramou are the winners of the Startup week-end Madagascar edition.more

FRI 18.12.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 18.12.15 Razafimanantsoa Marie Anatolie, from a village near Manalalondo, in Arivonimamo, recounts her life and shared her vision of different things.more

FRI 11.12.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 11.12.15 Basile, who come from Ambohimahasoa, a downtown of Fianarantsoa, one part of Betsileo, tells us his home, and about the life in the countryside.more

SAT 05.12.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
SAT 05.12.15 Book extracts reading: Rainijaonarymore

WED 02.12.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 02.12.15 Our Guest is Shanyate Soibradine from the association SoaMad (Solidaires avec Madagascar)more

FRI 27.11.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 27.11.15 Life lesson without 'préchi précha' by Razafy Jean Robertmore

WED 25.11.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 25.11.15 Report of Hanta's show in suburban Paris by Nathalie.more

FRI 20.11.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 20.11.15 Interview of Razanarisoa Noéline, director of a bush small private school in Feramanga.more

FRI 13.11.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 13.11.15 Fara Rakotoarison Rasamimanana, 10 years living evaluation, of a former member of the foreign community in France as Malagasy diaspora.more

WED 11.11.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 11.11.15 

FRI 06.11.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 06.11.15 Interview with Dominique Ranaivoson Hecht, in connection with her Biography of Jacques Rabemananjara, the story of a man, sometimes revered, sometimes criticized, sometimes controversial.more

WED 04.11.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 04.11.15 17th anniversary of our broadcast Echos du Capricorne.more

FRI 30.10.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 30.10.15 Born and grown in the countryside, the young agronomist Herintsoarilalamisainjanahary Nantenaina, is multidisciplinary.more

WED 28.10.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 28.10.15 more

FRI 23.10.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 23.10.15 Interview from Ambanja with Ralaitsiferana Merci, Djaomamy of the ADDAPS & Zo Randriamaro (CRAAD-OI)more

FRI 16.10.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 16.10.15 Interview from Ambanja, in Madagasikara with:
1/ Eddy Ramaherison, Touristic Guilde Conductor, Kung Fu (The end of broken conversation) about the « Tavy » or « Dorotanety »
2/ Ralaitsiferana Merci and Djaomamy: short explanation of what the « Mpanjakaben'ny tany » or « Arahara » is
3/ Zo Randriamaro, concerning the women right « Miralenta »more

WED 14.10.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 14.10.15 News prepared and presented by Dzao / Our guest is Nicolas Rasamimanana, CEO and founder of Phonotonic, a connected object able to generate various music depending on the body motions.more

FRI 09.10.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 09.10.15 Interview in Madagasikara with Zafianaka Anastasie, Ralaitsiferana Merci & Eddy Ramaherisonmore

WED 07.10.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 07.10.15 Welcome in malagasy with Manitra / News prepared and presented by Dzao / Economic chronicle by Claudiemore

FRI 02.10.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 02.10.15 Karoka Rahanta, president of Association Vie, based in Nanterre City.more

WED 30.09.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 30.09.15 News by Dzao / poem of Rabearivelomore

FRI 25.09.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 25.09.15 Collectif Tany represented by Mamy Rakotondrainibe present the urgency and continuing the efforts to convince the Malagasy leaders and decision makersmore
FRI 25.09.15 terresmalgaches.info

WED 23.09.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 23.09.15 Tribute to Hervé Rakoto - Ramiarantsoa , died Sunday, September 6, 2015, was poet- geographer, professor of geography at the University of Bordeaux Montaigne, Researcher, violinist, valihiste, guitarist, choirmaster , singer ,... and so on.more

FRI 18.09.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 18.09.15 Conversation having as a basic one edition of Karthala, with Muriel Rakotomalalamore

WED 16.09.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 16.09.15 Lalaina Rabetaliana Ramarotafika & Tsifa Razafimamonjy, representatives Chorale Fideranamore
WED 16.09.15 youtube.com/choralefiderana

FRI 11.09.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 11.09.15 Reading excercise releases No. 44 and No. 45 of the Collective for the Defence of Malagasy Land - TANY (Collectif pour la Défense des Terres Malgaches - TANY)more

WED 09.09.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 09.09.15 Text explanation with The TANY Collective (Collectif pour la défense des terres malgaches)more
WED 09.09.15 terresmalgaches.info

FRI 04.09.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 04.09.15 Interview of Muriel Rakotomalala about Malagasy women.more

WED 02.09.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 02.09.15 Interview with Mamy Tiana Raberahona, filmmaker, producer, on the need and the possibility to conserve the archives.more

FRI 28.08.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 28.08.15 

WED 26.08.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 26.08.15 

WED 05.08.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 05.08.15 

WED 29.07.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 29.07.15 

TUE 21.07.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
TUE 21.07.15 

FRI 10.07.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 10.07.15 Interview of Sylvain Savoia, draftsman, by Philippe Randrianarimanana / Reading texts concerning the island of Tromelin found on the internetmore

WED 08.07.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 08.07.15 Radio Gasy with Claudie, Manitra, Henri, Arnaud (DJ Tanambo), Kaladia. Under the eyes of Nathalie, Sahondra, Mohammed and Laliemore

FRI 03.07.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 03.07.15 Interview of Bodonirina Annie Rahaingomanana, member of the COAC (Comité d'Organisation d'Activités Culturelles) about "Festival de Musique Classique de l'Océan Indien - Nosy-Be Symphonies"more

WED 01.07.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 01.07.15 more

FRI 26.06.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 26.06.15 Interview of David le Suisse Marocain, Stéphano Alaimo, Vincent Angelo Bardi, Laurent le Gac, artists of 'Mada Gasy Art' which take place at the 59, rue de Rivoli in Paris 75001 between 8th and 26th of June 2015.more

WED 24.06.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 24.06.15 1/ Parany Ramaromisa, who tells the birth of the CD album "Mamabe" which he produced and created
2/ Keni Kampbell & Emeline: because of the Madagasikara Independence Daymore
WED 24.06.15 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMoqOO0ydIM

FRI 19.06.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 19.06.15 Interview of Andriamparany Ramaromisa about new released CD album: "Mamabe".more
FRI 19.06.15 https://www.facebook.com/parany.ramaromisa?fref=ts

WED 17.06.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 17.06.15 Radio Gasy with Claudie, Manitra, Henri, Philippe, Kaladia under the eyes of Hery José and Farmore

FRI 12.06.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 12.06.15 Remarks, practical information and ideas - Poem of FX Mah readingmore

WED 10.06.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 10.06.15 1/ Adel Gassard, president of Gasyers present the event on saturday
2/ Vincent Angelo Bardi founder of Mada Gasy Art present Le Grand Sud de Madagasikara à Parismore
WED 10.06.15 https://www.facebook.com/madagasy.art?fref=ts

FRI 05.06.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 05.06.15 Interview of Razafindambo Jean and Ravoajanahary Vanondahy concerning the brainstorming about the preparation of the General States of the Madagascan Diasporamore

WED 03.06.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 03.06.15 1/ Interview of Léa Randriamifidy - Nanah
2/ Jocelyn Maillé present Tao Ravao & Vincent Bucher concertmore

FRI 29.05.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 29.05.15 Reading of textsmore

WED 27.05.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 27.05.15 Interview of Annie Rafanomezana of the Rafamiray Jeunes Associationmore

FRI 22.05.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 22.05.15 1/ Consultation for the preparation of the General States of the Diaspora of Madagascar
2/ Fokonolona Mivao
3/ Diarymore

WED 20.05.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 20.05.15 Radio Gasy with Claudie, Manitra, Dzao, Elisabeth, Kaladia under the observation of Hery Josémore

FRI 15.05.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 15.05.15 Texts, poems, and story reading - Malagasy Books Extractsmore

WED 13.05.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 13.05.15 Poem declamation of Malika Kadrimore

FRI 08.05.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 08.05.15 Texts, poems, and story readingmore

WED 06.05.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.05.15 Interview of Dera Ramandraivonona, FIMPIMA's president about the event "Alin'ny mpikabary"more

FRI 01.05.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 01.05.15 Texts, poems, tales and story reading.more

WED 29.04.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 29.04.15 Interview of Achille Rajerison of the Association Asasoa - and Pamela Querol Communication about the Event 'Madagascar Terre vivante'.more

FRI 24.04.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 24.04.15 Razafisambatra Louis de mon désir has been Coordinator of University Residences at the Madagascan Embassy in Paris.more

WED 22.04.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 22.04.15 Interview of Tao Ravao (poly-instrumentalist: harpe valiha, lyre krar, guitare kabosy and lap steel)more

FRI 17.04.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 17.04.15 Rajaobelison Nirisoa et Rajoharison Hugues inform for the festival "Eau, Hygiène et Assainissement"more

WED 15.04.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 15.04.15 more

FRI 10.04.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 10.04.15 Mahavoatsy Gilbert about the Kere, Natives of the Southern part of Madagascar. more

WED 08.04.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 08.04.15 Interview de Tinah Madonya, artist, athlet, double-dutcher.more

FRI 03.04.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 03.04.15 Symposium "Protestant Women working for the Malagasy Nation"more

WED 01.04.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 01.04.15 Jean-Jacques Ratsietison - Economist / Lova Nantenaina director, filmmaker / The Chinese make objects, Malagasy repair.more

FRI 27.03.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 27.03.15 1/ FX Mah - François Xavier Razafimahatratra speak about the truth 'Ny marina' and 'Ny Fiaraha-monina' The living together in society.
2/ Call for solidarity with the victims of Madagascar by the Collectif Solidarité Madagascarmore

WED 25.03.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 25.03.15 Karine Blanchon Malagasy cinema specialist, speak about Madagascar history on March 29, 1947more

FRI 20.03.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 20.03.15 Book extract readingmore

WED 18.03.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 18.03.15 Thierry Sinda present the12th annual of the Festival du Printemps des Poêtes des Afriques et d'Ailleursmore

FRI 13.03.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 13.03.15 Tahiana Razanamahefa, Lysan Marc Rabenjamina,Thierry Ramangasoavina, Achille Rajerison give information and awareness interview on the proposed organization of a day of solidarity for the victims of the cyclone Chedza by the "Collectif Solidarité Madagascar" Collective of Solidarity to Madagascar, that brings together informally, associations and individuals who wish to act for help. Samedi 28 march 2015 2:00 pm Insomnia - Bretigny sur Orgemore

WED 11.03.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 11.03.15 - Collectif Solidarité Madagascar, inondations par le cyclone Chezda 2015
- Interview of Karine Blanchon, PhD in Language, Literature and Societymore

FRI 06.03.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 06.03.15 Chat with Aurélie Ranivoarisoa concerning "The International Mother Language Day"more

WED 04.03.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 04.03.15 Interview of Ratsimbazafy Andriambahoaka Ranja.more

FRI 27.02.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 27.02.15 Randriamaro Zo Vololona, Coordinator of the CRAAD-OI (Centre de Recherches et d'Appui pour les Alternatives de Développement - Océan Indien)more

WED 25.02.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 25.02.15 News, chronics, diary...more

FRI 20.02.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 20.02.15 Reading texts from the book of Solo Raharinjanahary "Ny fampiasana ny teny vahiny ao anatin'ny teny malagasy" Vohitsera Edition. The use of a foreign language in the Malagasy languagemore

WED 18.02.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 18.02.15 Interview of Mamy Rakotondrainibe, of Collective Tany.more

FRI 13.02.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 13.02.15 Interview of Jean Michel Dewailly vice president of the "Tourism" Committee of the International Geographical Union and Member of "Les Amis de Toamasina" ATOAmore

WED 11.02.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 11.02.15 Interview of Njaka Radaniela, Coach of the men's team Basketball Players Association Clichy Madagascarmore

FRI 06.02.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 06.02.15 Interview with Tinah Madonya, formerly Boy Chris, L'Ange Francophone, Artist dancer, singer, high-level sports in athletics, and basketball.more

WED 04.02.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 04.02.15 Interview of Seheno.more

FRI 30.01.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 30.01.15 Interviews with Rijasoa Andriamanana, Hanjy, Aymar Ralaivao during the LEMUR (Lead and Educate Madagascar for University Research)more

WED 28.01.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 28.01.15 more

WED 21.01.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 21.01.15 Interview of Imailo Rabary, member of Clichy Volleyball Clubmore
WED 21.01.15 clichymadagascar.free.fr

FRI 16.01.15 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 16.01.15 Ravelomanda Ezekiela: multiple offices as former municipal employee, economic operator, ancient conveyer, karateka... multi-tasking,was born, and brought up in Isotry. He tells what he knows about the low district, among the dirtiest and the most disreputable town in Antananarivo.more
FRI 16.01.15 https://www.facebook.com/reseau.fivoarana?fref=ts

WED 14.01.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 14.01.15 News.more

WED 07.01.15 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 07.01.15 News, Chronicles and Diary.more

WED 17.12.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 17.12.14 News, Chronicles and Diary.more

WED 10.12.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 10.12.14 News, Chronicles and Diary.more

WED 03.12.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 03.12.14 News, Chronicles and Diary. Guest: Charles Kelymore

WED 26.11.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 26.11.14 Riana Ratrimoarivony: President of the association SOAMADmore

WED 19.11.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 19.11.14 Report of the Juliette Ratsimandrava conference at INALCO realized by Dzaomore

FRI 13.06.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 13.06.14 Press Conference Réseau Fivoarana Développement (Development Network) for the event "Harendrina 2014" it organizes on the occasion of the Independence Day.more
FRI 13.06.14 https://www.facebook.com/reseau.fivoarana?fref=ts

FRI 06.06.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 06.06.14 Interview of Jean-Jacques Ratsietison,Economist, Founder of "FMI Malagasy"more

WED 04.06.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 04.06.14 1/ Marc Chemillier Director of studies at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS)
2/ Jean-Jacques Ratsietison, Economist, Founder of "FMI Malagasy", Fahefa-Mividy Izao.more

FRI 30.05.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 30.05.14 Interview of Franck Williams HARTmore

WED 28.05.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 28.05.14 Erick MONJOUR said bar code 1111111111162, questions the news. Key moments and flow of news, our history are remixed and immortalized frozen in oil painting.more

FRI 23.05.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 23.05.14 Interview of Master, Sabonim, Olivier Sicard - 6th Dan
Kukkiwon World Teacher - Chung Do Kwan Métis Malagasy-French (Breton), author of "Les poings d'un destin" more

WED 21.05.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 21.05.14 1/ Andry Mahefa Rasolo, talk about his first new album CD "Malagasy aho"-Ankoay.
2/ Elisabeth Logié (AFASPA) and Edouard Joubeaud (Le Zébu Francophone) present the "Printemps malgache à 93170 Bagnolet"more

FRI 16.05.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 16.05.14 Jean Rabenalisoa Ravalitera Poet, academician, writer, teacher and researcher, orator, speaker, general manager of the radio station Anjomara Anjozorobemore

WED 14.05.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 14.05.14 - Nirisoa Rajaobelison & Hugues Rajoharison of the Tsimoka association present there meeting. organise
- Thierno Camara - FORIM General Secretary, speaks about the Non-Profit Organization FORIM & PRA/OSIMmore

FRI 09.05.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 09.05.14 Hugues Rajoharison and Nirisoa Rajaobeloson of Tsimoka association organize "feedback" around an annual solidarity dinnermore

WED 07.05.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 07.05.14 News, Chronicles and Diary.more

FRI 02.05.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 02.05.14 Jean Rabenalisoa Ravalitera managing director of the broadcast "Radio Anjomara 94.8 FM"more

WED 30.04.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 30.04.14 News, Chronicles and Diary. Guest: Mamy Rakotondrainibemore

FRI 25.04.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 25.04.14 Perle Zafinandro Fourquet, President of Fagnomba was jailed in 2013 for six weeks - Jean Marie Pernelle and Frédéric Lambolez have turned the documentary «Je veux ma part de terre» "I want my share of the land"more

WED 23.04.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 23.04.14 News, Chronicles and Diary. Guest: Fredy Jaofera, poet.more

FRI 18.04.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 18.04.14 Andry Mahefa Rasolo invites to the Concert Promotion of his first album "Malagasy aho" of his group "Ankoay"more

WED 16.04.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 16.04.14 - Jeannot Rasolofoarison, Secretary General of the FIMPIMA, and Tafika Rakotomavo, Director of Training and Research of the FIMPIMA, present all the activities to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the FIMPIMA
- Pearl Zafinandro Fourquet, president of the association Fagnomba relate the London meeting with the stockholders of the multinational QMM-Rio Tinto more
WED 16.04.14 www.ericmoscardo.com

FRI 11.04.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 11.04.14 Haingo, Domohina, Mamy are sensitive to the situation that peasants live in Madagasikara.more

WED 09.04.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 09.04.14 Tao Ravao Quartet - Vincent Bucher, Axel Rasoanaivo, Jean Noel Godard at Studio de l'Ermitagemore
WED 09.04.14 www.ericmoscardo.com

FRI 04.04.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 04.04.14 Théophile Rakotonirina, Priest, is preparing a thesis about the "Fokonolona".more

WED 02.04.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 02.04.14 Eric Rabenja Moscardo, humorist, presents the event "Le Baobab normand" autobiographical one man showmore
WED 02.04.14 www.ericmoscardo.com

FRI 28.03.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 28.03.14 Roeke Rajaofetra Coordinator of the week dedicated to Madagascar at the UNESCO: Journées Mondiale de Madagascar-JMU.more

WED 26.03.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 26.03.14 News, Chronicles and Diary.more

FRI 21.03.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 21.03.14 Professor Stephan NARISON, Research Director at LPTA CNRS-Montpelliermore
FRI 21.03.14 www.lupm.univ-montp2.fr/users/qcd/agmm.html

WED 19.03.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 19.03.14 News, Chronicles and Diary.more

FRI 14.03.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 14.03.14 Seeking for someone we could be proud of "olomanga malagasy" ... FX Mah - François Xavier Razafimahatratra studied and tells us Rabary story.more

WED 12.03.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 12.03.14 Rija of the groupe "Jaers" and "Vaika" presents the event Tribute to Kiaka Cabaret Rocmore

FRI 07.03.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 07.03.14 Hubert Stalla gives his vision of Madagascarmore

WED 05.03.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 05.03.14 Jocelyn Maillé presents Hot Club Madagascarmore

FRI 28.02.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 28.02.14 Velomihanta Ranaivo Rakotoniaina presents her book "Plurilinguisme, francophonie et formation des élites à Madagascar, 1795-2012 - De la mixité des langues"more
FRI 28.02.14 demand/Zooma/20140228z.pdf

WED 26.02.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 26.02.14 Interview of Aina Randrianaivosoa, Poet, author, songwriter, translator.more

FRI 21.02.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 21.02.14 Jean-Marie Pernelle, filmmaker writer-director lives in La Reunion Island for 20 years. He presents his company, the film project JVMPDT, QMM multinational, Rio Tinto ...more

WED 19.02.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 19.02.14 Interview of Joel Andrianomearisoa, artist of contemporary art.more
WED 19.02.14 joeland.tumblr.com

FRI 14.02.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 14.02.14 Echos du Capricorne was present at the Ralf-Alfred Ratsimbazafy, the croissance.com's webmastermore

WED 12.02.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 12.02.14 Groupe Alalà with Laurie Rakotomanga, Goul Andriamihanta Mandrantohery, Alice Fearnemore

FRI 07.02.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 07.02.14 Raozigasy - Hajalalaina Ramananjato Andriamiharisoa - celebrate "Satria tiako ianao" Valentine's Day in the poem, music, show and dancemore

WED 05.02.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 05.02.14 Raozigasy, artist poet / Hubert Stalla de Cherriermore

FRI 31.01.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 31.01.14 Lalasoa Jeannot Rasoloarison (Chief of History department of Ankatso Humanities Faculty - Antananarivo University) & Ndrianasy Laurens, PhD in Law, Historian, explain the Malagasy administration, trade unions, army, financing and banks with politics and under French colonization.more

WED 29.01.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 29.01.14 Françoise Descos, member of ASMADA and Lalatiana, artist, For the promotion of humanitarian manifestation which is organized by the association in the former Theatre de Neuilly Saturday, February 8, 2014 for the benefit of the Masindray's fokotany.more

FRI 24.01.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 24.01.14 Holy Razafindrazaka, Association Laka Ensemble, artistic director - and Vonjy Andrianatoandro association Hetsika Nantes president. They have produced together the CD untitled "Laka Ensemble Ratany" Ratany (1856-1944) was a songwriter, professor and counsellor at the Ranavalona II & III kingdom.more

WED 22.01.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 22.01.14 News, Chronicles and announces eventsmore

FRI 17.01.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 17.01.14 Ramanambelina Henriette, PhD, teacher researcher at the Ecole Normale supérieure d'Antaninarivo.more

WED 15.01.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 15.01.14 Eric Monjour, code barre 1111111111162, artist world painter, in preparation for his departure in two weeks in Madagasikara, has as objective the creation of a malagasy cultural center "Kolo Project" and will expose himself in a contemporary art gallery in Antaninarivo.more

FRI 10.01.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 10.01.14 Solo Raharinjanahary teacher researcher at the Faculty of letters and sciences of Humanities, at the Malagasy departement wrote the book untitled "Ny fampiasana ny teny vahiny ao anatin'ny teny malagasy" Vohitsera edition. He explain the use of foreign languages in Malagasy speaking.more
FRI 10.01.14 www.madagascar-library.com/n/Solo_Raharinjanahary.html

WED 08.01.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 08.01.14 Moïse Ratahina bowling world champion talks about his very young career.more

WED 08.01.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 08.01.14 Moïse Ratahina bowling world champion talks about his very young career.more

WED 08.01.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 08.01.14 Moïse Ratahina bowling world champion talks about his very young career.more

FRI 03.01.14 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 03.01.14 Lalasoa Jeannot Rasoloarison, history department head at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of the University of Antananarivo in Ankatso speaks about kingdoms, citizenship and democracy with the Malagasy, in Madagascar.more

WED 01.01.14 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 01.01.14 Ramanambelina Henriette member of the association UPEM Havatsa (Union des poètes et écrivains de Madagascar)more

FRI 27.12.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 27.12.13 Jean-André Tsakaison, politician, "Gasipora" which is a regular person used of "Les Emissions du Capricorne", tells us the fruits of his stay in Madagasikara, made ??during election.more

WED 25.12.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 25.12.13 Exceptionally Pre-recorded because the studio is closed due to holiday Christmas.more

FRI 20.12.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 20.12.13 Patrick Rakotomalala, Ideas, Arts, Culture, Creative contemporary electronic music.more

WED 18.12.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 18.12.13 PhD Lala Raharinjanahary (Raharimalala Anatolie) & Fanja Andriamanantenamore

FRI 13.12.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 13.12.13 Interview with Laeticia Coste - Project Coordinator of Pompiers Humanitaires Français.more

WED 11.12.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 11.12.13 - Teta is artist with the Tsapiky a southern music between traditions and modern influences. Jean Claude "Teta" : guitar, vocals
- Kirasoa Nomenjanahary: accessories korintsana, voice
- Rindra : Volunteer Africolormore

FRI 06.12.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 06.12.13 Binomial interview with Radio Toko Telo through Miora of Lalasoa Jeannot Rasoloarison (Historian) and Bearisoa Rakotoniaina known as Printsy (sociologist) for the promotion of the book about Madagascar under the french colonization from 1896 to 1960 untitled "Madagascar sous la colonisation française de 1896 jusqu'en 1960".more

WED 04.12.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 04.12.13 Mamy Rakotondrainibe President of the Collective for defence of Malagasy Lands - TANYmore

FRI 29.11.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 29.11.13 Poet artist, For those who appreciate literature and music, Arison Jahamore

WED 27.11.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 27.11.13 - PhD Lalasoa Jeannot Rasoloarison, Director-teacher of the Department of History Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines at the University of Antananarivo. Publication of the work with prediff - Editions Jeunes Malgaches", "Madagascar sous la colonisation française de 1896 à 1960.
- Rajoharison Razay of the SOAMAD association, about the event "Grand spectacle Bazar" more

FRI 22.11.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 22.11.13 Interview with Michel Randria ( Mimil - Michel Randrianarisoa), Guitarist, concertist, performer Specialist of World music, classical, jazz Manouche, Malagasy, Blues and so on ... Music expert.more

WED 20.11.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 20.11.13 Melanie Boulechlouche Member of "Homme et Environnement"
Barbara, Exhibition designer Sylvain Courdil, Stylist of Ethnosoul Bank, Graphic artist Representative of Reunion Island, Jean-Marc Seres - Représentant de Homme et environnement Airjp Tagman - Pascal, painter, Street arts, graphiste
Member of the association, "unit Metis"more

FRI 15.11.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 15.11.13 Tirike, artist, will be candidate in the legislatives elections in Madagasikara, to be a member of the National Assembly. Before leaving France to go to the country, he held a conference on September 8th, in Parismore

WED 13.11.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 13.11.13 Chronicles, news and agenda.more

FRI 08.11.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 08.11.13 Rajaonah Andrianjaka, President of the political party Otrikafomore

WED 06.11.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.11.13 Interview for the presentation of the various activities of the descendants of the poet Dox in the centenary of his birth, with Hanitr'Ony Salomon, Raivo Patricia Salomon and Dede Sorajavona.more

FRI 01.11.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 01.11.13 Jocelyn Rakotomalala, represents the multinational group "Toliara Sands"more

WED 30.10.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 30.10.13 Interviews with Jean Razafindambo & Lea Randriamore

FRI 25.10.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 25.10.13 Interview with Alice Rabemanantsoa, Albert Rakoto-Ratsimamange and Malagasy Institute of Applied Researchmore

WED 23.10.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 23.10.13 Interviews with Stéphane Hamouis, Eau de coco, Jose Luis Guirao Pineyro & Haminiaina Ratovoarivonymore

FRI 18.10.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 18.10.13 Franck Ramarosaona, Editormore

WED 16.10.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 16.10.13 - Committee of the Green Party
- Presentation of the event expected by the association Tany Harena with ambassadors, Christelle and Natasha.more

FRI 11.10.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 11.10.13 Monique Rakotoanosy teacher researcher at the University of Antananarivo Ankatso. interdisciplinary Department of Vocational Training, Faculty of Arts, letters, languages, culture and communication.more

WED 09.10.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 09.10.13 Jocelyn Rakotomalala, Toliara Sands Regional representative, explain environmental management and the complaints about the negative impacts of the presence of the multinational in the South West Region and especially in the area of Mikea.more

FRI 04.10.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 04.10.13 In february 2013, The artist D'Gary tells the writer Jean-Luc Raharimanana his point of view about the Madagascar's situation because of politics, military, police and dahalo responsibles of villagers poverty and rural farms deterioration.more

WED 02.10.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 02.10.13 Georgette and Michel Chenot speak about SOATATA, association to promote the music and dance culture on the Mahafaly plateau.more

FRI 27.09.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 27.09.13 Bruno Tompson Raharivelo conversation, during his visit in France. He derived from the student Malagasy diaspora and lives in Madagascar. DEA public and administrative science - University of Paris Sorbonne, Actually Superior Council of Transition with MONIMA party, Works as Professor in Ankatso.more

WED 25.09.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 25.09.13 Isabelle Gachie presents his husband Jean-Claude Vinson's new album untitled "Blue Bird".more

WED 31.07.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 31.07.13 Interview with Gabrielle Lorne, about the Festival des films de la diaspora Africaines, on 6, 7, 8th september 2013 where the malagasy film titled "Légendes de Madagascar-Malagasy Mankany" will be screen at the Salle le Brady 7th september 39, Bd de Strasbourg 75010 Paris.more

WED 24.07.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 24.07.13 Interview with the representatives of associations community : Soamenakiniaiana, Sobinson Yves Ralainirina, Vero David Rasoamanana Ranaivo Francine, Fara Sahondra Andriamihoatra of the Fikambanana Mada Change, AIFM and Miaraka about the event " Journée de Madagasikara à Cachan, on 27th july 2013 at the salle le Marché - La plaine at 18h.more

WED 17.07.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 17.07.13 Radio gasy with Philippe Randrianarimanana, Manitra Ratovohery-Ratobison, Franz Andy Rakoto (FAR), Claudie Zandriny, Claudia Solofolandy.more

WED 10.07.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 10.07.13 Entretien avec les Poètes malagasy présents dans l'anthologie de Thierry Sinda: Antsiva, Fredy Jaofera, Fx Maha, Francine Ranaivo.more

WED 03.07.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 03.07.13 Radio gasy with Philippe Randrianarimanana, Manitra Ratovohery Ratobison, Dzao (Jean-Claude Rabeherifara), Claudie Zandriny.more

FRI 14.06.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 14.06.13 Rakotoniaina Bearisoa and Lalaina Razanamandimby of the Réseau Fivoarana Développement association.more
FRI 14.06.13 https://www.facebook.com/reseau.fivoaranadeveloppement

FRI 07.06.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 07.06.13 Andriamanalinarivo Rainibemirindra, Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts, des Lettres et de la Culture Malagasy, President of Speakers FIMPIMA Région Antaninarivo, Member of the Office Malagasy du Droit d'Auteur - OMDA and the Union des Poètes et Ecrivains Malagasy - Havatsa-UPEM Madagascar.more

WED 05.06.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 05.06.13 Dr. Lalaina Razanamandimby of the Réseau Fivoarana Développement association is organizing the popular event "Harendrina 2013" on June 22 at the Trocadero Garden between the Avenue des Nations-Unies and the Avenue de New York in Paris 16, with boarding on a Seine's bateau-mouche.more

FRI 31.05.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 31.05.13 Tribute to Lalao Randriamampionona, President of the National Platform of Civil Society Organizations of Madagascar - PFNOSCM 1939-2013 died April 20 in Antananarivo, Madagascar.more
FRI 31.05.13 www.afaspa.com

WED 29.05.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 29.05.13 Our Guests: Soa Menakiniaina, Francine Ranaivo, Hajaina Andrianasolo present some activities of the AIFM Alliance Internationale des Femmes de France & Madagascar / Culture & Traditions of Madagascar "Ny Fomba Malagasy" / - Beauty Anne-Sophie, image consultant, personal advice / - Conference debate Voluntary intervention of Dr. Laurence MARRIE.more

FRI 24.05.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 24.05.13 The guest on the program, Rakotondratrimo Joseph reflects his life and his vision of Madagascar and Malagasy from France where he has lived since 1971.more

WED 22.05.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 22.05.13 - Tao Ravao in concert Wednesday, May 29, 2013 for the promotion of the CD "Vazo"
- Jocelyn Maillé - Madagascar-musiques.netmore
WED 22.05.13 www.facebook.com/tao.ravao

FRI 17.05.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 17.05.13 Guest: Raparison Eric Hermann, Land Expert, Consultant, National Coordinator of the SIF, Solidarité des Intervenants sur le foncier.more

WED 15.05.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 15.05.13 Faraniaina Ramarosaona - Member of CCOC Collectif des citoyens et des organisations citoyennesmore

FRI 10.05.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 10.05.13 Guest: Jean Razafindambomore
FRI 10.05.13 https://www.facebook.com/razafindambo/notes

WED 08.05.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 08.05.13 - A call for expression of interest for the establishment of a new civil society for observation and effective citizen elections from the Collectif des Citoyens et des Organisations Citoyennes (CCOC), and the Women and Youth's League for Democracy (WYLD)
- Madagascar Résistancemore

FRI 03.05.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 03.05.13 RANAIVONIRINA Jean Berchmans, Mayor of Ambohibary a rural town of 62,000 inhabitants in the district of Antsirabe 2th in the Vakinankaratra region.more

WED 01.05.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 01.05.13 Second Tribute to Lalao Randriamampionona alias Lalao Floriane Clementine Rasoanoro.more

FRI 26.04.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 26.04.13 Ndranto Razakamanarina agronomist specializing in forestry, in development based on community, consultant (USAID Peregrine fund, SAF / FJKM - PACT / GMU, etc ...).more

WED 24.04.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 24.04.13 Tribute to Lalao Randriamampionona - activist. Lalao Floriane Clementine Rasoanoro. scientist, philosopher, sociologist, writer under the pseudonym "Lyra", died at age 74 due to stroke.more

FRI 19.04.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 19.04.13 The Collectif Tany represented by Mamy Rakotondrainibe, Jean-Claude Rabeherifara, Samuel Jocelyn Rabemananjara speak about landgrabbing in Madagascar with projects in agriculture, mining, tourism and conservation of protected areas injuring the rights of farmers and cause the eviction from their land.more

WED 17.04.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 17.04.13 France Diego Suarez Association AFDS with the president Mihary Jaofeno, and Zahara Said, Vice-président talk about their invitation to a gourmet trip around the northern region of Madagascar.more

FRI 12.04.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 12.04.13 Randrianazary Solofomanantsoa Eddy, Dentist, searcher Sociétés savantes, Société de Chirurgie Maxillo-Faciale de Madagascar.more

WED 10.04.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 10.04.13 Association Tsimoka with the president Nirisoa Rajaobelison, and Josoa Rajoharison, the administrator, to talk about the event they organize on saturday 12th april 2013.more

FRI 05.04.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 05.04.13 Lalie, photographer artist, freelance writer, selfdefined as non-academic and autodidact.more

WED 03.04.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 03.04.13 Ujjaya - Hery Randriambololona, French artist Madagascan UJJAYA crossed Indian instruments, Malagasy, Chinese ...more

FRI 29.03.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 29.03.13 Nampoina Ranarivelo and Hajanirina Tolojanahary Rakotozafy spoke about politics, and the FFM (Filan-kevitry ny Fampihavanam-pirenena) council for National Unity.more

WED 27.03.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 27.03.13 Our guest: The Collective for the Defense of Malagasy Lands - TANY Mamy Rakotondrainibe, President and Samuel Jocelyn Rabemananjara, Vice-President of the Collective TANYmore

FRI 22.03.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 22.03.13 JFK - Jean Félicien Korodo Rasoloniaina, intends to present himself as a candidate in 2013 presidential elections in Madagascar.
JFK spoke on Zooma Capricorne N°382 - Fri October 29th, 2010.more

WED 20.03.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 20.03.13 Our guests: The CdSM (Consortium de Solidarité avec Madagascar - Consortium of Solidarity with Madagascar)
- Bénédicte Goussault President
- Philippe RANDRIANARIMANANA, former president
- Jean-Claude RABEHERIFARA, Vice Presidentmore

FRI 15.03.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 15.03.13 Thibeaud Obou, strategy consultant and expert in organization wrote the book: "L'universalité africaine face à l'ingratitude du monde européen et sémite"more
FRI 15.03.13 www.ejolt.org

WED 13.03.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 13.03.13 Radio Gasy with Philippe, Manitra, Dzao, Tanambo and Claudia.more
WED 13.03.13 www.altamiramonde.net/isorana

FRI 08.03.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 08.03.13 - Vahinala Baomiavotse Douguet-Raharinirina, PhD Ecological economics & Sustainable Development European project on Environmental Justicemore
FRI 08.03.13 www.ejolt.org

WED 06.03.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.03.13 Boris Lelong describes the project's "Les paroles ont des ailes"more
WED 06.03.13 www.altamiramonde.net/isorana

FRI 01.03.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 01.03.13 - Hajanirina Tolojanahary Rakotozafy, lawyer, political perspective of Madagasikara.more

WED 27.02.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 27.02.13 - Houssen Mebobaly, Leo Club International spoke about fund raising for tropical cyclone "Haruna"
- Bien Rajaonson, Jocelyn Gavalda and Manambina Razafinimanana, Members representing the volleyball team of Clichy-Madagascar association.
- and Hyppolite Rabary, Former international volleyball player, Current president of Clichy-Madagascar and Co-trainer of its volleyball team.more

FRI 22.02.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 22.02.13 - Roberson Franck, political commitment and explanation.
- Reading text from the book: "Rakibolana ho an'ny ankizy - Miampy rakipahalalana"
- Poems extracted from Fredy Jaofera's works.more
FRI 22.02.13 www.laterit.fr

WED 20.02.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 20.02.13 Our guests in promotion of their work and activities:
- Josie Dominique, AFDS Association France Diego Suarez
- Carméla Pépin, Soamad
- Edouard Joubeaud, Zébu Francophonemore

FRI 15.02.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 15.02.13 60 YEARS invitation to the UPEM (Union des Poètes et Ecrivains Malgaches)more

WED 13.02.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 13.02.13 Jocelyn Maillé Madagasikara lovers / Hanitr'Ony and Fredy Jaofera of the 'Fikambanan'ny Poeta sy Mpanoratra Malagasy' / Laurent Boireau producer tour have to discuss about the new Mikea album 'Hazolava'.more

FRI 08.02.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 08.02.13 Tina Madonya, Before Chris Victor, Artist of the Indian Ocean. She calls herself "The Angel Francophone" "The slave Princess". Portrait.more

WED 06.02.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.02.13 Anitha Marie Jaotody organize with the association GIRAF, CEMAF: Centre d'études des Mondes Africains
Projection of the Documentary film entitled « Sable bitumineux : jusqu'au bout de la terre »
Followed by a conference and debate on the theme of «Crise politique malgache et échec de la gouvernance des ressources naturelles»more

FRI 01.02.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 01.02.13 Lollita Andriamanohera, economist, and Thierry Bonnard, project designer, analyst and information system, architectmore

WED 30.01.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 30.01.13 Roundtable about the language of instruction in Madagascar Elisabeth Logié, Claudie Benoit, Jean-Claude Rabeherifara, Manitra Ratovohery Ratobison, Richard Randriambololona.more

FRI 25.01.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 25.01.13 Association Tsimoka with Razay Noely Rajoharison, Nirisoa Rajaobelison, Hugues Rajoharison. Their development project is the Improvement of living conditions and the empowerment of women by bringing drinking water in the village with solar energy and building a house of women, through logistics support for the implementation of activities generating income and cultural and educational activities. Madiokely where they are working, is 400km from Antananarivo and between Antsirabe cities and Miandrivazo.more

WED 23.01.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 23.01.13 Francine Raseta and Claude Rakotondranahy tribute to the work led for humanity and science of Professor Albert Rakoto Ratsimamanga. The Association des amis du Professeur Albert Rakoto Ratsimamanga exposes photos tracing the origins of Professor Ratsimamanga and his life until his death.more

FRI 18.01.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 18.01.13 Alain Rakotoniaina member of the "Congrès de la Transition", gave his point of view about the situation of Madagascar.more

WED 16.01.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 16.01.13 Richard Randriambololona member of the association Akon'Iarivo (AKI) presents the events they organize on saturday 19th of January.more

FRI 11.01.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 11.01.13 Jean Michel Dewailly author was in Toamasina, for two month on october. "Tamatave, porte historique de Madagascar (1660-1970)" has been presented on there. He is member of the association "Les Amis de Toamasina" (ATOA).more

WED 09.01.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 09.01.13 Marc Chemillier directeur d'études at the EHESS (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales). Autor of the studies:
"Les Mathématiques naturelles" Edition Odile Jacob.
Modélisations des savoirs musicaux relevant de l'oralité.
Tradition et modernité dans la musique à Madagascarmore

FRI 04.01.13 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 04.01.13 Professor Ralalaoherivony Baholisoa Simone, PhD, Theoretical linguistics and formal. Research Director and Responsible for doctoral training at Faculty of Arts and Humanities Department of Languages, malagasy Letters and Human sciences University of Antananarivo.more

WED 02.01.13 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 02.01.13 Chronicle, news and agenda.more

FRI 28.12.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 28.12.12 - Albert Raharijaona, anthropologist tells us about malagasy child playing.
- Viviana Varin Campaigner Extractive industry and Private finance of the association Les Amis de la Terre France.more

WED 26.12.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 26.12.12 Chronicle, news and agenda.more
WED 26.12.12 terresmalgaches.info

FRI 21.12.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 21.12.12 Chantal Constant was Born in Madagascar on 1948. She lives in Bordeaux and remains committed to the Big Islamd. Nomadic storyteller, in France, Quebec, Madagascar.more
FRI 21.12.12 https://sites.google.com/site/chantalconstantconteuse

WED 19.12.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 19.12.12 Collectif Tany with Philippe Randrianarimanana, Mamy Rakotondrainibe. Pour la Féfense des terres malgaches pour s'opposer à la spoliation des citoyens et paysans malgaches de leurs terres.more
WED 19.12.12 terresmalgaches.info

FRI 14.12.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 14.12.12 Eric Hermann Raparison is a lawyer in environmental, land, decentralization, public, socioeconomics law.more

WED 12.12.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 12.12.12 Rodrigue Colvil coach of the women's volleyball of the association AS Clichy Madagascar Volley, wich organizes meeting tournaments of volleyball "Tournoi de Noël 2012 - 11 édition".more

FRI 07.12.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 07.12.12 Xhi Rajaofetra, Mpimasy, priest king.more

WED 05.12.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 05.12.12 Regis Gizavo Malagasy world music ambassador in accordion will be in concert with some guests in New Morning 7-9, rue des Petites Ecuries 75010 in Paris at 20h30 with « Ilakake », new album CD, on tuesday 18th December 2012.more
WED 05.12.12 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R%C3%A9gis_Gizavo

FRI 30.11.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 30.11.12 Razafiandriambelo Njato Harinony, member of Congrès de la Transition, Vice-President in charge of economy and finances.more

WED 28.11.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 28.11.12 Carméla Pépin and Georgette Chenot of the Soamad Association (Solidaire avec Madagascar), present the 9th Bazaar season year-end that they organizes on Saturday 1st December 2012 at CICP 21 ter, rue Voltaire - in Paris. soamad@free.frmore
WED 28.11.12 www.soamad.org

FRI 23.11.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 23.11.12 Herimanana Razafimahefa member of the Conseil Superieur de la Transition, President of the commission of Agriculture and Rural development.more

WED 21.11.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 21.11.12 L'opéra du bout du monde: A road movie history,behind the scenes of the opera Maraina, between La Reunion and Madagascar ... Paris, to discover music history of the first inhabitants of the islands of the Indian Ocean.
A bridge film between worlds that are found only rarely, between the opera and the general public, between cinema and opera, between written history and oral memory between the mainland and overseas with Laterit Productions Marie-Clémence & Cesar Paes, Jean-Luc Trulès & Emmanuel Genvrin.more

FRI 16.11.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 16.11.12 Hery Rakotobe President of the Parliamentary Group ESCOPOL, (Espace de Convention des Partis et Organisations Politiques), Member of the politic party Grad Iloafo lives in Madagascar for about 10 years.more

WED 14.11.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 14.11.12 Chantal Ernoult Rakotofiringa manageress of ER-Mada. "Equitable et Rare de Madagascar" that Organizes Days of Malagasy from November 23 to 25 in The castle of La Chesnaie Eaubonne.
Established in 2007, Er-Mada, aims to raise awareness among the general public the diversity of Malagasy products, but also producers and creativity, because it is they who are the source of his adventure.more

FRI 09.11.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 09.11.12 Jalal Benjamin Andriambalo, director of the OFNAC Office National des Arts et de la Culture - Ministère de la Culture et du Patrimoine of Madagascar.more

WED 07.11.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 07.11.12 14th anniversary of Echos du Capricornemore

FRI 02.11.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 02.11.12 Vahinala Baomiavotse Douguet Raharinirina Environmental and Ecological Economist natural resources.more
FRI 02.11.12 vahinala.wordpress.com

WED 31.10.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 31.10.12 Solohery Rakotobe Economist-Manager Member of the Conseil Supérieur de la Transition de l'Union Nationale Président of the Parliament Group Escopol National General Secretary of the political party GRAD-ILOAFO
Njato Harinony Razafiandriambelo Computer Engineer Vice President of the Congrès de la Transition de l'Union Nationale of Antananarivo Province. Member of the Political Bureau of GRAD-ILOAFO.
Anthèlme Ramanana Ramparany Agronomist Engineer. Member of Conseil Supérieur de la Transition de l'Union Nationale Originally from the South East. President of the commission Environnement et Forêt Member of the Comité de Coordination du Groupe Escopolmore

FRI 26.10.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 26.10.12 The association Upem Havatsa in Madagascar celebrates the 60th anniversary of its creation, UPEM Havatsa France Section with Abel Andriarimalala, François Xavier Razafimahatratra, Aurélie Ranivoarisoa, Fredy jaofera and Lalaina Razanamandimby tells us its history.more

WED 24.10.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 24.10.12 Vahinala Baomiavotse Douguet Raharinirina Economist natural resources specialized on issues of sustainable development, economic redistribution, ecological and environmental governance, Worked mainly on the issues of deforestation, biodiversity governance, conflicts over natural resources in Madagascar and in developing countries. Currently working on issues of environmental justice and social metabolism in the context of a European project (called EJOLT) Vahinala is also president of a French association of solidarity with Madagascar for Education. She assumes the status of "blogger committed"more
WED 24.10.12 vahinala.wordpress.com

FRI 19.10.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 19.10.12 Ravelomanantsoa Elia, Founder of Fashion Festival Manja, Madagascar Women entrepreneurs, Carrefour French entrepreneurs, and Synergy-FCB, Group Communication Consulting Agencies. Also was elevated to director of the Global Congress of Black Women (seat Houston United States), Member of the Escopol (space conventions political parties and organizations) with his political party "Madagasikarantsika" is now Minister of Culture and Heritage in the government of national unity at the HAT (High Authority of Transition).more

WED 17.10.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 17.10.12 Solo Razaf artist musician guitarist composer, came down on the day of the plane from Madagascar. Solo Razaf lives in France. Story of the traveler.more

FRI 12.10.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 12.10.12 Victoire Rasoamanarivo Ramilison, National Coordinator of the Center for the Public Reading and Cultural Activities Development of Madagascarmore

WED 10.10.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 10.10.12 Michèle Rakotoson author was named Commander of Arts and Letters, and received the medal of the Francophonie by the French Academy. She tells her activities in Madagascar where she returned permanently. She is the manager of the guest house "Chez Haga" artist residency at Ambohimanga. Table d'Hôtes - Spécialité malagasy et européenne tél : (00) 261 34 16 704 63
mail : michele.rakotoson@voila.fr
ouverture : 7j/7 sur réservationmore

FRI 05.10.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 05.10.12 Marc Reymond is member of the Survie association Which has three main objectives: to bring politics democracy of France in Africa (Françafrique and fight against neo-colonialism), to combat the trivialisation of genocide and reinvent international solidarity by promoting goods global public.
Survie conducts information campaigns and questioning citizens and elected officials to reform the politics of France in Africa and North-South relations. Survie bases her action on the legitimacy challenge incumbent upon all of its elected and require effective control of politics choices in all areas.
Marc Reymond reminder of the historical Geopolique between France and Madagascar. The Government and militarian relations Franco-Malagasy.more

FRI 28.09.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 28.09.12 Albert Raharijaona is an anthropologist. He was Teacher, school director, graduated of French literature. The dahalo and the criminal acts of the "jiolahy" is his contribution to the study of a form of violence in Madagascar. Banditry has been interpreted by Albert Raharijaona as a symptom of social conflict.more

FRI 21.09.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 21.09.12 Jean Michel Dewailly taught two years between 1968 and 1970 at the Lycée Rabemananjara of Tamatave. For nearly 10 years, he returned regularly to Tamatave, to help the local association "Les Amis de Toamasina" (ATOA). He published the book "Tamatave, porte historique de Madagascar (1660-1970)" which, using extracts from stories by many authors, recounts episodes known and less known in the history of the city, showing how before the plane supplant the ship, Tamatave was really the "door" of the country. This book, whose aim is to make the easy reach of teachers, students, tourists, professionals, guides ... stories informative and easy to deal with. All copyright and benefits attached to them will be donated to ATOA to help safeguard and valorisation of the heritage of Toamasina. To order: Tel. fixed: 04 78 04 09 65, Mobile 06 74 03 75 44.
25 euros to address: 25 rue Guillaume Apollinaire, 69330 Meyzieumore

FRI 14.09.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 14.09.12 Abel Andriarimalala explains what wisdom is in Malagasy philosophy.
Poems of Lanto of Maisons-Alfort: "Ilaikely", "Imahaketraka sy Imahakivy" & "Ho taona tsara"more

FRI 07.09.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 07.09.12 Pierre Mesmin Rabotovao is economist, Trainer-Controler-Designer-Manager Project, Program Director, consultant in bank, insurance, industries. Pierre Mesmin Rabotovao offers a model of development in the everyday life of citizens in terms of production.more

FRI 31.08.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 31.08.12 - Abel Andriarimalala explains what is the "Hainteny". Malagasy culture and philosophy.
- Extracts of Poems written and declaimed by Lanto of Maisons Alfort. "Aiza ny paika, aiza ny fika?" "Afabaraka"more

FRI 24.08.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 24.08.12 - Jean-Claude Rabeherifara, sociologist. Lighting on Malagasy music: Identity, challenge and mixing. "Entre la parole et l'écrit, La chanson magache dans les années 1970-1980" Between speech and writing, malagasy songs in the years 1970-1980
- Extracts of Poems written and declaimed by Lanto of Maison Alfort. "Ho ritra ve?" "Izy roalahy" "Ankadasitra sy ankisolo"more

FRI 17.08.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 17.08.12 Ranaivoson Toloniaina alias Petsambava, activist and committed artist on behalf of the Malagasy people.more

FRI 27.07.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 27.07.12 Pierre Mesmin Rabotovao economist, Trainer-Controler-Designer-Manager-Project and Program Director, consultant in bank, insurance, industries, proposes an elaborated developement state program Model for Malagasy based on all Malagasy Natural Resources.more

WED 25.07.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 25.07.12 Chronicle about Menalamba, News ...more

FRI 20.07.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 20.07.12 Abel Andriarimalala was professor of literature, French and Malagasy, artist, songwriter and performer. He speaks to us today about the malagasy manners and customs. Tsiny sy Tody ary Andriamanitra Zanahary sy ny Razana.more

WED 18.07.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 18.07.12 Interview of Dominique Ranaivoson about "Au delà des rizières" written by Naivo, Sépia Edition. Dominique Ranaivoson, French, married to a Malagasy, mother of four, lives in France, is a researcher, literary critic and "Maitre de conférence HDR".
Naivoharisoa Patrick Ramamonjisoa, alias Naivo, author, was a teacher and journalist. Son of a diplomat, Naivo lives now in Canada with his family.more

FRI 13.07.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 13.07.12 - Ralison Andriamandranto, is our guest as SEFAFI Coordinator, Observatory of public life (civil society), which aims is to identify and deepen society's problems and to disseminate the results of its work towards a better practice of democracy and the rule of law.
- Roland Randriambololona and Riri Ramandiamanana members of the association AKI tell us their views on the history of Madagascar about the "Return to the independence".more

WED 11.07.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 11.07.12 more

FRI 06.07.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 06.07.12 Roland Rajaonarivony president of the association AKI and member of the group Soatoavina. Pianist and valihist. He tells us about the classification of Malagasy music.more

WED 04.07.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 04.07.12 We have invited Dama, born as Rasolofondraosolo Zafimahaleo who is a member of musical group "Mahaleo". Sociologist, Dama was a member of the malagasy parliament, elected with the label Mahaolona.more

FRI 29.06.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 29.06.12 The princess Razafindrahety who became Queen Ranavalona III was the last queen of the Merina dynasty.
She kept an illusory power for a few months before being arrested by surprise on the night of February 28, 1897, by General Gallieni, when the French colonial empire taking possession of the island.
She was sent with his family in exile on the island of Reunion and then in Algeria, where she died on May 23, 1917. Lucas du Gouëgon wrote a play about this impeachment in dramatic comedy.more

WED 27.06.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 27.06.12 Harison Ramanantsoa. multifaceted man. Interview as a Poet in this time.more

FRI 22.06.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 22.06.12 Njaka Andriatefiarinesy journalist from Madagascar of the newspaper Taratra.more

WED 20.06.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 20.06.12 Interview with Claire Riffard, of the Institut des textes et manuscrits item CNRS, about the books "Oeuvres complètes Jean Joseph Rabearivelo Tome 1 et 2" edited by the CNRS.more

FRI 15.06.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 15.06.12 Witches and witchcraft in Malagasy society, a chronicle of Fx Mahah, poet, writer, academician.
Presentation of the Fraternal Lunch "Sakafom-piralahiana" organized by Akon'Iarivo (AKI) on the occasion of the celebration of what they call the "restoration" of independence. With Clarisse Ranarijaona, Pascaline Ravaoarimanana Madhow and Roland Rajaonarivony (President of AKI).
Invitation of the President of the association UPEM Havatsa Fx Mahah for the show co-organized with the FIMPIMA untitled "Ry tanindrazanay malala o".more

WED 13.06.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 13.06.12 Interview whith Randriambololona Richard, member of the association (Akon'Iarivo) AKI that organizes a friendly lunch on June 23 at Sèvres.more

FRI 08.06.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 08.06.12 A historian by training, Olivier Favier is a translator, author, photographer. He coordinates the Italian committee of Maison Antoine Vitez He hosted sites italinscena.org, dormirajamais.org, and Insomnia Blog on Médiapart. Olivier Favier began a search on forgotten places "lieux d'oubli" in French history, which led him back across a number of colonial histories. His research results over the meetings, by interviews, articles, lectures which will culminate in a book... He now operates on Zooma Capricorne to remind us of colonial facts of France in Madagascar. You can find his writings on the sitemore

WED 06.06.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.06.12 Interview whith Honty and Ranto of The pop rock malagasy group Ambondrona which will performing at La Cigale in Paris Saturday, June 9th at 19h30.more

FRI 01.06.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 01.06.12 Faraniaina Pierre Bernard Ramarosaona has a background in economics. She is an active member of CCOC (Collectif des Citoyens et des Organisations Citoyennes). civil society committed to information, education, citizen watch, good governance. She has created an association which works in the evaluation of public services by citizens users.more

WED 30.05.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 30.05.12 Interview of Jaojoby the master of salegy will be performing at "Petit Bain" in Paris Saturday, June 9. He talks about "Mila anao" his new album.more
WED 30.05.12 www.villesdesmusiquesdumonde.com

FRI 25.05.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 25.05.12 Interview with Gérard Zafilaza, Serge Marohavana, Jean Bellarmin Lava, Farmers producing cocoa, lychees, whole sugar, vanilla, etc. for the fair trade.more

WED 23.05.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 23.05.12 Interview of Kamel Dafri, director of the association Villes des musiques du monde that organizes a show on Friday June 1 at 9:30 p.m. in Stains.more
WED 23.05.12 www.villesdesmusiquesdumonde.com

FRI 18.05.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 18.05.12 Interview with Theo Rakotovao, author, composer, performer, leader of the group on tour "Mikea".more

WED 16.05.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 16.05.12 Interview of Zérane S. Girardeau, designer, producer, distributor of the exhibition "Madagascar, 47 Portraits des insurgés" of Jean-Luc Raharimanana and Pierrot Men, at the Cloître des Billettes in Paris.more

FRI 11.05.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 11.05.12 "Voix d'insurgés", read music at Cloître des Billettes, on Madagascar in 1947, and Sétif-Algérie in 1945.more

WED 09.05.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 09.05.12 - Theo Rakotovao Mikea group singer-songwriter-composer landed that morning from Madagascar with his musicians and talks about his tour outside the country.
- Faraniaina Pierre Bernard member of civil society CCOC (collectif des citoyens des organisations citoyennes) makes sentinel surveillance, ensures informations from the press, and the news from organizations with which Madagascar is called to work...more

FRI 04.05.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 04.05.12 Hajaina, specializing in public Malagasy speaking shows us how to present the condolences, how to make a speech during each stage of farewell and to the deceased family support.more

WED 02.05.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 02.05.12 Lea Randria - Nanah talk about her programmation of the Arts cultural Thursday at Massai Mara, openings, dances, film screenings, fashion shows, concerts, exhibitions, sales, book signings...more

FRI 27.04.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 27.04.12 Reading of texts extracted off the book untitled "Madagascar 1947" written by Raharimanana - Vents d'ailleurs Editions and texts of the website http://slateafrique.commore
FRI 27.04.12 slateafrique.com

WED 25.04.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 25.04.12 Interview of
- Christophe Gasnot, secretary of the association Unité Madagascar.
- Vahinala Raharinirina, president of the association Réseau Kilonga.
- Andry, studying business and geopolitics.more

FRI 20.04.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 20.04.12 Music programmore

WED 18.04.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 18.04.12 Arnaud Lemaire collector of vinyl records is sharing the music of Madagascar of his vinylothèque.more

FRI 13.04.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 13.04.12 Léa Randria, Nanah performermore

WED 11.04.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 11.04.12 more

FRI 06.04.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 06.04.12 François Xavier Razafimahatratra tells us what we need to know about vazimba. Text of Solonavalona Andriamihaja which tells us what we need to know about the March 29th, 1947more

WED 04.04.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 04.04.12 Vola Rasoamanana director of the magazine www.madaplus.fr presents the evening they called "Nuit Blanche" that her team organizes.more

FRI 30.03.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 30.03.12 Andriantsilefimiampita Raveloarisoa Lydie Noroseheno, doctoral training in economic sciences, graduated in law, management and technology business.more

WED 28.03.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 28.03.12 The AFASPA quarterly magazine "Aujourd'hui l'Afrique" will celebrate its 40th anniversary. Jean-Claude Rabeherifara editorial board member, took the opportunity to talk about the number 123 and included articles on Madagascar in its columns.more
WED 28.03.12 afaspa.com

FRI 23.03.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 23.03.12 Jean Aimé Rakotoarisoa, Jeograph and archeologist. Professor at the Inalco in Paris, at the Antananarivo University, and associed professor at the Michigan University of USA.more

WED 21.03.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 21.03.12 Interview of Françoise Thiennot of the EduQuaMada, "association pour une EDUcation de QUAlité à MADAgascar" who helps to improve the quality of education, which purpose is that the malagasy children think personally and have method, know their country, their Culture and their Nature in danger, learn French, language of books and of studies.more

FRI 16.03.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 16.03.12 Nanah - Léa Randria, artist have a concert in Paris. She speaks about her.more

WED 14.03.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 14.03.12 Interview of Olivier Ramanana-Rahary about the malagasy RNS (Rencontre National Sportive) which take place on the 7,8,and 9th of April in Vichy.more

FRI 09.03.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 09.03.12 Malanjaona Rakotomalala, Professor, Anthropologist wrote the book untitled: "A coeur ouvert sur la sexualité merina, Madagascar. Anthropologie du non-dit" edited at Karthala, that he presents us.more

WED 07.03.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 07.03.12 Interview of Jacky Jayat, economic actor of the firms "Quad Sainte Marie" and "Mada Buggys Tour". Founder president of the association "Vala Mada", He offers a program of sustainable and united action in favour of populations.more

FRI 02.03.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 02.03.12 Laza, productor with Rozifilms, movie maker, director of the RFC... presents "Rencontres du Film Court de Madagascar" which takes places at the forum des images in Paris on friday, 2nd march 2012 at the Place Carrée of les Halles.more

WED 29.02.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 29.02.12 Homage to Jean-Luc Andriamifidy.
- Laza, producer, film-maker, film director, manager... presents "Rencontres du Film Court de Madagascar" which will take place at the forum des images of Paris on friday march 2th at 20h.
- Patrick Rakotomalala speaks about the book: "Madagascar, le coup d'état de mars 2009" edited by Karthala.more

FRI 24.02.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 24.02.12 Musical programmore

WED 22.02.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 22.02.12 Marie Clémence Paes of the Latérit edition presents us the Latimer Rangers's book: "Transes, divagations et délire" and "Mahaleo, 40 ans d'histoire(s) de Madagascar" writen by Fanny Pigeaud.more

FRI 17.02.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 17.02.12 Torimbaliha - "Ny Tantara sy ny Haisoratra" Special program by the Havatsa-Upem, sampana Frantsa, association. Text of François Xavier Razafimahatratra. Production: Hanitra Salomon with: Antsiva, Bana rahalahy, Lalaina, Hanitr'Ony, FX Mahah.more

WED 15.02.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 15.02.12 Yasmine Bouagga, doctorante in sociology, and Marylène Honoré, agriculturist economist, coordinator of Zebunet, are speaking about ethical savings and united investment in Madagascar.
The video on the activities of micro-credit is on youtube "ombi vache à crédit". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X6OCepsGLI http://www.zebu.netmore

FRI 10.02.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 10.02.12 Interview of Jean-Luc Raharimanana, author.more

WED 08.02.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 08.02.12 more

FRI 03.02.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 03.02.12 Reading of hainteny and poems.more

WED 01.02.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 01.02.12 comments, reactions of the team of the Echoes of the Capricorn of both presentations Of "Des ruines" and "Excuses et dires liminaires de Za"more

WED 25.01.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 25.01.12 Consultant researcher to IFRI, Institut Français des relations Internationales, Specialist on Madagascar, Mathieu Pellerin gives us some explanation on the ancient Chinese, those of the 1990 and the newcomers.more

FRI 20.01.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 20.01.12 Francois Xavier Razafimahatratra, Fx Mahah, academician, author, Upem-Havatsa France association's president, speaks about "Fihavanana"more

WED 18.01.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 18.01.12 Françoise Descos about the ASMADA association. They organize their annual party on Saturday, February 4th in Neuilly in aid of rural district of Masindray which is located in 25 km of Antananarivo.more

FRI 13.01.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 13.01.12 Interview of Bako Nirina Rasoarifetra, archeologist, professor at Antananarivo University, researcher at The museum of Antananarivo.more

WED 11.01.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 11.01.12 Albert Raharijaona of the UMASSAC association : Union des Malgaches et leurs amis : Soutien, Sports et activités culturelles. The purpose of the association is to regroup younger in sports, support and mutual aid between the followers, partnership in France and Madagascar.more

FRI 06.01.12 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 06.01.12 Aurélie and Gabrielle recorded the children with Béatrice Rafanomezantsoa & Lila Rakotoarivelo, of the Chauchat church in Paris.more

WED 04.01.12 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 04.01.12 Mamy Rakotondrainibe and Philippe Randrianarimanana of the Collectif Tany explain their commitment against the landowning predators and their political activism for the land.more

FRI 30.12.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 30.12.11 Interview regarding the subject of thesis of Nelly Rakoto-Tiana: "Primary school for all, the job of the children".more

THU 29.12.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
THU 29.12.11 more

FRI 23.12.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 23.12.11 Marie de Chantal Radimilahy and Rafolo Andrianaivoarivony, Professors, Researchers of archaeology, speak about Madagascar History.more

WED 21.12.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 21.12.11 more

FRI 16.12.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 16.12.11 Interview of René François, Zanatany, ancient of Madagascar, nostalgic of the island.more

WED 14.12.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 14.12.11 Interview of Rafolo Andrianaivoarivony, Teacher-Researcher of archaeology, ancient history and heritage, Professor in the faculty of letters and human sciences of Antananarivo University, Member of the National Academy of arts, letters and sciences...etcmore

FRI 09.12.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 09.12.11 Interview of Heriniaina Eugène, http://serasera.org webmaster.more

WED 07.12.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 07.12.11 Looks crossed between Elizabeth and Aurélie. Debate on exhibition in Musée du Quai Branly which is held until June 3rd, 2012.
Interview of Fanny Pigeaud, journalist, author of the book: "Mahaleo, 40 ans d'histoire(s) de Madagascar".more

FRI 02.12.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 02.12.11 Jean Michel Razanatefy the most older of the malagasy artists celebrates his 60 years of painting. He is the guest of honour in the exhibition "Salon Arts 19" until December 5th in the town hall of Paris Mairie XIXè Place Armand Carrel.more

WED 30.11.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 30.11.11 Interview of Malanjaona Rakotomalala, Anthropologist, specialist of the society and Malagasy culture, he speaks to us about his book on the sexuality of Merina which is going to go out to Karthala edition.
Elisabeth speaks with Carméla Pépin and Ihasindrazana Soudjay about the Solidaire avec Madagascar Association, SOAMAD works in the field of health and rural development and organizes a cultural demonstration on Saturday, December 3rd, 2011 at 13h at CICP.more

FRI 25.11.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 25.11.11 Alice Ranorojaona Pelerin crossed Madagascar in search of her roots, to pay tribute to common history between La Réunion and Madagascar. (www.dia50.com). The film which she introduces redraws this trip and a realization. In 2010 been created the Miara-Dia association for the edification of a stele. (www.unestelepourmadagascar.com)more

WED 23.11.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 23.11.11 Interviews of:
- Josielle Randriamandranto, head of Jacaranda travel agency. She is also chairwoman of the association Jardins des Lumières.
- Sonny Jaofeno, Vice-président of the France Diégo-Suarez Association, AFDS works in the field of education, social, health, culture and économic in the Northern region of Madagascar. AFDS organizes a cultural demonstration on Sunday, November 27th, 2011 at 13h at the Foyer Grenelle.more

FRI 18.11.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 18.11.11 more

WED 16.11.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 16.11.11 Interview of Mamy tiana Raberahona who represents the association "Vu autrement" about the show Rock of Madagascar its organizes on Friday, November 25th with Bismack, Crescendo and Night Flight.more

FRI 11.11.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 11.11.11 Conversation with Razafindramena Albert, Pensioned off.
Interviews by Vola of:
- Muriel Rason-Andriamaro stylist of Urban wear junior, creator and manager of "Klung Malagasy"
- Emmanuel Gendrin author, director of the Opéra "Chin" - théâtre Vollard.more

WED 09.11.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 09.11.11 Interview of Mamy tiana Raberahona who represents the association "Vu autrement" about the show Rock of Madagascar its organizes on Friday, November 25th with Bismack, Crescendo and Night Flight.more

FRI 04.11.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 04.11.11 Interview of Dédesse, Bezara Ernest. Author, composer, musician, performer.more

WED 02.11.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 02.11.11 Interviews of:
- Tovo Rajaona president of the association of the ancient of Saint-Michel, The Semigany, and Lova Rasolofoarimanana treasurer.
- Hoby Landy Rajaonarison of the group Famaky about the party they organize on Friday, November 4th.
- Mamy Tiana Raberahona for the broadcasting of his report "Les gardiens du temple" on television on TV5 on Saturday, November 5th and on RTBF.more

FRI 28.10.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 28.10.11 Education and developpement, progress, evolution with FX Maha.more

WED 26.10.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 26.10.11 Interview of Lalaina Razanamandimby and William Ravison Ralainarivo, joint president of the association Collectif Famine. The Collective organizes a day of solidarity in favour of the population of Betioky.more

FRI 21.10.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 21.10.11 Musical programmore

WED 19.10.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 19.10.11 Interview of Dera Ramandraivonona president of FIMPIMA - section France (Fikambanan'ny Mpikabary eto Madagasikara - sampana frantsa) about the show of speech (oratory art)more

FRI 14.10.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 14.10.11 Interview of - Raharinaivo Andrianantoandro, president of the congress of transition.
- Razia, artist about the protection of national parks and her plans on environment.more

WED 12.10.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 12.10.11 Interview of Thierry (VAIKA group lead vocal) and Hoby Landy (FAMAKY group) about the SOUND FEST 2011 they organize in Paris - Saint-Denis on saturday 15th of october. They will be 11 groups.more

FRI 07.10.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 07.10.11 Musical programmore

WED 05.10.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 05.10.11 Chroniclesmore

FRI 30.09.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 30.09.11 Musical programmore

FRI 23.09.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 23.09.11 Musical programmore

FRI 16.09.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 16.09.11 Musical programmore

FRI 09.09.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 09.09.11 Musical programmore

FRI 02.09.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 02.09.11 Musical programmore

FRI 26.08.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 26.08.11 Musical programmore

FRI 19.08.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 19.08.11 Reading the poem of Fara mananjandry, of the book untitled "Hira ny fiainana ary mitohy ny tolona" september 2004.more

FRI 12.08.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 12.08.11 more

FRI 05.08.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 05.08.11 Life declares love - "Aina mitory fitia" with Aina Randrianaivosoa, Author, translator, Poet, lyricist, composermore

FRI 29.07.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 29.07.11 Interview of Joséphine Soanorondriaka Andriamamonjiarison President of the GEM - Groupement des Entreprises de Madagascar.more

WED 27.07.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 27.07.11 Interview of Shaani, internationnal DJmore

FRI 22.07.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 22.07.11 Interviews performed on sunday, 10th July, 2011 with Alain Lapierre, Florence Deslandres, André Paris, of the Zoma Association (www.zoma.org) which objective is to support solidarity initiative of equitable sale in Madagascar.more

WED 20.07.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 20.07.11 Interview of Nicole Simonet Planchon, about her book untitled "Tonga soa eto Madagasikara!" in which she tells: childhood, Trip, discovery of Imerina and the independence of Madagascar. She is Student in Inalco, voluntary of workshops of writing for teenagers, vice-chairwoman of international competition of poems, was Professor in Paris until 2007, and have the Diplome of agregation of Letters.more

FRI 15.07.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 15.07.11 François Xavier Razafimahatratra, Poet and author, Fx has just made a book which title is: "Rindran'ny tsiahy".more

WED 13.07.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 13.07.11 Ferdinand Mahafaly, President of the association C.A.S: Cercle d'Action of de la Sofia, guest of the program EDC, talks about the party they organize on Saturday, July 16th, 2011 in Villepinte 93 420, Region Ile de France.more

FRI 08.07.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 08.07.11 Andrianasolo Hajaina Naomy, Presidente of education and research of the association of Mpikabary, Vice - presidente of Upem havatsa Madagascar, chairwoman of the association AIFM Antananarivo section.more

WED 06.07.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.07.11 Interview With Mary-Clémence Paes, of laterit Production, private firm of promotion of culture. She presents the "Zoma" which take place in Les Voutes on sunday 10th july.more

FRI 01.07.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 01.07.11 José Randrianasolo (general secretary of the FISEMA - general Confederation of workers' labour unions of Madagascar - and general coordinator of the CTM - Conference of the workers of Madagascar, national union Platform)more

WED 29.06.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 29.06.11 Interview with Fx Mahah, writer, researcher. author of "Rindran'ny Tsiahy". This book of poems that we can command at 01 47 46 06 80 or by mail at fxrazaf@yahoo.fr more

FRI 24.06.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 24.06.11 Point of view for a resolution in the promotion and in the distinction of the malagasy national language with Rahaingoson Henry, alias Di, National Academy Arts and languages section, education-searches University of Antananarivo, holder of the agrégation of Lettres Françaises, writer, poet Upem Havatsa. more

WED 22.06.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 22.06.11 Radio Gasy with Elisabeth, Claudie, Dzao, Mahatsangy, Claudia.more

FRI 17.06.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 17.06.11 Foxy, artist, globe-trotter, of passage on Paris, shares his reflexion on the situation of Madagascar and The Malagasy.more

WED 15.06.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 15.06.11 Radio Gasy with Elisabeth, Dzao, Dahyiandy, Claudie, Claudia.more

WED 08.06.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 08.06.11 Go back to live in the country for 5 years, afterwards of regular visits in France, Rija Robson tells to us his experience as businessman in Madagascar.more

FRI 03.06.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 03.06.11 Loving behaviour and sexuality: evolution of presentations and practices in Madagasikara with Solotiana NIRHY-LANTO RAMAMONJISOA. Master of conferences in Inalco, Africa department, malagasy section. She Was Professor of malagasy at the secondary school of Antsirabe during 10 years. Qualified of the University of Franche-Comté, Besançon on human Sexuality, doctor of african Study - Author of articles on malagasy modern literature and of work called: "Anthologie bilingue de littérature malgache".more

WED 01.06.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 01.06.11 Radio Gasy with Dzao, Elisabeth, Gaby, Dahyiandy, Claudia.more

FRI 27.05.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 27.05.11 Manakasitsara-Manakasina-Gasy with Olombelo Ricky Randimbiarison, artist, performer, musician, composer ...more

WED 25.05.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 25.05.11 Interview of Dany Rakotoarimalala, responsible of Marketing, communication & strategy of the Association Mimosa Madasport.more

FRI 20.05.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 20.05.11 Interview of Gino Hadjee, Ulrich Andriatiana, Blaise Ravelo have to speak about the Association France Diego Suarez.more

WED 18.05.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 18.05.11 Interview of Bana Rahalahy. poet, composer, performer, musician about his book "Ny Rongoniko"more

FRI 13.05.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 13.05.11 Interview of Bana Rahalahy (Jean Hajanirainy Marline), artist, poet, performer, compositor, musician.more

WED 11.05.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 11.05.11 Interview of Ericka Minazara-Erambert and Sonny Jaofeno of the "Association France Diego-Suarez - AFDS", about the annual meeting that they organize to present their actions, plans, achievements and to show of culinary diversity arts from the north of Madagascar.more

FRI 06.05.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 06.05.11 Interview of Victor Randrianary, Ethnomusicologue, researcher, philosopher.more

WED 04.05.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 04.05.11 Interview of Patrick Ramonjavelo and Anne-Sophie Castel of the "Association Finaritra" about the event called "Mois de Madagascar à la Celle Saint-Cloud" they organize.more

FRI 29.04.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 29.04.11 Interview of Aina Randrianaivosoa, Poetèsse, lyricist, composer, translator.more

WED 27.04.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 27.04.11 Interview of Roeke Rajaofetra, cultural Consultant and coordinator who tells us the two days JMU Journée Madagascar à l`UNESCO which topic this year is to promote the malagasy language: "The malagasy master of word". Exhibition, shows, conference ...with kabary (oratorical battles - sparring match), ohabolana (Proverbs), beko (laments song, wailings), hainteny, stories and legends.more
WED 27.04.11 www.madagascar-unesco.com

FRI 22.04.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 22.04.11 Interview of Rasoamampionona Clarisse head of the higher school preparing teachers for the education of Fianarantsoa. She is the author of study having as topic: "Problématique du genre en milieu traditionnel du Betsileo sud à Madagascar".more

WED 20.04.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 20.04.11 Interview of Charles Kely, virtuoso of the open tuning guitar, singer, introduces his new album "Zoma Zoma", of a music bathed by sun in the malagasy roots, tinted of Bossa, Jazz and Salsa. Concert: 19 & 20 Mai - Zèbre de Belleville (Paris 11ème). http://www.charleskely.commore

FRI 15.04.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 15.04.11 Interview of Jean-Luc Raharimanana, writer, co-author of exhibition «47, insurgents´ Portraits» which was held in Nanterre University Paris X from March 15th till April 5th, 2011. http://sites.google.com/site/madagascar1947/more

WED 13.04.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 13.04.11 Interview of Richard Randriambololona, second vice president of Akon´Iarivo association which organizes a lunch of brotherhood on Saturday, April 16th, 2011 in Paris. more

FRI 08.04.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 08.04.11 Interview of Narivelo Rafaralahy Georges Rajaonarimanana : Linguist, specialist of the malagasy language, Doctor in litteracy and human sciences, teacher, researcher, Writer, poet. Director of the "Centre de recherche sur l'océan Indien occidental et le monde austronésien (CROIMA-ASIEs, INALCO)".more

WED 06.04.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.04.11 Interview of the artists : Dimitri Dourantonis, performer-composer, guitarit and Baptiste Herin, saxophonist of the OURANOS QUARTET band, which will play during the Festival Paris Jazz Outre-Mer, and which will play on April 20th at the Duc des Lombard.more

FRI 01.04.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 01.04.11 Interview of Fredy Jaofera. Poet, speaker. Mpanao tononkalo, mpikabary, mpitoriteny.more

WED 30.03.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 30.03.11 Short passage of Mamy Tiana Raberahona about the projection of his documentary film "Les gardiens du Temple". News and rendez-vous.more

FRI 25.03.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 25.03.11 Interview of Ralalaoherivony Baholisoa Simone, Teacher-chercheure, professor ESR, Department of Languages, malagasy Letters and Human sciences University of Antananarivo. Development of a methodology for the study of the varieties of malagasy with the intention of safeguarding and enriching the common fund (linguistic heritage). Exam of the effect of human intervention (by neology and other actions) in linguistic development. In the Interdisciplinary Centre of Research Applied to the Malagasy (CIRAM) and Research centre in Communication (CERCOM).more

WED 23.03.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 23.03.11 Chronicles, news and rendez-vous. http://www.slateafrique.com/829/pourquoi-noms-malgaches-si-longsmore

FRI 18.03.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 18.03.11 Interview of Nicolas Sersiron, member of the Comité pour l'Annulation de la Dette du Tiers Monde (CADTM). His last post, wrote on february 12th was 'Microfinance, surendettement et suicides de femmes'. http://www.cadtm.orgmore

WED 16.03.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 16.03.11 Interview of Thierry Bongarts Lebbe producer, manager of tour, musician, historian of music. He accompanies the career of "Ny Malagasy Orkestra" Group. http://www.nymalagasyorkestra.commore

FRI 11.03.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 11.03.11 Interview of Mathilde Deverchin Rakotozafy, specialized in Linguistics General Applied to the Didactics of Languages and to Traductique, researcher, was teacher of secondary education, university professor and researcher, provide bilingual educational support to secondary and primary schools in Madagascar, member of Malagasy Academics,literary circles, songwriter and performer.more
FRI 11.03.11 mathilde.deverchin.free.fr

WED 09.03.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 09.03.11 Interview of François Regourd master of conferences department of history Nanterre Paris ouest university La Défense where he teaches modern history (XVI-XVIIIth century s.) and the history of America. François Regourd initiated and was in charge of the programming of the event "Histoire(s) et mémoire(s) coloniales : Madagascar 1947". With the participation of Fuxa Léa, student 3rd year of licence in history and economie. www.madagascar1947.frmore

FRI 04.03.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 04.03.11 Interview of Ange Christophe Félix Andrianarisoa: Leader of the Mouvance Ratsiraka, ancient minister of Higher education, ancient Président of National Assembly and Professor in the Faculty of medicine of Madagascar.more

WED 02.03.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 02.03.11 Intervention of Jean-Claude Rabeherifara regarding the Worldwide Social Forum of Dakar in which he participated.more

FRI 25.02.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 25.02.11 Interview of Joseph Raharijesy who campaign against any interhuman domination-prédation, and for responsible and universal, united, horizontal "Toi-ET-moi" so that we live very together on our common planet everywhere. Battle for Fokonolona mivao since February 7th, 2009. Member of the PCF since the seventies.more

WED 23.02.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 23.02.11 more

FRI 18.02.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 18.02.11 Interview of Ralison Roger, president of GTT Montpellier, the Gasy Tia Tanindrazana association, which supports Marc Ravalomanana.more

WED 16.02.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 16.02.11 Interview of Saida Faouzia, artist, stylist. Her grand mother was BOENY ZAKIA (author-compositor of "MANGINA ZAZA" and "BOANA MALILO") and his father Nourdine Andriamitsara is Singer, guitarist, pianist, percussionist, author and compositor of "LA VIE A NOSY BE", and also leader of the group " "TIGRE DU VIEUX PORT de Nosy-be".more

FRI 11.02.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 11.02.11 Interview of Razafimanazato Julien, Minister of the National Education at the Government of the High Authority of Transition of Madagascar.more

WED 09.02.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 09.02.11 Interview of Sonny Jaofeno and William Ravison, Joint presidents of the Collective Famine Madagascar. They explain us the two days of demonstration of sensitization on situation in the South in Betioky. more

FRI 04.02.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 04.02.11 Musical programmore

WED 02.02.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 02.02.11 more

FRI 28.01.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 28.01.11 Musical programmore

WED 26.01.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 26.01.11 more

FRI 21.01.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 21.01.11 Musical programmore

WED 19.01.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 19.01.11 The guest is Prof. Irene Rabenoro. Ambassador. Assessment of the mandate of Professor Rabenoro during the period may 2007-december 2010.more

FRI 14.01.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 14.01.11 Musical programmore

FRI 07.01.11 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 07.01.11 Musical programmore

WED 05.01.11 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 05.01.11 more

FRI 31.12.10 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 31.12.10 Musical programmore

FRI 24.12.10 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 24.12.10 Musical programmore

WED 22.12.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 22.12.10 The guest is Mister Raharinaivo Andriantoandro. Among the founder of the political party TIM of the former president Ravalomanana, he joins the actual authorities as the president of 'Congres de la Transition' since october 2010.more

FRI 17.12.10 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 17.12.10 Musical programmore

WED 15.12.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 15.12.10 Presentation of the new book 'Rabearivelo, Jean-Joseph Œuvres complètes, Tome I: Le diariste (Les Calepins bleus) L'épistolier - Le moraliste Edition critique coordonnée par Serge Meitinger professeur à l'université de la Réunion, Liliane Ramarosoa et Claire Riffard Claire Riffard, responsable à l'Institut de Textes et Manuscrits modernes(ITEM). Paris: CNRS Editions / Présence Africaine Editions. Release in France: October 2010 - 1275 pages - price 35 eurosmore

FRI 10.12.10 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 10.12.10 Musical programmore

WED 08.12.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 08.12.10 Reading of poem and text:
- Elie Rajaonarison
- Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo "Calepin bleue"more

FRI 03.12.10 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 03.12.10 Musical programmore

WED 01.12.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 01.12.10 Interview of: - Sakina, artist of the Perle noire group.
- SOAMAD association (Solidaire avec Madagascar) for its Bazar event presentation with Carmela Pépin and Hasy Soudzay.more

FRI 26.11.10 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 26.11.10 Musical programmore

WED 24.11.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 24.11.10 Interview of Dera RAMANDRAIVONONA from FI.MPI.MA french section (Fikambanan'ny Mpikabary eto Madagasikara). He is telling about "kabary", malagasy traditional speech.more

FRI 19.11.10 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 19.11.10 Musical programmore

WED 17.11.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 17.11.10 Minosoa Rabetrano with Damien Vernet, of ONG Coeur et Conscience, co-accomplished: "Fihavanana, Solidarity in Madagascar" which will be cast in preview in party movies-concert, with the cooperation of the compositor of the original soundtrack of the film, Rola Gamana. Documentary film of meeting with 5 persons enlisted men in humanitarian in Madagascar to understand their motivation to act and show that each in his manner can contribute to change the inequality of this world.
Reaction and debate of 3 existent citizens of the malagasy diaspora of the Ile-de-France : Richard Randriambololona, Mamy Ranaivoarivony, Solofo Rafenombolatiana.more

FRI 12.11.10 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 12.11.10 Musical programmore

WED 10.11.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 10.11.10 Interview of Johary RAVALOSON also known as Arius, author. He is a malagasy novelist and short-writer. He has published "Géotropiques", novel, éditions Vents d'ailleurs, La Roque d'Anthéron, 2010.more

FRI 05.11.10 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 05.11.10 Interview of Liva Eliasy, president of the Fiangonana Katolika Malagasy eto Parisy sy ny manodidina. Chapelle Saint Paul 171, bd Brune 75014 Paris. M°Porte d'Orléans. http://www.fkmp.orgmore

WED 03.11.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 03.11.10 Interview of Patrick Rajoelina, professor jurist, essayist on Madagascar contemporary History and on Malagasy political life, by Philippe. Patrick Rajoelina is the author of several books on Madagascar. He is, besides, a collection director at L'Harmattan. Implied in the constitutional consultative Committee (CCC) created by the HAT (High authority of the transition), he participated in the reflexion on the project of fundamental law proposed in next November 17th referendum: he explained the reasons he calls to vote YES. . .more

FRI 29.10.10 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 29.10.10 Interview of Jean Félicien Rasoloniaina Korodo, president of the association "Graine d'Espoir", holder of plan in favour of the underprivileged in Madagascar. The program of the association was set up on April 23rd, 2007.more

WED 27.10.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 27.10.10 Interview of Mrs Nosy Rabejaona (our guest coming from Madagascar) by Aurélie about the Malagasy cultural national patrimony. Mrs Rabejaona is the president of Mamelomaso, an association based in Madagascar further to the fire of Rova of Antananarivo and acting for the conservation of the national cultural patrimony: material (Vakoka, palaces etc.) and immaterial (rites, customs etc.)more

WED 20.10.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 20.10.10 Chronicle of explanation of text on new malagasy constitution, to subject November 17th, 2010 to referendum. By Jean-Claude Rabeherifara.more

WED 13.10.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 13.10.10 - Chronicle of Aurélie: "How respect traditions,in the epoch of globalization?".
- The Mutual insurance company of Madagascar celebrates its 20 years of existence. Interview of Dera Ramandraivonona his president.
- Report of Claudie: About the seminary held in INALCO by Solofo Randrianja on October 8th, 2010: "Rereading of the history of the nation: The provisions of the junior groups".more

WED 06.10.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.10.10 Return of vacation of a party of the Echos du Capricorne's team. In program for this new year 2010-2011: songs, chronicle, information and agenda of demonstrations.more

WED 28.07.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 28.07.10 - Interview of Aurélie Ranivoarisoa about the association "Sport Asa Tany" sports free time in touch with the job of fields.
- Interview of Vonjy of the association Hetsika "accueil, arts et culture de Madagascar" Nantes 44100.
- Column obituary notice on Pierre Vérin (following).more

WED 21.07.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 21.07.10 - Report of the Festival of Nantes.
- Translation of the Poem "Rajakom-bazaha" of Jean Narivony.
- Interview of Mirella Tovoarimino, singer Gospel song, which on Tuesday, July 27th at 8pm will be in concert in the Club Restaurant Live "L'Etage" 77,rue du Faubourg du Temple - Paris 75010 M°Goncourt. http://www.myspace.com/mirellamusique. available album to 3w.jpmproductions.fr
- Column obituary notice on Pierre Vérin.more

WED 14.07.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 14.07.10 Malagasy vision of the celebration of the French national holiday of July 14th, 2010.more

WED 07.07.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 07.07.10 Interview of Jean-Claude Rabeherifara who presents the book: "Expériences socialistes en Afrique, 1960-1990" Editions Le Temps des cerisesmore

WED 30.06.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 30.06.10 Interview of Martial RAHARIRIAKA, political exile accepted in France upon the return to the power of RATSIRAKA, who remains attached to the country and follows the political situation of Madagascar nearly. He took up the "Collectif pour la Démocratie et le Developpement de Madagascar", and the website http://www.CODDEMA.orgmore

WED 23.06.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 23.06.10 Interview of misters Eddie FERNAND, Ralava BEBOARIMISA, Hyacinthe BEFENO TODIMANANA representatives and editors of the news on line http://www.journal-le-democrate.commore

WED 16.06.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 16.06.10 Interview of the GTT collectif mouvance Ravalomanana with Manu Rajaonarivony and Manohisoa Rakotomahenina. Explanation of actions and positions of the grouping.more

WED 09.06.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 09.06.10 Interview with RABESAOTRA Guy Vincère, who explains us the choice of topics of the Conference-Debate on Saturday, June 12th at 3pm in MJC of Fresnes (94) 1960 on 2010: 50 years of African and malagasy independence. more

WED 02.06.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 02.06.10 Interview with the members of TGV International: Rabehaja Narindra, Rabehaja Andriamanana Faniry, Rakotoarisoa Brunomore

WED 26.05.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 26.05.10 The guests from the association "Les amis de Madagascar de France" AMDF: Roberto Robert, Christian Assomany, Caleb Andrianasitera, Ralainirina Yves, came to speak about event "Madagascar Tous ensemble" that they organize in Savigny-le-Temple between 12 and June 27th on the occasion of the 50th birthday of the independence of Madagascar.more

WED 19.05.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 19.05.10 Interview of Jacky Ramanoelina, hospital Doctor, libertarian Activist (a bit active with RESF of the Lilas, SURVIE association, CADTM) organized cycle on Madagascar in April, 2010 at the popular Dionyversité university.more

WED 12.05.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 12.05.10 Radio Gasy with Philippe, Gaby, Claudie, Mahatsangy, Claudia.more

WED 05.05.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 05.05.10 Interview with Patrick Rakotomalala, who works in the field of the communication of firm and leads a career of scriptwriter and musician at the same time. He intervened twice, during April dedicated in Madagascar, at the Popular University of St Denis.more

WED 28.04.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 28.04.10 Interview with Patrick Rakotomalala, createur of the Internet site http://madagoravox.wordpress.commore

WED 21.04.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 21.04.10 Interview with Armand Rajarison Rary, Hélian Ralison, the GTT (Gasy Tia Tanindrazana, malagasy patriots) and Tina Raoelina from whom his family saw painful instants with events in the country.more

WED 14.04.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 14.04.10 Interview with Nirintsoasily HASINIHANITRA, Mamisoa and Jean-Christophe on artistic project called "We Malagasy".more

WED 07.04.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 07.04.10 With Aurélie, Jean-Claude, Claudie, Mahatsangy, Claudia.more

WED 31.03.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 31.03.10 Interview of José Randrianasolo, general secretary of the FISEMA, coordinator of the Conference of the workers of Madagascar (national union platform) and one of the "pillars" of CCOC (Collective of the citizens and organizations citizens), one of the main actors of the axle "inclusive, consensual and peaceful exit from crisis".more

WED 24.03.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 24.03.10 Interview of Roberto Sambahita, Hilarion Rasamimanana, Organès Rakotovao about feedback of meeting with French lessors and the demonstration of Toulouse organized by TGV France.more

WED 17.03.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 17.03.10 Interview of Thierry Bedard, movie director, as part of the presentations of the piece of théatre "47" of the writer Jean-Luc Raharimanana in the festival V(ill)es.more

WED 10.03.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 10.03.10 Presentated by Claudi, news by Philippemore

WED 03.03.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 03.03.10 Interview of Mrs Bruel and Descos about the activities of ASMADA and LCDM Francemore

WED 24.02.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 24.02.10 Presentation: Aurélie, intervention: Jao, news: Philippemore

WED 17.02.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 17.02.10 Call to the civic realization and citizen partnership of exchange across the song "zay mihitsy"more

WED 10.02.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 10.02.10 Interview of Anyah, malagasy singer,among the new generation of the tananarive soul music style.more

WED 03.02.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 03.02.10 Presentation: Claudie, Chronicle: Aurélie, Interview of the zanatany, René François on a problem of piece of land concerning the public, communal garden, of Ampasimazava in Tamatave. News: Philippemore

WED 27.01.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 27.01.10 Presentation by Claudie Chronicle by Aurélie and Jao News by Philippe, interview of Rabenasolo Andriamanganiaina, on the activities of the association FPMMF: monthly letters of information, conferences.more

WED 20.01.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 20.01.10 Presentation by Claudie, chronicle by Gaby, news by Philippemore

WED 13.01.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 13.01.10 Presentation by Claudie, chronicle by Aurélie, news by Philippemore

WED 06.01.10 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.01.10 Presentation by Claudie, chronicle by Aurélie, agenda by Gabymore

MON 04.01.10 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
MON 04.01.10 Rajaobelison Nirisoa (President) and Rajoharison Hugues (Project Manager) of the Tsimoka association, Review and Prospects.more

WED 30.12.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 30.12.09 Presentation by Mahatsangy and Aurélie. News by Jaomore

WED 23.12.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 23.12.09 Presentation by Mahatsangy. Chronicle by Aurélie. News by Fabricemore

WED 16.12.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 16.12.09 Presentation by Claudie and Mahatsangy. Chronicle by Aurélie. News by Fabricemore

WED 09.12.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 09.12.09 Presentation by Claudie and Mahatsangy. Chronicle by Aurélie, news by Philippe, rendez-vous by Gabriellemore

WED 11.11.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 11.11.09 Interview of Solofo Rafenombolatiana about the social networks in touch with malagasy and Madagascar. Presentation by Claudie and Mahatsangy News by Philippemore

WED 04.11.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 04.11.09 Presentation by Claudie and Mahatsangy, chronicle by Aurélie, News by Philippemore

WED 28.10.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 28.10.09 Presentation by Claudie and Mahatsangy, chronicle by Aurélie, News by Philippemore

WED 21.10.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 21.10.09 Interview of Seheno, artist, songwriter who will be in party - meeting with its blows of heart on October 23rd in the cultural centre "La Clef"more

WED 14.10.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 14.10.09 Interview of Mamy andrianarivony about the dictation soratononina 2009 which will take place on the 24th of october and organized by Kolo association http://www.i-teny.orgmore

WED 07.10.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 07.10.09 Interview of Esperé Ranivo and Armand Rajarison (Rary) of the GTT (Gasy Tia Tanindrazana) http://www.collectif-gtt.orgmore

WED 30.09.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 30.09.09 Interview of Sylvie Clerfeuille and Jocelyn Mahé on the demonstration of week on Madagascar which they organize in the cultural space Saraaba. http//www.saraaba.fr more

WED 23.09.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 23.09.09 Interview with Muriel and Aurélie of FX Mahah (François Xavier Razafimahatratra) for his book of six malagasy poetes that he translated into French.
Interview of Patrick Rakotoasitera, writer and painter who displays this September till the beginning of October in the hotel de ville of Boulogne and in his workshop.more

FRI 18.09.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 18.09.09 Interview of Arsene Raveloson, national coordinator of NGO malagasy Taratra, by Philippe Randrianarimananamore

WED 16.09.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 16.09.09 For this second broadcast program of the season for which we have a comfortable half hour more, our guests were the association AFDS - Association France Diego-Suarez and Bokiko Project. These organisms organise a cultural journey about Madagascar at about thirty kilometres at the east part of Paris (Esbly) this saturday the nineteenth. AFDS has been represented by Ericka Erambert, Josie Dominique, Bokiko project by Michèle Rakotoson, Patricia Ramahandry and Muriel Rakotomalala. Chronicles news were dynamically prepared as usual by el amigo del pueblo Philippe. Musical playlist has been established by myself so no rock music was programmed. Be patient till the next week with the return back of el man Mahatsangy. Of course the realisation is performed by Claudia S, the only malagasy speaking in the parisian wave...more

FRI 11.09.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 11.09.09 The first program of the season 2009-2010.
Interview of Saraha Georget Rabeharisoa, leader of Hasin'i Madagasikara, the green party of Madagasikara, by Philippe Randrianarimananamore

WED 09.09.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 09.09.09 First broadcast program for the season 2009-2010 Interview of Roberto Sambahita, Mahafaly and Bruno Dompson about the "Convention FIAP Paris 2009".
Musics, rendez-vous and news from Madagascarmore

FRI 03.07.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 03.07.09 Last program of the season 2008-2009. Next date in Septembermore

WED 01.07.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 01.07.09 Last broadcast program for the season 2008/09. Interview of Rajery which will be with Mikea in concert on July 11th at the Cabaret Sauvage of La Villette, as part of Summer stages. Musics, rendez-vous and news from Madagascarmore

FRI 26.06.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 26.06.09 Musical Programmore

WED 24.06.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 24.06.09 Interview of Haja Ramananjato about http://Radiovazogasy.com
Musics, rendez-vous and news from Madagascarmore

FRI 19.06.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 19.06.09 Musical Programmore

WED 17.06.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 17.06.09 Chronicle of Aurélie questions on relation between developpement of Madagascar and national identification of the successive presidents of Madagascar. Musics, rendez-vous and news from Madagascarmore

FRI 12.06.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 12.06.09 Musical Programmore

WED 10.06.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 10.06.09 Emmanuel Genvrin managing and movie director, with Holy Razafindrazaka, member of the chorus of "Maraina" the opera of Indian ocean. Musics, rendez-vous and news from Madagascarmore

FRI 05.06.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 05.06.09 Musical Programmore

WED 03.06.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 03.06.09 Hama Doucoure and Olivia who are members of the association Mosaïque Mundi introduce the program of their next event « DESTINATION MADAGASCAR » which will take place on Thursday, June 11th on the Péniche ANAKO, starting at 19h30 till 23h30. Musics, rendez-vous and news from Madagascarmore

FRI 29.05.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 29.05.09 Musical Programmore

WED 27.05.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 27.05.09 Iantra Razanamahefa, the guest of this program, is a member of the Tana Gospel Choir and we speak about their new album taken out last month. Musics, rendez-vous and news from Madagascarmore

FRI 22.05.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 22.05.09 Musical Programmore

WED 20.05.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 20.05.09 Intervention on the exit from crisis and the situation of the Right Human beings in Madagascar of Faraniaina Pierre-Bernard Ramarosaona (Collectif des citoyens et des organisations citoyennes) - Musics, rendez-vous and news from Madagascarmore

FRI 15.05.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 15.05.09 Musical Programmore

WED 13.05.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 13.05.09 Interview of Tao Ravao, artist director of the group Malagasy Orchestra. Musics, rendez-vous and news from Madagascarmore

FRI 08.05.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 08.05.09 Musical Programmore

WED 06.05.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.05.09 Interview of Patricia Ramahandry about his book untitled "L'autre côté de la montagne - de l'Albanie au Kosovo" edited by Elytis.
Musics, rendez-vous and news from Madagascarmore

FRI 01.05.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 01.05.09 Musical Programmore

WED 29.04.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 29.04.09 Musics, rendez-vous and news from Madagascarmore

FRI 24.04.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 24.04.09 Musical Programmore

WED 22.04.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 22.04.09 Musics, rendez-vous and news from Madagascarmore

FRI 17.04.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 17.04.09 Musical Programmore

WED 15.04.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 15.04.09 Musics and news from Madagascarmore

FRI 10.04.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 10.04.09 Musical Programmore

WED 08.04.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 08.04.09 Interview of Kilema, artist. Musics, Rendez-vous in Paris and news from Madagascarmore

WED 01.04.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 01.04.09 Interview of Jean Andrianaivo Ravelona artist painter. Musics, Rendez-vous in Paris and news from Madagascarmore

FRI 27.03.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 27.03.09 Musical Programmore

WED 25.03.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 25.03.09 Interview of FX Mahah - François Xavier Razafimahatratra Upem Havatsa president. Musics, Rendez-vous in Paris and news from Madagascarmore

FRI 20.03.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 20.03.09 Musical Programmore

WED 18.03.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 18.03.09 Musics, Rendez-vous in Paris and news from Madagascarmore

FRI 13.03.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 13.03.09 Musical Programmore

WED 11.03.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 11.03.09 Interview of Arlette Bruel and Damien Schoëvaërt about the event prepared by the association ASMADA.more

FRI 06.03.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 06.03.09 Musical Programmore

WED 04.03.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 04.03.09 Interview of Lapé, Hery Ralainarivo, compositor, author, performer who takes out his new album.more

FRI 27.02.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 27.02.09 Musical Programmore

WED 25.02.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 25.02.09 Interview of Michèle Rakotoson, chief redactrice of Enjeux Challenger, magazine of analysis and economic perspectives.more

FRI 20.02.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 20.02.09 Musical Programmore

WED 18.02.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 18.02.09 Interview of Mary-Clémence Paes, film director, producer who arranges a manifestation on february 21th for a carte blanche to Bekoto.more

FRI 13.02.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 13.02.09 Musical Programmore

WED 11.02.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 11.02.09 Interview of Toto Mwandzani and Dodol, artists author compositor, performer. They'll have a show on saturday 14th februarymore

FRI 06.02.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 06.02.09 Musical Programmore

WED 04.02.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 04.02.09 Interview of Ralava Beboarimisa and Samuel Jocelyn, president and vice president of the association "Collectif pour la defense des terres malgaches".more

FRI 30.01.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 30.01.09 Musical Programmore

WED 28.01.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 28.01.09 Interview of Ariane Delamarre of the french political party young centrist.more

WED 21.01.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 21.01.09 more

FRI 16.01.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 16.01.09 second time: announcement on affair Daewo-Ravalomanana and call to petition.more

WED 14.01.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 14.01.09 Interview of Augustin Andriamananoro spokesman of the mayor of Antananarivo Andry Rajoelina at the origin of the call to demonstration of Saturday, January 17th in front of the malagasy embassy.more

FRI 09.01.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 09.01.09 more

WED 07.01.09 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 07.01.09 Interview of Ranjeva Rabetafika Haja regarding his firm in Madagascar on the management of heritage.more

FRI 02.01.09 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 02.01.09 more

WED 31.12.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 31.12.08 more

FRI 26.12.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 26.12.08 more

WED 24.12.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 24.12.08 more

FRI 19.12.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 19.12.08 Chronicle of Abel Andriarimalala, "Raccourcis et redécouvertes", which subject is "La place de la mort dans la pensée malgache" (part 1)more

WED 17.12.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 17.12.08 Interview of Luc Bongrand, documentary film-maker, about his new film "Nomades du lagon" produced by FMC production.more

WED 10.12.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 10.12.08 Interview of Dr Andriamampionona Razafindramboa about his book untitled: "itinéraire d'un insulaire" editions TdB.more

FRI 05.12.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 05.12.08 Musical programmmore

WED 03.12.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 03.12.08 Interview of Mamy Ratrimoarivony and Carméla Pépin about their association Soamad. Solidaires avec Madagascar.more

FRI 28.11.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 28.11.08 Musical schedule by Vola Ralambo - Interview of Mr and Mrs HAVARD, owner and chef of "Fleur de Tana", a Malagasy restaurant in Clichy.more

WED 26.11.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 26.11.08 Interview of Nirina and Tsilavo Rasolo about their association Rakala Francemore

WED 19.11.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 19.11.08 more

SAT 15.11.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
SAT 15.11.08 Musical schedule by Vola Ralambomore

WED 12.11.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 12.11.08 more

FRI 07.11.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 07.11.08 Musical programmore

WED 05.11.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 05.11.08 Report by Abel Andriarimalala and Jean-Claude Rabeherifaramore

FRI 31.10.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 31.10.08 Musical programmore

WED 29.10.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 29.10.08 Interview with Caroll Ravoahangy, pianist author, compositormore

FRI 24.10.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 24.10.08 Musical programmore

WED 22.10.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 22.10.08 Interview about the association Rafamiray with Annie Ranaivoarimanana.more

FRI 17.10.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 17.10.08 Musical programmore

WED 15.10.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 15.10.08 Interview with Tao Ravao (polyintrumentists, compositor and arranger)more

FRI 10.10.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 10.10.08 Musical programmore

WED 08.10.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 08.10.08 Jean-Marc Ceres and Rôla Gamana's interview by Mahatsangy.more

FRI 03.10.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 03.10.08 Musical programmore

WED 01.10.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 01.10.08 more

FRI 26.09.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 26.09.08 Musical schedulemore

WED 24.09.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 24.09.08 more

FRI 19.09.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 19.09.08 Debate with Mrs Aurélie Ranivoarisoa about reforming the system of the Malagasy Education.more

WED 17.09.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 17.09.08 Jaojoby's interview before his show at the Olympia on Saturday, September 20th 2008. more

FRI 12.09.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 12.09.08 Musical program.more

WED 10.09.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 10.09.08 more

FRI 25.07.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 25.07.08 Musical program. Last emission of season 2007-2008. We are on vacation until September 10th.more

WED 23.07.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 23.07.08 more

FRI 18.07.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 18.07.08 Solo Randrasana, famous malagasy film director. His interviews with Far Rakoto is about his new film: Sambatra (about circumcision) and cinema issues at Madagascar.more

WED 16.07.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 16.07.08 more

FRI 11.07.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 11.07.08 Musical programmore

WED 09.07.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 09.07.08 more

FRI 04.07.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 04.07.08 Musical programmore

WED 02.07.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 02.07.08 Interview of Olombelo Rickymore

FRI 27.06.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 27.06.08 Musical programmore

FRI 20.06.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 20.06.08 Musical program - Vola Ralambomore

FRI 06.06.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 06.06.08 Musical programmore

FRI 30.05.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 30.05.08 Musical programmore

FRI 23.05.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 23.05.08 Rachel Ratsizafy interview about her new album: natural born stranger.more

WED 21.05.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 21.05.08 more

FRI 16.05.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 16.05.08 Musical programmore

WED 14.05.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 14.05.08 Interview of Jean-Luc Raharimanana about his eighth book "Za" editions Philippe Rey.more

FRI 09.05.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 09.05.08 Musical programmore

WED 07.05.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 07.05.08 News by Philippe and Vola. Chronicles by Auréliemore

FRI 02.05.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 02.05.08 Musical programmore

WED 30.04.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 30.04.08 Reading of some extracts of "Discours sur le colonialisme" Of Aimé Césaire by Aurélie. News by Philippe and Vola.more

FRI 25.04.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 25.04.08 Musical programmore

WED 23.04.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 23.04.08 more

FRI 18.04.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 18.04.08 Musical programmore

WED 16.04.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 16.04.08 Interview of - Heritiana Rakotomahefa and Haja Andriamanantenasoa about "Galassam" - Léon Razafindrakoto coordinator at the origin of the days of support of the conservation of biodiversitymore

FRI 11.04.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 11.04.08 Musical programmore

WED 09.04.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 09.04.08 Reading about Etienne de Flacourt by Claudiemore

FRI 04.04.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 04.04.08 Musical programmore

WED 02.04.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 02.04.08 Interview of Michèle Rakotoson, Author, "Juillet au pays", Elytis Editionmore

FRI 28.03.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 28.03.08 Musical programmore

WED 26.03.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 26.03.08 Musics, news and rendez-vousmore

FRI 21.03.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 21.03.08 Musical programmore

WED 19.03.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 19.03.08 Musics, rendez-vousmore

FRI 14.03.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 14.03.08 Musical programmore

WED 12.03.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 12.03.08 Musics, news, rendez-vous. Interview of Peter Soul, performer, author, composer.more

FRI 07.03.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 07.03.08 Musicsmore

WED 05.03.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 05.03.08 Musics, news, rendez-vousmore

FRI 29.02.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 29.02.08 Musics and rendez-vousmore

WED 27.02.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 27.02.08 Musics, news, chronicles, rendez-vousmore

FRI 22.02.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 22.02.08 Meeting with the new elected mayor of Antananarivo Andry Rajoelinamore

WED 20.02.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 20.02.08 Musics, news, reports and rendez-vous. Interview of Françoise Descos of the association ASMADA.more

FRI 15.02.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 15.02.08 Musical programmore

WED 13.02.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 13.02.08 Musics, news, reports and rendez-vousmore

FRI 08.02.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 08.02.08 Reading of texts about coutumn extract of "Ny riba malagasy" book wrote by François Rakotonaivomore

WED 06.02.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.02.08 Interview of Melky, young artist performer composermore

FRI 01.02.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 01.02.08 How malagasy ancestors gave name, by Lalaina Razanamandimby.
- Reading of Hainteny malagasy - popular poems, collected and translated by Jean Paulhanmore

WED 30.01.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 30.01.08 Interview of Môta, young artist performer composer.more

FRI 25.01.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 25.01.08 Comment une recette permet l'organisation sociale par Lalaina Razanamandimby et Hary.more

WED 23.01.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 23.01.08 more

FRI 18.01.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 18.01.08 Musical Programmore

WED 16.01.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 16.01.08 more

FRI 11.01.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 11.01.08 Musical Programmore

WED 09.01.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 09.01.08 more

FRI 04.01.08 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 04.01.08 Musical Programmore

WED 02.01.08 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 02.01.08 more

FRI 28.12.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 28.12.07 Musical Programmore

WED 26.12.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 26.12.07 Interview of Andriamanganiaina Rabenasolo, members of the FPMMF: Firalahiana Protestantan'ny Malagasy sy Mpankafy Malagasy eto Frantsa. The association organizes a show with Henri Ratsimbazafy. The benefits of which will go to the pastors and teachers in retirement of Madagascar.more

FRI 21.12.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 21.12.07 Musical Programmore

WED 19.12.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 19.12.07 more

FRI 14.12.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 14.12.07 Musical Programmore

WED 12.12.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 12.12.07 more

FRI 07.12.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 07.12.07 Musical Programmore

WED 05.12.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 05.12.07 Interview of François-Xavier Razafimahatratra (FX Mahah) President of the French section of UPEM-Havatsa Union of the Malagasy poets and authors.more

FRI 30.11.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 30.11.07 Musical Programmore

WED 28.11.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 28.11.07 Interview of Edgard Ravahatra, musician, performer, author, composer and poet. Edgard Ravahatra is in show in the Espace Jemmmapes in side of the cannal St Martin and produces his fourth album.more

FRI 23.11.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 23.11.07 Program realised by Claudia Solofolandy. Poems by Andamiolymore

WED 21.11.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 21.11.07 Salama nareo tompoko o - Rakotozafy Tombo Danielmore

FRI 16.11.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 16.11.07 Program realised by Claudia Solofolandy. Poems by Andamiolymore

WED 14.11.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 14.11.07 Interview about the works of the association SOAMAD (Solidaire avec Madagascar) with Mamy Ratrimoarivony, Jean-Claude Rabeherifara, Muriel Rakotomalalamore

WED 07.11.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 07.11.07 Interview by Muriel Rakotomalala of Velomihanta Ranaivo professor researcher who works on the education and on the didactics of the teaching the French language in Madagascarmore

WED 31.10.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 31.10.07 Production and realisation of Claudie Zandriny and Claudia Solofolandy by the aids of Gaby - Dahyiandy - Aurélie talks about feelings - and news of Madagascar from Philippemore

WED 24.10.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 24.10.07 Aurélie Ranivoarisoa talks about the malagasy coutumn and tradition throughougt globalization. News by Philippe Randriarimananamore

FRI 19.10.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 19.10.07 Interview with Jean Andre Tsakaison - president of the association HAFA "Ho an'ny Fandrosoana" which participates at the politics of Madagascarmore

WED 17.10.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 17.10.07 Aurélie Ranivoarisoa talk about the coutumn of the gift, a tradition throughougt merchandising. Interview of Michèle Rakotoson, author of "Juillet au pays - Chronique d'un retour à Madagascar" edited by Elytis. The book is published this week.more

FRI 12.10.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 12.10.07 Musical Program by Claudia Solofolandymore

WED 10.10.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 10.10.07 Production and realisation by Claudie Zandriny and Claudia Solofolandy with the aid of Gaby, Aurélie, Philippemore

FRI 05.10.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 05.10.07 Musical Program by Claudia Solofolandymore

WED 03.10.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 03.10.07 Interview of the Association "LCDM Lutte Contre la Drépanocytose à Madagascar" with Pascale Jeannot about Drepanocytosemore

WED 26.09.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 26.09.07 News by Philipppe Randrianarimananamore

WED 19.09.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 19.09.07 Muriel Rakotomalala told us her holidays on job in Madagascarmore

WED 12.09.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 12.09.07 Portrait of Unity Dow. Judge, human rights activist, and writer from Motsudi of Botswana. She worked for the ONG "Women and Law in southern Africa" and about the "CitizenShip Act".more

WED 05.09.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 05.09.07 Production and realisation by Claudie and Claudiamore

FRI 03.08.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 03.08.07 Interview of Lanto Rajaofera about the musics of Isambilo and Yaroun two artists on the Hard Core in Madagascar.more

FRI 27.07.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 27.07.07 Interview of Joseph Rajaonavah (Didi Beby John) - Information about drepanocytose - Announcement of manifestation of SAVA-Toulouse - Pety and Ialy Rakotoniaina situationmore

FRI 20.07.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 20.07.07 "The contingency factors of the adoption of accrual accounting in the Malagasy's municipalities" - Interview of RAKOTO Harimino Oliarilanto.more

FRI 13.07.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 13.07.07 Reading of Poems written by Fara Mananjandrymore

WED 11.07.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 11.07.07 more

FRI 06.07.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 06.07.07 Special Program more

WED 04.07.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 04.07.07 more

FRI 29.06.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 29.06.07 Special Program Torimbaliha with Andamioly, Fredy Jaofera and FX. Maha. of the tribute to Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo. Interview of Mamy and Eric Sambatra artists of the "Gasy music" group which have a concert in Amiens saturday 30th june 2007 at the Festival de musique des amis du Cloître.more

WED 27.06.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 27.06.07 News and agenda of events are prepared and presented by Olivia Rakotomalalamore

FRI 22.06.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 22.06.07 Interview of Phabien Salany, member of the association called SAVA Toulouse, which works for the population of north east Madagascarmore

WED 20.06.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 20.06.07 Interview of Tsiliva and Fandrama artists in concert on saturday 23th of june.more

FRI 15.06.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 15.06.07 Diffusion of the Thursday literary Meeting of February 8th, 2007 with Brigitte Rasoloniaina teachermore

WED 13.06.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 13.06.07 Interview Of Kaiamba with Zezé Mahanoro, Jean Kely and Dédé Fenérive who are in concert on saturday 16 Junemore

FRI 08.06.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 08.06.07 Diffusion of the literary meeting of March 29th, 2007 with Jean-Luc Raharimanana writermore

WED 06.06.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.06.07 Interview Of Dominique Rolland who written the book "Glissement de terrain". Elytis editionmore

WED 30.05.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 30.05.07 Reading of the second extract of the book "Glissement de terrain" written by Dominique Rollandmore

FRI 25.05.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 25.05.07 Interview of Brigitte Rabarijaona about 2007 African week celebration of UNESCOmore

WED 23.05.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 23.05.07 Reading of the first extract of the book "Glissement de terrain" written by Dominique Rollandmore

FRI 18.05.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 18.05.07 Interview with Jacquelin Rananjason about sport in Madagascar & Interview of Seheno, artist singer, performer who will be in concert on friday May 18th at FIAPmore

WED 16.05.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 16.05.07 Announcement of events. News by Claudie. Reading of Pierrot Rajaonarivelo's communicationmore

FRI 11.05.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 11.05.07 more

WED 09.05.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 09.05.07 more

FRI 04.05.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 04.05.07 more

WED 02.05.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 02.05.07 

FRI 27.04.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 27.04.07 more

WED 25.04.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 25.04.07 Interview of André Vignau. Author, éditor of "Les brouettes de l'espoir" - Le Lectambulemore

FRI 20.04.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 20.04.07 more

WED 18.04.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 18.04.07 Interview of the Gospel group Seven T, News by Philippe & Rendez-vous by Gabymore

FRI 13.04.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 13.04.07 Only musics on this programmore

WED 11.04.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 11.04.07 Editorial and Solidarity Programm to Rado by Claudie. News concerning results of the referendum to Madagascans revision of their Constitution.more

FRI 06.04.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 06.04.07 Reading of official statement, proclamations concerning the referendum made by MFM, Manaovasoa, FISEMA.more

WED 04.04.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 04.04.07 EMISSION Report of april 4th, 2007 by Far Rakoto. Leading article of Claudie which gives us some confidences...more

FRI 30.03.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 30.03.07 Declamation of poem by the author Ramiara Espéra. Official statement of Manaovasoa Association about Ravalomanana's referendum. Declaration of PSDUM Europe Socialist & Democratic Party for Madagascar Unionmore

WED 28.03.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 28.03.07 Interview of Claudie with J.L.Raharimanana, the occasion of the publication of its recent book "Madagascar 1947"more

FRI 23.03.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 23.03.07 Michèle Rakotoson interview of Eric Rabemananoro who realized a book about Air Madagascar. Interview of Charles Leong Elie about the 1947's malagasy 29th march events to remember the french killing in Madagascar during colonization.more

WED 21.03.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 21.03.07 more

FRI 16.03.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 16.03.07 Diffusion of malagasy musics. Example of malagasy soratononina 2004 dictation for experiment. Written composition. Annonce of manifestations. more

WED 14.03.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 14.03.07 Report of FAR Rakoto - Emission of the 14/03/07. Agenda of the malagasy events in Parismore

FRI 09.03.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 09.03.07 Diffusion of malagasy musics and Meeting made by the platform against Ravalomanana's election of Dec 3rd, 2006 in Toamasinamore

WED 07.03.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 07.03.07 

FRI 02.03.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 02.03.07 more

WED 28.02.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 28.02.07 

FRI 23.02.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 23.02.07 Diffusion of malagasy musics. Tales of Volanoro - Mavana, Poem of Fara Mananjandry & Annonce of manifestations. more

WED 21.02.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 21.02.07 

FRI 16.02.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 16.02.07 Meeting organized by ASMADA - Neuilly sur Seine about Madagascarmore

WED 14.02.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 14.02.07 

FRI 09.02.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 09.02.07 Diffusion of musics, texts and malagasy hainteny. Manifestations and rendez-vous. more

WED 07.02.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 07.02.07 

FRI 02.02.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 02.02.07 Interview with Rajaonah Andrianjaka, president of the association Otrikafo, who is in France to meet Malagasymore

WED 31.01.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 31.01.07 Political news, flash from World Social Forum of Nairibi where malagasy delegation were present.more

FRI 26.01.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 26.01.07 Reading of the Otrikafo Communication about the result of malagasy presidential election on Dec 3rd. Program to the association UPEM-Havatsa France section.more

WED 24.01.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 24.01.07 

FRI 19.01.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 19.01.07 Conference with Daniel Rajakoba (candidate at malagasy presidential elections), Solonjatovo Rakotonirina (Professor at Univ. of Madagascar) and Rija Rakotonirina on Jan 12thmore

WED 17.01.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 17.01.07 Jean-Claude Rabeherifara about his voyage at the International Social Forum. Malagasy events in Parismore

FRI 12.01.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 12.01.07 Songs and musics by malagasy artists. Interview with Senator Joseph Yoland (President of "Infrastructure et aménagement du territoire" a commission inside the Malagasy Senate)more

WED 10.01.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 10.01.07 Music and Politics once again! Special focus after the president election on Dec 3rdmore

FRI 05.01.07 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 05.01.07 Songs and musics by artists from Madagascar or malagasy in France. Interviews with Senator Joseph Yoland.more

WED 03.01.07 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 03.01.07 New-year editorial in http://www.myspace.com/yklodi. Main malagasy "rendez-vous" in Paris for the first semester of 2007more

FRI 29.12.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 29.12.06 Interviews with Tony Rakotobe (Réunion) & Francine Ranaivo (president of the association AIFM). Manifestations in Ile de France at the end of the Yearmore

WED 27.12.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 27.12.06 Interview with Jeanne Joseph Lemoine. Malagasy end of years festivity in Parismore

FRI 22.12.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 22.12.06 songs and musics by artists from Madagascar or malagasy in France. Reading of poems. Interview with Philippe Randrianarimanana. Manifestations to the end of the Yearmore

WED 20.12.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 20.12.06 Communication via http://blog.myspace.com/yklodi. Guest: Sylvain Razafinirina (young project manager of a humanitary mission)more

FRI 15.12.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 15.12.06 Songs and musics by malagasy artists. Internet discussions about electionsmore

WED 13.12.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 13.12.06 

FRI 08.12.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 08.12.06 "the Place of the litchis on the international market" at the WORKSHOP: "Promotion of the Litchis of Madagascar". Rojo Rakotozafy, Gasy of andafy who tells Madagascar and sings.more

WED 06.12.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.12.06 President election on Dec 3rd, a special focus on the journey and the preliminary resultsmore

FRI 01.12.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 01.12.06 songs & musics by malagasy artists in France, interview about The malagasy dancing, manifestations in Ile de Francemore

WED 29.11.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 29.11.06 Music and Politic! The malagasy community around Paris come to see our artists' performancesmore

FRI 24.11.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 24.11.06 Musics by artists from Madagascar or malagasy in France. Diffusion of the rendez-vous manifestation in Ile de France & broadcasting of the meeting with Malanjaona Rakotomalala.more

WED 22.11.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 22.11.06 Guests: Mamy Ratrimoarivony, Vahinala Raharinirina, Carmela Pépin, de l'association SOAMAD, Solidaires avec Madagascar.more

FRI 17.11.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 17.11.06 Musics by malagasy artists & interviews about the week on the Madagascar culture in Cachan.more

WED 15.11.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 15.11.06 

FRI 10.11.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 10.11.06 Musics by malagasy artists & interviews with Raymonde Grossman, Fanantenandrainy Ratsimbazafy, Joséphine Ramodiharilafy, Daroussy Boinaidi, Josias Rasolo Narivo, Lucien Ratovohery, Adrien Rakotonirina who support Marc Ravalomanana.more

WED 08.11.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 08.11.06 

FRI 03.11.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 03.11.06 Musics by malagasy artists, performer from Madagascar or from all over the world. Interview by Muriel Rakotomalala with Fela Karlynah Razafiarison and Haingomalala Ratsimbazafy (comedians in the theater "L'Improbable vérité du monde")more

WED 01.11.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 01.11.06 Songs, musics, information with Philippe Randrianarimanana, diary of the demonstrations in Paris Ile-de-France and interview by Olivia Rakotomalala.more

FRI 27.10.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 27.10.06 Musics by malagasy artists, performer etc ..., rendez-vous on Ile-de-France and diffusion of the interview with Ny Aina Rasolojaona, who promote the malagasy Hip hop by the association Jeunesse de Madagascar.more

WED 25.10.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 25.10.06 Guests: Lova of Kanto Prod and Niry of sobika.com interviewed by Olivia about their website and their anniversary's datemore

FRI 20.10.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 20.10.06 Musics by malagasy artits & interviews with Andriamanamirija Dominique (FKMP - diocèse Parisy) & Totobenazara Jean Laurent, general secretary of "DUR"more

WED 18.10.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 18.10.06 Songs, musics, information of the Island with Philippe Randrianarimanana, diary of the demonstrations in Paris on Ile-de-France. Interview of Pr Narivelo Rajaonarimanana by Claudie Zandriny.more

FRI 13.10.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 13.10.06 Musics from Madagascar, meeting concerning Albert-Rakoto-Ratsimamanga's book "La vie d'un précurseur de la médecine traditionnelle scientifique" written by Dr Ho Hai Vietmore

WED 11.10.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 11.10.06 Guest: Fara Stormy and Patricia Salomonmore

FRI 06.10.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 06.10.06 Diffusion of Madagascar music and the conference held in Antananarivo on Sept 1st on the presentation of the Madagascan presidential candidature of Herizo Jossicher Razafimahaleo.more

WED 04.10.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 04.10.06 Guest: Cédric Tuil, engineer, on humane mission within the framework of its third cycle in international solidarity.more

FRI 29.09.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 29.09.06 Malagasy artists present various areas at "Ile de France". Debate of Friday at MIE about coming presidential election.more

WED 27.09.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 27.09.06 Guests: Bekoto and Fafa of the Mahaleo group. One evening (one moreover) but concert karaoké at Saint Germain Les Corbeilmore

FRI 22.09.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 22.09.06 Recording of conference debate of "Otrikafo" on Friday, Sept 15th with Fara Rajaonah Andrianjaka. Informal meeting concerning the presidential elections. New conference on Friday 29th.more

WED 20.09.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 20.09.06 Guest: Patricia Salomon, daughter of the poetry DOX (1913-1978). Dox malagasy poetry will be celebrated along 2006. The presentation of the CD 'Fo mihira' with 33 poems is planned for the 23th in Paris.more

FRI 15.09.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 15.09.06 The fruits of voyage carried out by Claudie Zandriny during the festival of insular film in the Island of Groix. Recorded on August 25, 2006more

WED 13.09.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 13.09.06 Guest: Hery J., author, composer for his new released album 'Miala satroka' - 11 titles. Grande festo (extract) - Trait d'union songs in esperanto.more

FRI 08.09.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 08.09.06 Holidays advantageous even for us who did not leave far because those which returned did not forget not to bring back of their voyage, the fruits of their peregrinations. Example this recording of conference discusses carried out by Claudie Zandriny during the festival of insular film in the Island of Groix. Recorded on August 26, 2006.more

WED 06.09.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 06.09.06 First broadcast program of the 2006-2007 season after summer holidays. First song dedicated to Jaojoby after his accident.
Extract of a debate during the "Festival International du Film Insulaire". Also evening concerts with malagasy band (Rossy, Seheno and Regis Gizavo).more

FRI 28.07.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 28.07.06 more

FRI 21.07.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 21.07.06 more

FRI 14.07.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 14.07.06 Interview on the diffusion of the Malagasy language within the diaspora malagasy, testimony of Beatrice, Sariaka and Njaka.more

WED 12.07.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 12.07.06 

FRI 07.07.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 07.07.06 Interview of a young person resulting from the diaspora malagasy: Razafinirina Sylvain, 24 years.more

WED 05.07.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 05.07.06 

FRI 30.06.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 30.06.06 Text reading: "Fita mora mandavo ny vositra" Ramangamalefaka, "Madagasikara" Gilles Andriamahazo, "Hanin-kavana" Rivo Zandrinymore

FRI 23.06.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 23.06.06 Speaking with Doctor Laurence Ratsimba who even thought she works in Paris could give us some lighting about the malagasy system of health and prevention because of her experience many years ago in Madagascar.more

WED 21.06.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 21.06.06 

FRI 16.06.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 16.06.06 Presentation of new released albums. Listeners can win several albums.more

WED 14.06.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 14.06.06 Our guest were the two doctors Laurence Ratsimba and Danny Andrinarison. The Malagasy Health system was explained by our guests.more

FRI 09.06.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 09.06.06 Interview of Dina Ratsimbazafy who present the Gasy linux association. The program of "Echos du Capricorne and Zooma Capricorne" are diffused at the net by Gasy linux.more

WED 07.06.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 07.06.06 Another long introduction about: football! young malagasy players actually in France & immigration, about last announcement of french minister. Our guest is the Damily Tsapiky group from Tulear on the first tour in Francemore

FRI 02.06.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 02.06.06 Interviews about the exposition homage to Gabriel Andriamahaleo by François Xavier Razafimahatratra & with the representatives of ANCMFmore

WED 31.05.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 31.05.06 A long introduction about various subjects: french festival "Musiques Metisses", latest newspapers delivered by "Consortium de Solidarité pour Madagascar" and news of the malagasy choregraph Faffa Andriamilantonirinasonmore

FRI 26.05.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 26.05.06 Interview about FPMA Cergy Fiangonana Protestanta Malagasy aty an-dafy - Tafo Cergy with Holitiana Andrianony, Olga Ratsimbazafy, Pastor Andriamanohisoa Rakotonarivo.more

WED 24.05.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 24.05.06 Interview of two malagasy stylists: Loa Andriamasinoro and Angela Rajaonarivomore

FRI 19.05.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 19.05.06 Interview about FPMA Melun Fiangonana Protestanta Malagasy aty an-dafy - Tafo Melun with Ramahatafandry Andrianavelasoa, Dina Ratsimbazafy, Ranaivoson Njato.more

WED 17.05.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 17.05.06 News prepared and presented by Philippe Randrianarimanana Ho Hai Viet, wrote a biographie about Professor Albert Rakoto Ratsimamanga.more

FRI 12.05.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 12.05.06 Interview of the president of Association ASMADA: Arlette Bruel-Groleas about the activities of development aid of rural communes that her association carries out in Madagascar. more

WED 10.05.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 10.05.06 Samoela, musician - author - composer, came to present albums and show.more

FRI 05.05.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 05.05.06 Interview carried out on "Danse l'Afrique Danse" at the Paris International Theater by Muriel Rakotomalala, with: - Julie Iarisoa, Robinson Razafimahafaly, Herimanana Ralaihary, Abdu Salam Elcarhy Ben Marouf, Bodonirina Lalaoarimanana, Dina Nirinasoa about the Company "Anjorombala" - Arira Andriamoratsiresy on "Zazandrano" - Zoe Randrianjaka of the Company "Tahala"more

WED 03.05.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 03.05.06 Seheno, artist, author and performer came to present her album which is expected this year.more

FRI 28.04.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 28.04.06 Interviews of: Christina Rabemananjara, AFRAMADIJ (Association Madagascar France for the Insertion of the Young people) and Yolande Rakotomalala, Malanjaona Rakotomalala and Hasina Ramanantoanina concerning the meeting organized the 6 and 7 of May by Association of the old of the college Paul Minault inviting the "Maintimolaly" installed in Europe. more

WED 26.04.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 26.04.06 4 members of Hetsika Diaspora France: Nambinintsoa Rabenarison, Ralava.Beboarimisa, Lalaina and the president Tafika Rakotomavo. Subject: focus on one of the actual projects of the association: "Bokiko" Book operation for Madagascar.more

FRI 21.04.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 21.04.06 Three guests: Solo Ravoahangy Andrianavalona, José Randrianasolo and Frère Jacques Tronchon.more

WED 19.04.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 19.04.06 Interview of the malagasy musical rockers Kiaka's group by Fandala Andriamanantena. NINI, JOJO, JOCE, DADDY, DEBA and JONNY have a concert on saturday april 22.more

FRI 14.04.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 14.04.06 Repeat broadcast of the Third part of the son of Joseph Ravoahangy Andrianavalona, Malagasy Deputy under the colonial empire.
José Randrianasolo: secretary-general of the general confederation of the trade unions of the workers of Madagascar - FISEMA.
Brother Jacques Tronchon, founder of association ASA - Assistance for the Homeless people, Ankohonana Sahirana Arenina.more

WED 12.04.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 12.04.06 RNS 'Rencontres Nationales sportives' edition 2006, which takes place in Vichy (Allier-France). A big rendez-vous of malagasy community during 3 days around sport, and for 3 years, cultural events.
Guest: Doda Raonimahary - member of the CEN website www.rns-cen.commore

FRI 07.04.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 07.04.06 Interview of DJ Dina Rabe Herivola, Madagascar representative, who will take part in the championship of the World of Disc Jockey Champion Chip.
Third part with Solo Ravoahangy Andrianavalona, Doctor Joseph Ravoahangy Andrianavalona's son, Malagasy deputy under the colonial empire. Lighting on the history of Madagascar.more

WED 05.04.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 05.04.06 Interview of Julio Rakotonanahary, lead of the musical group Wa-Zimba.more

FRI 31.03.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 31.03.06 Replay of the program diffused on 17th march 2006. Interview of Charles Maurin Poty, artist, performer, producer. Director of Malagasy Cultural Promotion at the ministry for the Culture and Tourism of Madagascar.
First part of the intervention of Solo Ravoahangy Andrianavalona, Doctor Joseph Ravoahangy Andrianavalona's son, Lighting on the history of Madagascar. The creation of the "VVS" and the "Diego Suarez Opinion"more

WED 29.03.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 29.03.06 Special emission topicality on the commemoration March 29, 1947. Malagasy press review, and exchanges between the history and the literature.more

FRI 24.03.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 24.03.06 Second part of the intervention of Solo Ravoahangy Andrianavalona, the son of Doctor Joseph Ravoahangy Andrianavalona, lighting on the history of Madagascar. - First election of malagasy deputy under the colonial empire. - Strategy to cover national sovereignty.more

WED 22.03.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 22.03.06 Guests: "Association des Anciens du Lycée Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo" ALJJR with: M. Martin Rabenjamina and Mme RAJAONAH Arlette (Ancienne enseignante).more

FRI 17.03.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 17.03.06 Interview of Charles Maurin Poty, artist, performer, producer. Director of Cultural Promotion at the ministry for the Culture and Tourism of Madagascar.
Lighting of Solo Ravoahangy Andrianavalona, wire of Doctor Ravoahangy, on the history of Madagascar during the colonial time... three parts.more

WED 15.03.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 15.03.06 We were talking about french law project about immigration also known as Sarkozy's law presented in november 2005.
Guest: 3 Members of AEOM, Association des Etudiants d'Origine Malgache: Emma Ravololonirina, President, Philippe Randrianarimanana, and Hugues Rajoharison AEOM is among the eldest malagasy association abroad.more

FRI 10.03.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 10.03.06 Extract of the Otrikafo texts about the history of Madagascar. Thanks to all the friends "Les amis des Echos du Capricorne", who allowed the success of the Program of the Festival des Printemps des Poêtes des Afriques et d'Ailleurs that we organized in Cachan.more

WED 08.03.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 08.03.06 8 march, mondial journey for women, an indispendable journey but not sufficient. we starts this broadcast program with portrait of malagasy woman, descibed in a book edited by AFASPA's association : Gisele Rabesahala (Elles font bouger l'Afrique, Ed Tireisaias)
Guest: Solo Ravoahangy Andrianavalona, journalist and son of Dr Ravoahangy Andrianavalona, one of the founder of the M.D.R.Mmore

FRI 03.03.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 03.03.06 Extract of the texts joined together and presented by Andre Velter and Jean-Claude Perrier in the "Le chant des villes". Tananarive by Pierre Sogno.
Program of the Festival des Printemps des Poêtes des Afriques et d'Ailleurs in Cachan, Homage to Jacques Félicien Rabemananjara.more

WED 01.03.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 01.03.06 The thema of today is the transmission of the malagasy culture to the young generation born here in France. Guest: Abel Andriarimalala, professor of malagasy-french, poetry, has proposed chronicle about malagasy culture in Echos du Capricorne.more

FRI 24.02.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 24.02.06 Interview of Mamy Rakotomavo, returned back definitively to the country six years ago, has defended the bà-kira malagasy with his group "Sora-Po". It is their first album. - extract of the "Sora-Po" text "Afindrafindraon'ny manam-panahy" by Pomn. - Homage to Jacques Rabemananjara by Houria, poetess.more

WED 22.02.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 22.02.06 Winter Chronicle about Madagascar, my exotic country and Hautes-Alpes, famous skiing resort. News with Claudia Solofolandy.
Guests: Thierry Sinda, Houria, and Ben Nodji. We were talking about the festival "Printemps des poètes des Afriques et d'ailleurs - 3ème édition, from the 5th to 12 march 2006".more

FRI 17.02.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 17.02.06 Reading of the book written by Jean-Luc Raharimanana. "L'arbre Anthropophage". Edition Joelle Losfeld in competition to win the price "Grand public du Salon du Livre".more
FRI 17.02.06 www.salondulivreparis.com/19/jeu_concours.htm?idh=9

WED 15.02.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 15.02.06 Guest: Fontaine Paul Marius artist performer shares his dreams. Multi instrumentalist: percussions, drums, guitar, Kabossy, Marovany, Katsa, harmonica, ...etc more

FRI 10.02.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 10.02.06 Reading of texts about Jacques Félicien Rabemananjara. Extracts from the "Cahiers de poésie verte" of the "Friches N°67". Under the way of leading of Jean-Pierre Thulliat and assembled in file by Jacques Taurand.more

WED 08.02.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 08.02.06 Guests: Serge and Nivo Rahoerson, the heart of the famous jazz band Serge and Nivo Rahoerson group. Serge plays three instruments (saxo, drums, piano) annd is author-composer.more

FRI 03.02.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 03.02.06 Reading of texts about the Women. "Ny Vehivavy" extracts from the book of DRV "Historical Malagasy Portraits - Dinika sy Rindra Ho an'ny Vehivavy".more

WED 01.02.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 01.02.06 Guest: Annick Herimalala, singer, author-composer, guitarist. She created her own group 'Bismak' in Paris, few years after her famous rock band 'Dillie', composed in Madagascar by 4 girls in the 90's.more

FRI 27.01.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 27.01.06 "Torimbaliha 4" Special program with the association UPEM Havatsa France, concerning the "Hainteny" and about a remembering of Dox, Presented by Ibana, F. X. Mah and Andamioly.more

WED 25.01.06 speaker  Echos du Capricorne
WED 25.01.06 Guest: Marc-Antoine BRENAC and Julien PEYCELON of IDEES's association (Ingineers pour Development and Exchanges of Enginneer School ESME-Sudria).more

FRI 20.01.06 speaker  Zooma Capricorne
FRI 20.01.06 Musical program : Songs before yesterday, yesterday, toda